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Retouching work is believed to be one of the hardest, but still the most interesting among modern professional positions that only have started to gain world-wide popularity. Many young people, who are only in active search of future occupations, ruminate on choosing photo editing jobs as a perspective field of building prosperous career. But still, why photo retouching jobs are so alluring to would-be professionals? What features attract them most of all? The prominent activity of all photo editor jobs is the responsibility of supervising various pictures that are used for publishing in editions of different kinds, from fashion magazines, to topic-orientated publications, newspapers or web-sites.  In order to be capable for succeeding in this challenging job every person, whose wish is to try his chances in retouching work, should have a particular set of skills and inclinations. 

Our editing company, which has more than 10 years of shot improving experience, now is eager to give various tempting chances for young talents, who are eager to work as digital retouchers. Our online post-production team needs to be extended due to the constant and impressive flow of clients. For this great reason, we are in search of new specialists, who have a bright desire of making a successful career in online photo editing jobs. Although we realize that to find retoucher is not an easy task.

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Our editing company realizes that in order to provide our clients, both permanent and just those who only think about trying our post production photography services, we need to have a wider digital retouching staff. So, we are looking for retoucher, who will become a great part of our editing team. So, to be capable for collaborating with constant flow of demanding clients, our retouching team is divided into several groups. Each particular group shoulders the responsibility of one particular image changing work. Thus, we have the team of retouchers, who specialize in wedding photo retouching services, family photo editing or professional portrait editing. As you have understood, that is not our limit, and our company is proud of presenting almost every kind and level of picture improvement that can be in demand. 



Every particular little team of retouchers tends to work with permanent customers, who are in need with this kind of image changing. One more particular feature of photo editor work in our agency is that in every sphere of editing there is one head retoucher, who is in charge of controlling the quality of image changing work. The picture changing leader shoulders the responsibility of monitoring the work of every separate editor and finding new candidates for vacant positions.


Retoucher job description

Photo retouching jobs are special professions that contain dealing with photo post-production process, such as thorough shot selecting, changing it to the demanded level, further positioning and printing as proper accompaniment for publication. According to the peculiarity of retoucher jobs, sometimes he/she may supervise would-be staff photographers in order to achieve proper image result, give various photo needed to be completed and make confident that all task are done in time and with high quality.  

The range of retouchers` accountabilities is quite diverse. As a rule, tasks to be worked with depend on the sphere with which a person, connected with photographic retoucher jobs, collaborates. Every kind of post processing services for photographers needs thorough discussion, but still all duties can be grouped in following way:

Freelance retouching jobs

Photo editing jobs are divided into two main groups that are distinguished due to the way of organizing retouching job. Nowadays the primary part of photo editor jobs is official co-working with image post-processing agencies. Such collaboration has a wide circle of vivid advantages. But still, many retouchers stick to the tendency of supporting photo retouching jobs from home. 

Freelance retouching jobs require working with particular websites that help specialists to present their retouching work and find new potential clients. As a rule, beginning retouchers use two websites, which are considered to be the most popular. They are Freelancer and Upwork. Here all specialists public their portfolios with improved works and announce retouching rates, expected for their services. Then would-be employers just look through all pieces of information from potential retouchers and choose the most alluring variant. From the first sight, the mechanism of co-operation is quite simple, but it has some hidden obstacles.

However, this way of finding new position has a number of vivid drawbacks. First of all, the number of people who want to have retoucher jobs is so huge, that the fierce competition is inevitable. Mainly it concerns beginning specialists, who only have started to offer their retouching work. In case to be noticed, they have to provide the lowest possible prices. So the profit from such work is quite low. One more disadvantage of freelance photo editor jobs is that they are not able to co-work with permanent circle of customers. As a rule, people, who are eager to work with photo editors on such websites, do not need to have their pictures to be improved all the time. Mainly they ask for single-time image editing for private usage only. As a result, people, who have freelance photo retouching jobs have to communicate with different consumers without ever a single possibility to devote enough working time in order to turn every raw shot into a photo masterpiece.

The situation with high-quality editing companies is totally different. Such trustworthy services, which are looking for retoucher, provide potential employees with permanent approved conditions that will not be changed without warning you. Thus, FixThePhoto team guarantees working stability. Having chosen our company as a future working place, you will be informed about all rules and duties needed to be followed. Moreover, you will have a possibility to work with particular clients, so that you know all their preferences and demands.  

