Rolling Camera Bag

Rolling Camera Bag

There are lots of rolling camera bags you may use to carry your equipment. Everyone needs a safe, compact rolling camera bag made of quality material that you can use to transport your expensive photography equipment without damages. How to choose it? An average rolling camera bag may seem bulky and impractical for some photographers, so if you are in search of a good rolling camera bag, read this post.

Best Rolling Camera Bag

Even the best camera backpack doesn’t guarantee that your photography gear will be safe during the flight. If you have only 1 camera body and several small lenses, even a camera sling bag will be enough. But if we talk about travelling by plane or big amount of equipment, you need the best camera bag that is rolling, reliable, firm and stable.

Think Tank Airport Takeoff

think tank rolling camera bag


Price: about $300

Capacity: you can fit up to2 pro or regular size DSLR bodies with or without lenses attached. Holds up to 400mm f/2.8 (tight with lens cap) and other assorted lenses.

  • Very spacious
  • You may easily customize the inserts
  • The outer compartments for additional stuff
  • There are see-through pockets on the inner part of the flap
  • Durable wheels
  • Padded handles
  • There is a section for a tripod/monopod
  • If the laptop isn’t placed in a special compartment, you have no possibility to lock it
  • It is difficult to pull out and regulate a telescoping handle

think tank rolling camera bag

You may have seen the backpacks with wheels but they differ greatly from a rolling camera bag, which is equipped with the backpack straps. Think Tank camera rolling bag belongs to the latter category. The back-straps are accurately made and almost invisible behind a flap if you don’t use them. The flap is visually separated into two halves; the first is soft nylon, while the second one is tough plastic.

Think Tank roller is a great example of hard-bodied products, which you can use as a rolling camera backpack. The straps are durable and are very useful when the ground is too rough to drag this rolling camera bag on the wheels. Judging by my personal experience as a wedding photographer, I can say that I’ve used straps not very often. Still, if the photo session was at the beach or on the rock mass, I was so glad that there are sturdy straps and I may not drag the bag.

If I use a scooter or a motorcycle to get to the wedding venue, Think Tank Airport Take Off is easily transformed into a regular backpack. Actually, this was the main reason why I bought this model. Think Tank roller backpack functionality is really important for me and if you travel in a similar way, you’d probably like this bag.

Lowepro Rolling Camera Bag x200 AW

lowepro rolling camera bag


Price: about $300

Capacity: 1-2 Pro DSLRs with grip, -8 lenses (up to 600mm).

  • There are 2 separate compartments
  • Durable MaxFit dividers to smoothly arrange all your equipment
  • Sturdy, smooth, vibration resistant wheels
  • The built-in weather AW cover
  • You need to be very accurate with the handle as it may jam
  • Looks a bit cheap
  • The laptop pocket isn’t very big and there is no flap to cover it

rolling camera bag reviews

This rolling camera bag may be considered as the universal model, and that is the reason I added it to the list of the best camera bags for travel. To see what I mean, let’s have a closer look at Lowepro rolling camera bag. First of all, I’ll pay attention to the build of the bag, which is really quality similar to other products of the company. The manufacturer used quality ballistic nylon for the hardshell exterior. It serves as a reliable protection and you can carry the bag in your hands or wheel it. (Look through the travel tips for shooters here).

Lowepro rolling camera bag resembles other products of this type, has a neutral color pattern and looks like an average suitcase. In such a way, you may eliminate the possible theft, as people around will have no idea that there is expensive equipment in your bag.

Amazon Basics Convertible Rolling Camera Backpack

camera backpack


Price: about $140

Capacity: DSLR body with lens attached, compartments for lenses, chargers, batteries, filters, and more.

  • Can be used as a backpack and as a rolling bag
  • Lots of space inside
  • Easy enough option for such roominess
  • No protective cover

rolling camera backpack

AmazonBasics Convertible Rolling Camera Backpack has lots of compartments. The zipping system enables you to get the necessary gear very quickly, as everything is accurately arranged inside. It is also very convenient when you need to overweight carry-on luggage at check in. The outer shell is done in a shedding technique, making the roller bag lightweight, which is great when there is a luggage weight limit.

