Create your own custom Etsy banner or shop icon using this Free Etsy Cover Photo Maker Online. This Etsy banner maker offers many customizable templates and designs for you to make your own, awesome, and personalized Etsy banner in several simple clicks.

FAQ: Etsy Cover Photo Maker

How to create an Etsy cover photo?
Select several images. Having removed the unnecessary background in separate tabs, copy the finished elements and merge them into layers in the main working canvas. Don’t forget about ready-made shapes, gradients and fills.
Can I save an Etsy cover photo in a PSD format?
Yes. You can pause making your Etsy cover photo at any time and save it in the PSD format. Later, you can continue working from this stage.
What operating systems are compatible with this Etsy Banners Generator?
It is supported on any platform. It doesn’t matter which OS you are using, Linux, Windows, Mac OS or Chrome. .
How to crop the original Etsy cover photo?
For cropping images you can use a special tool called the “Crop Tool” (hotkey “C”). You can crop the image proportionally (holding Shift for greater accuracy) or manually setting the proportions on the top panel.

Etsy Cover Photo Maker – Video Tricks