Mavic Pro LUTs

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Mavic Pro LUTs:

    • Commercial Use
    • Available in .CUBE format
    • Windows- and Mac-compatibility
    • Full support for Sony Vegas, Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, FCPX, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Photoshop, Luminar, etc.
  • Comercial Use 20
  • Size15.5 MB
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Mavic Pro LUTs included in this collection can be easily used for clips that you’ve recorded with your drone. The achieved look is suitable for different video genres including travel, nature, wedding, love story, and vintage themed clips. 

All LUTs allow you to change the color scheme and tones of your videos, make the footage warmer or colder, change its colors, feel and mood, adjust the lighting, contrast, and more in a matter of seconds. 

These professional tools are superior to free Mavic Pro LUTs featured on other websites because of their capability to make a video clip brighter and more contrast, while each frame becomes more detailed and eye-catching without looking over-the-top.

This bundle contains 20 Mavic Pro professional LUTs available in .CUBE format, which are ideal for video color grading. They were created by professionals. All available Mavic LUTs can be used by both experienced and aspiring filmmakers.

Mavic Pro LUT

  • 20 Premium Mavic Pro LUTs
  • Can be used in Sony Vegas, Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, FCPX, DaVinci Resolve etc.
  • All files are in .CUBE format
  • Work on Mac and Windows devices
  • User-friendly

Mavic Pro LUT Pack

Each Mavic Pro LUT included in this collection is perfect for all kinds of video footage such as travel, romance, street, nature, etc. These LUTs for videos recorded with Mavic Pro provide the best results when used for:

  • Dark and nighttime scenes
  • Landscape clips
  • Wildlife movies
  • Travel & vacation videos
  • City footage

The most popular Mavic Pro LUTs from this bundle are “Contrast,” “Cityscape,” and “Green Shadows.”

Applying the “Contrast” LUT, you’ll make the colors of your footage colder and deeper. This effect will highlight even the tiniest details, which is especially useful for landscape and beach videos. The LUT also increases contrast and sharpness, adding a bit of drama and mystery to the scene.

As evident from the name, “Cityscape” is best filters for footage featuring interesting architectural objects against a blue background. This LUT adds warmth to the footage, improves the lighting, makes the red and yellow tones more pronounced, while also slightly boosting the overall contrast. The effect also adds intensity and detail to the water and skies featured in a clip.

The primary purpose of the “Green Shadows” LUT is to add depth, drama, and vibrancy to the green tones in your videos. Thus, it’s ideal for landscape and wildlife footage recorded in areas with green fields, mountains, and lush trees. 

Additionally, similarly to other Mavic Pro LUTs in this bundle, this option increases the saturation of the entire color scheme, makes it noticeably colder, while also darkening the video and drawing more attention to the subject.

FixThePhoto Mavic Pro LUTs Bundle Includes:

Mavic Pro LUTs: Blue Skyline, Dramascape, Sunny Landscape, Vintage Toning, Teal & Orange, Colorful Space, Cold Shades, Matte, Green Shadows, Brightnes, Peanut Shadow, White Glow, Aged Film, Soft & Muted, Cityscape, Winter Light, B&W, Saturation,Shading Highlight, Contrast.


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