The significant advantage of this camera bag is the elaborate organizational feature for the non-camera equipment (documents, clothes, books etc.). Other rolling camera bags have nothing similar.

If there is something you need to quickly access, you can benefit greatly from the interior zippable pockets. You have probably understood why AmazonBasics rolling camera bag is so popular. Besides, the price makes it even more appealing for the beginning photographers.

Manfrotto Pro Light Reloader-55

rolling camera bag sale


Price: about $360

Capacity: up to 3 bodies and up to 8 lenses, camcorder with lighting set, flash, accessories, laptop.

  • A large amount of space for a laptop and accessories
  • Protection and locking systems
  • Very practical arrangement of internal dividers
  • Rain cover
  • A bit heavy

rolling cases

This bag is equipped with the mobile harness, which will keep the bag straps safe all the time when you use the wheels along with the folding handle. The breastbone strap will help you carry your rolling camera bag and keep it stable. There is also a top handle designed especially for the moment when you have to grab the bag quickly.

In order to provide you with fast access to the tripod or some stand, the manufacturers invented quick access system. Now you may not worry about the severe weather conditions during your trip, as this pack has a deployable rain cover. Thus, Pro Light Reloader-55 is the best rolling camera bag for enthusiastic photographers, who really like hiking. Moreover, you get a 5-year warranty on this bag.

Tamrac Rolling Camera Bag 5797 Evolution Speed

tamrac rolling camera bag


Price: about $150

Capacity: camera with 70-200mm f/2.8 lens, an additional camera with 6" lens, up to two extra lenses, flash, accessories, 15.6" laptop.

  • It’s much lighter
  • A suitable length of the handle
  • Firm wheels
  • You can fit a tripod
  • The split of compartments is bad

tamrac rolling camera bag

With Tamrac case, you have two possible ways to transport all your photography equipment. You can carry it on your back, or you can roll it on its ball bearings built-in wheels. Anyway, this rolling camera bag will enable you to get to the place of destination with comfort. This functional product is designed for storing different necessary equipment, starting with a camera and an attached 70-200mm f/2.8 lens, and ending with a second camera with a 6" lens. You can also fit two spare lenses, flash and even a 15.6" laptop, which can be placed in a separate packed pocket.

Tamrac rolling camera bag is split into half with the top compartments for individual stuff and lighter camera gear, and the bottom one for storing your main camera and its lenses. You can also find a lot of additional pouches for different stuff. At the front side, there is a Windowpane mesh pouch for SD cards, charger, and other small things. There is another Windowpane mesh pouch in the top lid. It can be used to hold some other necessary light items. Two mesh compartments outside are created for the water bottles, an umbrella, a map etc. There are also two additional zippered pockets for your accessories, including your ID, wallet, or papers.

Pelican 1510-SC

camera roller


Price: about $290

Capacity: DSLR with 70-200mm f/2.8 lens, additional DSLR with 6" lens, two spare lenses, flash, accessories, a 15.6" laptop

  • Great security system
  • It is bulletproof
  • A bit expensive

best camera bags for travel

Pelican bag may be considered to be the best rolling camera bag for the photographers, who need firm camera packs to cope with all the traveling difficulties easily. Of course, many people choose the bag to protect their photography equipment from various rough conditions, but this bag is also frequently selected for its design and comfort.

The photographers are very pleased with how resistant this rolling camera bag to harsh environmental conditions is. Moreover, if you happen to be in a war zone, at least out equipment will be safe and sound in the Pelican bag. In case you're looking for a perfectly firm and waterproof camera roller. Pelican 1510-SC is an ideal combination of size, durability, weight, and functionality.

The abbreviation ‘SC’ means ‘Studio Case’ as such a rolling camera bag has a pleasant surprise in the lid. Apart from common compartments equipped with hook-and-loop fasteners so you can pack all your equipment as you want, there are also two padded pouches for your laptop and other small accessories.

