Wedding LUTs

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Wedding LUTs:

    • Commercial Use
    • Available in .CUBE and format
    • Windows- and Mac-compatibility
    • Full support for Sony Vegas, Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, FCPX, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Photoshop, Luminar, etc.
  • Comercial Use 20
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Wedding videos require special Wedding LUTs with absolutely various effects to satisfy customers’ needs and wishes, and cope with all possible drawbacks while color grading. Thus, our specialists decided to create universal filters to suit different lighting conditions and deliver perfect video clips. 

This Wedding LUT Pack for wedding ceremony clips can help both beginner and professional photographers and filmmakers. It provides an excellent color balance which pastel/matte/light & airy tints. Boosting contrast level and white balance is also easy. It means that even if your video was recorded in very poor lighting conditions, these LUTs can save it and turn into a real masterpiece. 

Each wedding LUT from FixThePhoto has specific functions. Some of them are perfect for wedding videos with landscape and seascape background while others are more universal and can be applied to all types of wedding clips. 

The key feature of all wedding LUTs is a mix of warm colors which make the general picture look softer with more tenderness in details. Besides, you can use LUTs to increase contrast level or adjust color saturation in several clicks. 

This bundle of the best wedding LUTs for wedding video editing by FixThePhoto comes with 20 professional LUTs in .CUBE format, which have been designed to edit video clips at a professional level. The kit was created by true specialists and it is suitable for absolutely different users – experienced video editors, novices, bloggers, photographers, travelers, etc.

Best Wedding LUTs

  • 20 Free Wedding LUTs
  • You can use them in After Effects CC, Sony Vegas, DaVinci Resolve, Premiere Pro CC, FCPX, etc.
  • Comes in .CUBE format
  • For Win and Mac users
  • User-friendly

Wedding LUT Pack

Wedding clips can be different. They can be taken somewhere in the forest or at the seaside. Some couples prefer beautiful architecture landscapes. Thus the color grading process of such videos differs as well. It is vital to know which wedding LUTs will be the perfect choice for your videos to achieve a great result and satisfy your customers’ demands. 

If you want to make your video look sophisticated select the “Elegant” LUT. It will help you reveal the sheer emotions of the couple sometimes hidden behind the colors. 

The “Contrast” LUT is great to adjust contrast level and solve problems with blurs. It makes clips look more vivid and bright.

Add summer vibes to the videos using the “Soft Beam”, the “Soft Sunrise” or the “Warm Light” LUTs. These wedding LUTs have excellent warm tones and soften the general picture making it look tender and delicate.

The “Breeze” LUT is an excellent option for videos taken by the sea or lake. It adjusts color saturation perfectly. The video footage looks well balanced and fresh.

Select the “Vintage” LUT to add some brown tints to your videos. This free wedding LUT has a wonderful effect, making a video look like warm memories from the past.

FixThePhoto Wedding LUTs Bundle Includes:

Wedding LUTs: Breeze, Landscape, Powder Pink, Vivid Light, Elegant, Soft Beam, Warm Light, Saturation, Deep Shadow, Soft Sunrise, Matte, Contrast, Shine, Coffee Tint, Nature, Peonies, Fresh Shade, Sweet Dreams, B&W, Vintage.


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