PortraitPro15 Online Editor can help you to make basic or even advanced retouch of your portrait photos as it has the instruments you may find in professional photo editing programs. Select the photo from the computer or enter the URL address of the image on the net.
There are several automatic effects to enhance your pictures. Besides, you may edit photos using actions. If you need an offline version of PortraitPro 15, you may download it following the official link below.

PortraitPro 15 Features

Makeup Controls
PortraitPro15 Online offers you the features that is frequently used while editing portrait photos. It is a full set of makeup controls, the tools that were designed after a deep research into how real cosmetics work. You may apply just a subtle makeup or a high-fashion dramatic makeup. The result will look natural with only several slider controls. Use this beauty retouching service, if you want a digital makeup to look like a real one.
Wide Angle Lens Distortion Correction
When you are taking selfies on your smartphone, a distortion caused by a wide-angle lens appears. To fix this type of distortion and make the portrait look naturally, even if it was taken with wide-angle lenses or smartphones, you can use the new Lens Correction slider available in PortraitPro 15.
Enhanced Child Mode
Editing photos with children requires a different approach and tools. The developers of PortraitPro Studios added special features to the software to enhance child photos more sensitively.
Facial Features Selection
PortraitPro15 online is provided with a special instrument which defines the age and the gender of the subject automatically. Also, it will try to select the facial features such as eyes, nose and mouth. If the program fails to fulfill this task, it will ask you to do it manually.
Skin Smoothing Control
You may smooth skin automatically selecting the intensity of smoothing or do it manually. You just need to adjust the sliders to choose the amount of smoothing you prefer. With your adjustments, the program won’t make the face look plastic.
If you want to remove strong blemishes but don’t want to change the skin texture overall, use the Touch Up Brush. Follow the link to get more tips about How to Smooth Skin with PortraitPro15 online.
Skin Lighting
If you want to adjust the lighting on your subject, use The Skin Lighting slider controls. These instruments allow you to adjust shadows or change the angle of your main light source to enhance your photo. This is a very useful feature but remember to use it carefully.

PortraitPro 15 – Video Tricks: