Free Collection of Dispersion Photoshop Actions

Every dispersion Photoshop action from this collection was designed to add an explosive or dissolving effect, while making your photos more eye-catching, colorful, and popping. You can use any of the offered tools in all the latest Photoshop versions and apply them to both RAW and JPEG images with equal efficiency.

These dispersion Photoshop actions are generally suitable for all types of photos that have a central subject, which will be framed by the created dispersion. This action looks good on studio, fashion, portrait, and street photography.  

Dispersion Photoshop Action #1 "Color Explosion"

photoshop dispersion actions

Dispersion Photoshop Action Free #2 "Secret Dreams"

photoshop actions dispersion

Dispersion Action Photoshop #3 "Dance of the Light"

dispersion actions photoshop

Free Dispersion Photoshop Action #4 "3 Colors"

dispersion actions for photoshop

Related Dispersion Photoshop Action Free Bundle

Check out even more actions that are done in the same style and can be used for professional and quality image editing in Photoshop. You can combine them with a different dispersion Photoshop action or use them separately, adjusting the applied effect to each photo.

These actions are extremely simple to use and can come in handy for fashion photographers, bloggers, travelers, wedding photographers, etc.

Photoshop Dispersion Action #5 "Black & White"

dispersion photoshop action

Dispersion Action Photoshop Free #6 "Dispersion Effect"

dispersion photoshop action free download

Dispersion Action for Photoshop #7 "Gradient"

photoshop dispersion effect action free download

Dispersion Effect Photoshop Action Free #8 "Imposition"

dispersion photoshop action free

Dispersion Effect Photoshop Action #9 "Lomo"

dispersion action photoshop

Photoshop Action Dispersion #10 "Bengal Light"

free dispersion photoshop action

Photoshop Dispersion Action Free #11 "Magic Effect"

dispersion photoshop action download

Photoshop Dispersion Effect Action #12 "Stars Shine"

photoshop dispersion action

Dispersion Photoshop Actions #13 "Wild Dance"

dispersion action photoshop free download

Free Photoshop Dispersion Actions #14 "Irrepressible"

dispersion action photoshop free

Photoshop Dispersion Actions #15 "Motion"

dispersion photoshop action download free

Photoshop Actions Dispersion #16 "Blur Effect"

dispersion action for photoshop

Dispersion Actions Photoshop #17 "Light"

dispersion effect photoshop action free

Dispersion Actions for Photoshop #18 "Motion Effect"

dispersion effect photoshop action

More Free Photoshop Actions by FixThePhoto

Once you’ve made use of the Photoshop dispersion effect action free download offer from above, look at these additional tools that can make your photos look even better. The larger your library of effects, the more photography genres you’ll be able to tackle.

With the help of these actions, you can put together a toolset for Photoshop that is suitable for both beginner and experienced photographers. Photos enhanced with these effects look great both in digital and printed formats.

Free Dispersion Photoshop Actions #19 "VHS"

photoshop action dispersion

Dispersion Photoshop Action #20 "Fire"

photoshop dispersion action free

Dispersion Photoshop Action Free #21 "Cartoon"

photoshop dispersion effect action

Dispersion Action Photoshop #22 "Comic Book"

dispersion photoshop actions

Free Dispersion Photoshop Action #23 "Watercolor"

photoshop actions dispersion free download

Photoshop Dispersion Action #24 "Reflection"

free photoshop dispersion actions

Tips for Using Photoshop Dispersion Actions

Once you finish your dispersion Photoshop action free download, there are several things you have to keep in mind to get the most out of your new effects.

While it’s recommended to use these actions on images that feature a person as the main subject, they can be used for other types of images as well, as long as there’s a key object that can benefit from being highlighted by the surrounding dispersion.

You also shouldn’t be afraid of tweaking the action’s settings until you get the result you’re happy with. While the standard settings are professionally tuned, they can be too intense or dramatic for some photos.

When picking a specific effect from this dispersion action Photoshop collection, consider whether the image will benefit more from simply adding color particles around the subject or dissolving the background as well.

Making the background white is useful for hiding flaws and focusing the viewer’s attention on the subject, which is why such actions are mostly used in studio photography. On the other hand, adding a color explosion to the foreground is the more appropriate choice if the background is essential to the shot.

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