Tenba Roadie Roller 18

rolling camera bag


Price: about $320

Capacity: 2 DSLR bodies, 5-6 lenses (up to 300mm 2.8), laptop up to 15 inches

  • Excellent quality handles
  • Weatherproof material
  • Removable wheels
  • Size is less than other models here

rolling camera bag

Those who have some experience of using Tenba bags know that it can be called basic, but not in bad sense. It means that such camera bags are designed with only the necessary features in order to help you do your job. This is the reason why extra padded pockets in the lid look very refreshing. It seems that Tenba Company decided to please the photographers, who want to fit something else apart from cameras and lenses.

The peculiarity of such a rolling camera backpack, like a variety of other products created by this company, is an air-tight seal when all the fasteners are locked. The two-position locking mechanism guarantees that your equipment is protected from water and air. Thus, during your trips even to some tropical countries, you don’t constantly need to worry about your gear. Tenba rolling camera bag will keep your stuff safe and to make you concentrate on the work.

Neewer Rolling Camera Bag 2-in-1

neewer rolling camera bag


Price: about $150

Capacity: DSLR camera with standard lens, 15-inches laptop/tablet, 2-4 additional lenses, a flash unit and small stuff such as SD cards, batteries; Side straps are great to attach a tripod.

  • Conform to the carry-on baggage standards
  • Very simple to maneuver
  • Solid construction
  • It is a bit expensive
  • If you're not on the smooth surface, this bag can drift

neewer rolling camera bag

This is a great version of the rolling cases for the travelers. Neewer rolling camera bag will give you a chance to store and transport your equipment simply and with comfort. Great size and capacity enable you to load all the gear you need, and high-quality rolling balls provide you with mobility wherever you're. The adjustable padded straps ensure optimum comfort and keep your stuff safe. This bag is also equipped with an anti-slip bottom and built-in rain cover for super protection.

In addition to its nice design, such a lightweight rolling camera bag is considered to be really handy, as it also has a front pouch for your documents, side straps to pack something like a tripod, convenient shoulder straps and a handle that can be easily removed if needed.

Another advantage of this pack is its strong antiskid foot design. Watertight high-density nylon is the basis of such a rolling camera bag. The adjustable straps will guarantee maximum comfort.

Vanguard Xcenior 41T Rolling Camera Case

camera roller


Price: about $160

Capacity: DSLR camera with lens and up to five other lenses, two tripods and a 12” laptop

  • Extra space for storing valuables in the front pocket
  • Rubber base
  • Tight compression for lenses

camera roller

This is ideal for those who do not take too much equipment with them on a trip. Small size, comfortable capacity, the basic design of this bag will help you with a comfortable flight. I really like the extendable handle. It is done in the same manner as in other Vanguard best camera bags for travel. It is durable, smooth, lightweight and convenient to access. The length of the handle is quite convenient.

All in all, if you are looking for a quality rolling camera bag, but worry if it will endure different surfaces, you definitely should have a closer look at Vanguard.

Think Tank Photo Airport Advantage Roller Bag

think tank airport takeoff


Price: about $280

Capacity: DSLR with the lens, 1 standard size camera, and an attached lens plus up to 4 spare lenses, a 15”.laptop

  • It looks more stylish than a usual camera bag
  • Noticeably smaller
  • Wheels and handle ensure a reliable and safe trip
  • A great number of locks
  • Firm handles to carry the case
  • It is very spacious
  • The front pocket leaves much to be desired
  • You can have some troubles with a flipside, as lower flaps of the belt may prevent you from easy fitting in hard-to-reach places

think tank rolling camera bag

According to the rolling camera bag reviews, this one is much thinner than the other bags of such type. However, that does not mean that you will have to reduce the amount of photography equipment you want to fit.

Think Tank rolling camera bag has an adjustable padding, which gives you an opportunity to arrange the rolling camera bag insert as you want. The only minor defect is the edges, as the depth tends to vary because of the position of the handle and the wheels.

The Think Tank roller consists of two translucent pouches with zippers. The plastic and zip fasteners are both really quality. I especially like how the zip fasteners are designed. The metal part of the zip may be hidden to prevent any scratching.

As for me, this rolling camera bag is really good. It is reliable, firm and stable. What can be better? Using this pack, you won’t have any problems while transporting your equipment even on the imperfect surfaces. It is one of the lightest camera bags DSLR and, moreover, it is really affordable in comparison with other models.

Of course, during your photography trips, you may face different situations. Thus, this Think Tank roller backpack will be the best decision for you if you are searching for an ideal balance of weight and protection. That’s why I recommend taking a closer look at this bag.


think tank rolling camera bag Think Tank Airport Takeoff Check-in OUR CHOICE
  • 8 x 14 x 21 inches
  • 13,5 pounds
  • about $300
lowepro rolling camera bag Lowepro Rolling Camera Bag
  • 13.98 x 9.02 x 22.01 inches
  • 12,76 pounds
  • about $300
rolling camera bag AmazonBasics Convertible Rolling Camera BackpackBUDGET
  • 15.3 x 21.8 x 10 inches
  • 9,4 pounds
  • about $140
camera bags dslr Manfrotto Pro Light Reloader-55
  • 13.8 x 9.1 x 21.6 inches
  • 10,55 pounds
  • about $360
tamrac rolling camera bag Tamrac Rolling Camera Bag 5797 Evolution SpeedFOR BEGINNERS
  • 9 x 14 x 21 inches
  • 7,8 pounds
  • about $150
camera roller Pelican 1510-SCWATERPROOF
  • 14.4 x 11.1 x 1.7 inches
  • 16 pounds
  • about $290
rolling camera bag Tenba Roadie Roller 18
  • 9 x 14 x 18 inches
  • 8,8 pounds
  • about $320
neewer rolling camera bag Neewer Rolling Camera Bag
  • 24.4 x 14.5 x 11,8 inches
  • 9,43 pounds
  • about $150
camera roller Vanguard Xcenior 41T Rolling Camera Case
  • 11 x 17 x 19 inches
  • 10,3 pounds
  • about $160
think tank airport takeoff Think Tank Photo Airport Advantage Roller Bag
  • 7.3 x 12.7 x 19.5 inches
  • 6,17 pounds
  • about $280

Why I Bought a Rolling Camera Bag?

I remember my first trip abroad when I traveled with a camera backpack. I failed to check if the US flights had a luggage weight limit, and fortunately, there were none. Though I felt really tired, carrying more than 10kgs of the gear. On the other flights, there were stricter limits. So, I had to fit my equipment in 2 different bags.

Comparing 5 Camera Bags:

After such an experience, I start thinking about possible alternatives to “lighten” my back. Having a standard rolling camera bag, I may forget about a backache, which always appeared if I traveled a lot with all the gear.  Besides, I couldn’t fit all the necessary equipment and personal things in one camera backpack. A camera roller is perfect to store my camera gear, while clothes and additional accessories will be safely kept in an everyday bag.

If I had any problems at the check in desk, I would have all the gear within an easy reach in a rolling camera bag. So, any time I wish, I may check my equipment.  With a lightweight rolling camera bag, I can easily move around the airport and don’t worry if my gear is protected. I must admit that a camera roller is a very convenient bag to carry the gear.

Another important reason to buy a rolling camera bag is the possibility to get all the equipment at once. You don’t need to remove all the items if the necessary one lies at the bottom. You just open the rolling bag and take what you need. Most of the camera bags DSLR lack this feature.

When I return home, there is no need to arrange my equipment, as everything is already neatly stored in my rolling bag. Besides, I can see all the tools with the opened front flap.

Now you know more about best camera bags for travel and I hope you liked this information. The article will be updated with the new reviews, so don’t forget to check them.



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