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Portrait Pro Lightroom Presets

Standart License ........ $39

Portrait Pro Lr Presets:

    • Presets in .lrtemplate .xmp formats
    • 42 Lightroom Brushes
    • Windows and Mac
    • RAW and JPEG
    • FREE BONUS 70 Black and White Lr Presets
    •  Adobe Lightroom 5.2 and higher
  • Quantity of Presets40
  • Size37 KB
  • Downloads487
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Need inspiration to edit photos in Lightroom? Want edit your images quickly, but there is no time for that? Do not get upset, there is a way out! FixThePhoto’s portrait photography Lightroom presets will come to the rescue. The benefits of this bundle is very diverse. They may increase or decrease light, do shading, removing some excessive redness, lighten too dark areas, increase the brightness of all colors, making the skin lighter, softer, and give it a healthier shade, etc. There Lightroom presets for portraits are custom made to give your photos a soft, glowing effect and make them pop. 

We took into account all the peculiarities of editing portraits. FixThePhoto’s retouchers designed high-quality improve photography presets for a quick editing of male and female portraits. You may use any preset portrait Lightroom if you want to correct color issues on your photo. They look amazing on any portrait and as a result, you will get an amazing picture to satisfy your clients.

Features of Lightroom Portrait Presets

lightroom presets bundle mega box

In addition to the Lightroom presets portrait collection you will get a wonderful bonus – 70 Black & White Lightroom presets. They will become an integral part of your working process with portrait and other images. In the photos of monochrome style, the essence of things is revealed much deeper, and attention is focused on the most interesting and the most important things. These presets are set up to make your picture remain a rich gamut of halftones (black, white, grey). You can see how these 70 bonus Presets works on examples in the Black&White Lightroom preset portrait collection or as part of the Entire Collection of 1822 Lightroom presets.

Recommendations to Use these Lightroom Presets for Portrait Photography:

If you are still hesitating about this collection, view the examples below and download Lightroom presets for portraits with confidence and enjoy speeding up your photo editing with them!

FixThePhoto Lightroom Portrait Presets Include:

40 Professional Portrait Presets: Portrait Warm, Portrait B&W, Portrait Contrast,Portrait Soft, Portrait Dehaze, Portrait Sepia, Portrait Cool, Portrait Cinematic, Portrait Beauty, Portrait Vivid, Portrait High Fashion, Portrait Brighten, Portrait Smooth Skin, Portrait Matte, Portrait Fine Art, Portrait Film, Portrait Color, Portrait Sharpen, Portrait Spearmint, Portrait Lighten, Portrait Grains, Portrait Evening, Portrait Mild HDR, Portrait Vintage, Portrait Dark Contrast, Portrait Boost, Portrait Cross Process, Portrait Sea Breeze, Portrait Natural, Portrait Reduce Shadows, Portrait Vibrance, Portrait Auto tone, Portrait Carpe Diem, Portrait Perfection, Portrait Lavender, Portrait Pastel, Portrait Strong, Portrait Color POP, Portrait LOMO, Portrait Silver.

FixThePhoto B&W Lightroom Presets Include:

70 Professional Lightroom Presets: Soft Contrast, Classic, Stars, Deep, Grains, Bright Matte, Dark Blue, Flm, Ocean, Sharpen, Electric, Crisp, Bright, Dark, Soft Matte, Soft Skin, Noir, Contrast, Portrait, Harmonic, Memories, Details, Blur, Mist, HDR, Trendy, Chicago, Winter, Organic, Moon Light, Ephemeral, Hollywood, Paris, Happy, Royal, Nature, Sepia, Editorial, Friday, Moody, High Key, Gleam, Dynamic, Platium, Fade, Discovery, Glamour, Beauty, Sadness, Wedding, Heroic, Brilliant, Silverstone, Pure, Goodfellas, Delight, Shine, Fashion, Nature, Achronomic, Adore, Matte Classic, Freedom, Dust, Old Style, Love, Majestic, Sleek, POP, Astronomic.

Helpful Video Guides about Lightroom Presets

Helpful Video Guides about Lightroom Presets



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