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Pastel Dreams Photoshop Actions

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Pastel Dreams Photoshop Actions

    • 60 Photoshop Actions
    • File format JPG or RAW
    • File type - ATN
    • Compatible with Photoshop
  • Quantity of Actions60
  • Size14.2 KB
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Download Pastel Photoshop Actions to make your portraits, wedding, newborn, and couple photos romantic, soft, and airy in several clicks. With the help of these professional Photoshop actions, your photos will acquire some special mood.

Main features of these Pastel Actions Photoshop are slight saturation and intense brightness. It happens because of the amount of a white color that makes all pastel tones purely white, even a bit powdery. Pastel colors may be both warm and cold ‒ it depends on the properties of the color which is transferred into the pastel one by means of white. If the original color was rather warm (for example, orange), its pastel variant will be colder.

This set of Photoshop Pastel Actions includes such tools as Candied Fruit, Sponge Cake, Cotton Candy, Lemon Curd, Caramel Pudding, Praline, etc. When you apply these Photoshop actions, the colors become soft, calm, and matte.

Pastel Photoshop Actions

wedding lightroom presets cover box

Photoshop Actions Pastel Colors

Everyone will find a suitable effect among these Pastel PS actions that are great for the following photo types.



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