260 Free Snow Overlay for Photoshop

These free snow overlays can be used to enhance images in Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Creative Cloud, GIMP and other graphics editing software that supports multiple layers. Since these snow overlays come in PNG format, you can apply them to RAW and JPG files. Designed for Mac and PC users, the overlays have a resolution of up to 800x533px. By applying them, you can give your images a magical feel and create a snowy atmosphere.   

Snow Overlay #1 "Falling Snow"

snow overlay

Photoshop Snow Overlay #2 "Christmas Time"

photoshop snow overlay

Transparent Snow Overlay #3 "Sparkle"

transparent snow overlay

Snow Overlay Photoshop #4 "Wonderland"

snow overlay photoshop

Free Snow Overlay #5 "Snowfall"

free snow overlay

Snow Overlays #6 "Winter Time"

snow overlays

Snow Overlay Transparent #7 "White Magic"

snow overlay transparent

Falling Snow Overlay #8 "Holiday Particles"

falling snow overlay

Snow Overlay Free #9 "Snowflakes"

snow overlay free

Free Snow Overlay for Photoshop #10 "Let it Snow"

free snow overlay for photoshop

Snow Falling Overlay #11 "Eternal Winter"

snow falling overlay

Snow Overlays for Photoshop #12 "Blizzard"

snow overlays for photoshop

Snow Photoshop Overlay #13 "Lost in Wilderness"

snow photoshop overlay

Free Snow Overlays for Photoshop #14 "Spirit of Christmas"

free snow overlays for photoshop

Free Snow Overlays #15 "Time of Snowfalls"

free snow overlays

Snow Overlay for Photoshop #16 "Beauty of Cold"

snow overlay for photoshop

Free Snow Overlay Photoshop #17 "Icy Path"

free snow overlay photoshop

Transparent Snow Overlay Free #18 "Dreaming of Snowflakes"

transparent snow overlay free

Free Snow Overlays Photoshop #19 "Vision of Wonder"

free snow overlays photoshop

Snow Overlays Photoshop #20 "Blinding Snowstorm"

snow overlays photoshop

Snow Overlays Free #21 "Moments of Peace"

snow overlays free

Snow Photo Overlays #22 "Song of Ice"

snow photo overlays

Snow Effect Overlay #23 "Vertigo"

snow effect overlay

Snow Overlay Photoshop Free #24 "Sky Crystals"

snow overlay photoshop free

Snow Overlay #25 "Wintry Tale"

overlays snow

Photoshop Snow Overlay #26 "Frosty Way"

overlays snow free

Transparent Snow Overlay #27 "Wonderland"

snow overlays for photoshop free

Snow Overlay Photoshop #28 "Frozen Landscapes"

free snow photo overlays

Free Snow Overlay #29 "Chilling Night"

photoshop snow overlays

Snow Overlays #30 "Snow Angels"

photoshop free snow overlay

More Free Photoshop Overlays by FixThePhoto

It is quite easy to apply our free snow overlays to images in Photoshop even if you have never tried doing it before. With the help of these snow overlays, you can create a perfect and realistic snow just like you have imagined.

Snow Overlay Transparent #31 "Christmas Bokeh"

snow overlay

Falling Snow Overlay #32 "Sky"

photoshop snow overlay

Snow Overlay Free #33 "Feather"

transparent snow overlay

Free Snow Overlay for Photoshop #34 "Winter"

snow overlay photoshop

Snow Falling Overlay #35 "Frost"

free snow overlay

Snow Overlays for Photoshop #36 "Star Bokeh"

snow overlays

Snow Overlay for Photoshop #37 "Ice"

snow overlay transparent

Free Snow Overlay Photoshop #38 "Rain"

falling snow overlay

Free Snow Falling Overlay

Customize your photos with snow overlays for Photoshop. You can even use multiple snow overlays at the same time, which will give your photos a unique look.

  • If you are new to using JPEG overlays, just add a free Photoshop snow overlay to your photo and set the blend mode to ""Screen."" It's pretty quick and easy.
  • Do not apply snow photo overlays to the images that have a light or white background.
  • It is better to use photos taken in winter with natural daylight.
  • The effects of our free snow overlays for Photoshop will differ depending on the lighting, contrast and white balance of an original picture you are using.
  • We also recommend combining a snow overlay with the bokeh effect to simulate snowflakes that have fallen on the camera lens.
  • Just use the Sharpen – Unsharp mask filter to make snowflakes look sharper.

Features of Free Snow Overlay Photoshop

Winter puts forward special requirements for photographers and photo equipment. You are likely to face low temperatures, blizzards, wind gusts, snowfalls. Photographing white snow is similar to shooting objects against a huge white background. If you can’t take a photo of falling snow, it’s possible to apply a snowfall effect during post-processing. FixThePhoto created a collection of free snow overlays for Photoshop that allow adding realistic snowflakes to your RAW photos.

When you are shooting in winter outside, it might be challenging to choose the right settings and background. Using our snow photo overlays, you can create a nice Christmas card by adding a light, moderate or heavy snowfall. Besides greeting cards, these overlays are perfect for enhancing group portraits, family and landscape photos. Add an authentic snow flurry effect to give a dreamy look to your photos and enjoy this awesome time of year with our snow overlays for Photoshop!

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