100 Free Photoshop Cartoon Actions

These Photoshop cartoon actions will help you design funny cartoon-style illustrations. You can apply them to RAW and JPG images to turn them into digital oil portraits, mosaics or stunning vector graphics. You will get exquisite-looking pictures that will capture the attention of many viewers.

With these cartoon Photoshop actions, you can customize the color scheme and texture of your pictures. You can apply these filters to photos of various genres, besides, they will be perfect for portraits, fashion, wedding, and urban photography.

Action Cartoon #1 "Cartoon Art"

cartoon effect photoshop action

Cartoon Action Photoshop #2 "Color Comic"

cartoon actions for photoshop

Actions Cartoon #3 "Pop Comic"

photoshop actions cartoon effect

Photoshop Cartoon Action #4 "Pop Art"

free photoshop cartoon actions

Cartoon Photoshop Action #5 "Tricolor"

cartoon photoshop actions

Action Cartoon Photoshop #6 "Vector Cartoon"

cartoon action photoshop download

Related Cartoon Action Photoshop Free

By using these cartoon actions for professional photo processing in Photoshop, you can make your photos look exquisite. For a better result, try combining or customizing various effects.

Besides, these actions are extremely easy to use, meaning that you can get a professionally-designed cartoon-like image with a single click. Offering a great variety of options for enhancing your graphics, this bundle will come in handy for fashion or urban photographers, bloggers and graphics designers.

Photoshop Action Cartoon #7 "Comics"

action cartoon

Cartoon Actions #8 "Drawing"

cartoon action photoshop

Photoshop Cartoon Actions #9 "Poster"

actions cartoon

Photoshop Cartoon Effect Action #10 "Cartoon Strip"

photoshop cartoon action

Cartoon Actions Photoshop #11 "Live for Action"

cartoon photoshop action

Cartoon Action Photoshop Free #12 "Superhero League"

action cartoon photoshop

Photoshop Actions Cartoon #13 "Drawing"

photoshop action cartoon

Cartoon Photoshop Action Free #14 "Pen"

cartoon actions

Free Cartoon Photoshop Action #15 "Pencil"

photoshop cartoon actions

Free Cartoon Action Photoshop #16 "Abstract"

cartoon photoshop action free download

Cartoon Effect Photoshop Action #17 "Geometry"

photoshop cartoon effect action

Cartoon Actions for Photoshop #18 "Polygonal"

cartoon actions photoshop

More Free Photoshop Actions by FixThePhoto

After applying these filters to your pictures, you can check out our other stunning actions for creating a variety of effects. Whether you are a beginner or a professional photographer, all Photoshop cartoon actions included in this bundle will help you implement your most creative ideas. Once you have enhanced your image, you can print it out.

Photoshop Actions Cartoon Effect #19 "Watercolor"

cartoon action photoshop free

Free Photoshop Cartoon Actions #20 "Dispersion"

photoshop actions cartoon

Cartoon Photoshop Actions #21 "Polaroid"

cartoon photoshop action free

Cartoon Action for Photoshop #22 "Oil Paint"

free cartoon photoshop action

Photoshop Action Cartoon Effects #23 "Frame"

free cartoon action photoshop

Free Photoshop Cartoon Action #24 "Double Exposure"

cartoon effect photoshop action download

Tips for Using Cartoon Actions Photoshop Free

To create a cartoon-like effect, you need to use a high-resolution image with a dark, light or even color background. The subject should be in focus and clearly visible in the foreground.

These actions aren't perfect for landscape photographers. Although all the filters are created by professionals, you still might need to customize each cartoon Photoshop action to your taste. Try experimenting with different combinations of filters or adjusting colors and contrast to make your image look like a cartoon.

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