Free Photo Blemish Remover Online

Enhance your portraits using the best Online Photo Blemish Remover. Test this Blemish Remover for free right now to get rid of all skin imperfections as pimples, blackheads or acne on the face.

FAQ: Photo Blemish Remover

How to remove blemishes from the face quickly?
There are many ways to remove pimples, blackheads or acne. But one of the fastest is to add a new transparent layer → Select the "Spot Healing Brush Tool" → Set the brush hardness to 80-100% and select the "Sample All Layers" option.
With the transparent layer highlighted in the Layers panel, just draw the spots on the face, and this tool will magically fix them. Now you can see how the Spot Healing Brush corrects acne spots on the face of this object.
If you are preparing a portrait photo for professional printing, we recommend you contact professional skin airbrushing services.
How to adjust the size of a Patch Tool, Brush or Lasso?
When you select any of these tools, additional settings, such as the size, opacity and type, will be available in the upper panel.
Can I do batch editing in this Blemish Remover?
No, the editor doesn’t support batch blemishes removal. Although you can speed up the photo editing process with the help of ready-made Pro Skin Retouching Actions.
Which operating systems does this Photo Blemish Remover support?
This Photo Blemish Editor is supported on any operating system. All you need is more than 1 GB of RAM and an updated browser of 2019-2023.

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