One more vivid plus of collaborating with robust editing agencies is that here you will get stable salary. For most retouchers this factor is believed to be crucial one. The ability to get a clearly defined sum of money is alluring to most specialists from all spheres of services. It presents employees a feel of stability and pleasant confidence in the future. That is the most vivid factor that distinguishes freelance retouching jobs from company-based cooperation.

Work from home photo editing jobs

Our retouching company offers two kinds of organizing photo editing collaboration. There are office-based work and photo editing job at home. These two ways of co-operation are quite different. Work from home photo editing jobs enable retoucher to provide clients with image improving without leaving their homes. For many photo editors this variant of working is quite comfortable and easy to organize. 

Photo retouching jobs from home offer our employees to have a quite flexible schedule. Thus, they just are ordered to fix a particular amount of pictures and it is up to them when to start their retouching and how many breaks to make. The only demand for photo editing job at home is that they have to pass final changed photos at certain terms that are previously discussed with supervisors and head retoucher. So, it gives our editors a sense of freedom and they even are able to combine these jobs in photo editing with other tasks. And for sure, they have enough time to spend time with their beloved family members. That is a rather pleasant working bonus.

Those, who have made up their minds not to try work from home photo editing jobs, spend most of editing time in offices. This kind of work also has some advantages. For instance, our retouchers work in special comfortable working zones with only up-to-date professional equipment. All these things enable digital specialists to be in good and always ready-to-work mood and, as a result, our team is considered to be one the most successful picture editing modern commands. 

Our company provides thorough photo editor job description so that potential retouchers know for sure what to expect from future working place. We do not have random people, all our digital editors are real masters and they have not just online photo editing jobs, but true vocations for what they indulge in. If you are eager to become an essential part of our amicable team and you have liked our retoucher job description, then you are always welcomed to register and send your application form together with portfolio with your best photo post-production works so that we understand that you are what we exactly look for. 

After signing up and having filled all necessary information, you will be offered a more detailed retoucher job description in order to understand all peculiarities of would-be occupation. Below you will see the pushbutton, click there and welcome to our editing company!


Photo retouching jobs

Fixthephoto.com - Photo Editing Service

This website contains almost all brunches of photo editing. Here you will able to get an idea of all services existing for our clients and photo retouching jobs that you could be asked for. Our main site will greet you with front article, in which you get information about the benefits of changing and most widely-used modern techniques in various spheres of image editing.

Moreover, here you will find bright examples of editing work made by our experienced photo editors. Thus, you will have an opportunity to assess the unique quality of Photo Editing Service and get to know offered editing rates. Having looked through them, you will understand that our agency offers a pleasant combination of high-quality and rather pocket-friendly prices.

Our retouching company also has a tendency to organize a special retouching blog in which a lot of useful and informative articles are posted in order to discuss touchable topics that will raise interest to our team, photographic retoucher jobs and the whole photo industry. Certainly they will in use for you, if you are definitely eager to enrich your knowledge in the picture making/changing industry.

Our editing team mainly work in such photo post-processing spheres as:

• Portrait photo retouching jobs

Here our skilful photo editors mainly work hard on the basic appearance improving task and just common shot changing options such as colour correction or basic background editing. The last options do not play the front role in professional portrait editing as here the primary attention is pay to the look of the photographed person. 

So, the considerable part of retouching time is devoted to hide all appearance drawbacks and underlining all visible person`s unique features. Photo manipulators mainly provide complete editing, which includes total skin smoothing and basic airbrushing, hiding blemishes and acne. Moreover, such techniques as red eyes editing, teeth whitening and adding digital make-up is also of prominent importance. 

• Wedding photo retouching jobs

Our trustworthy wedding photo retouching services are rather popular among our clients. In our photo editor job description we tend to explain the main peculiarities of every separate service. And wedding editing is not an exception. Here the most common options are basic digital color correction, backdrop removing and for sure appearance improving. For making photographed groom and bride beautiful, digital photo manipulators apply skin editing, correcting digital make-up, teeth fixing and whitening and other effective techniques.  Here the most prominent task is to understand to what degree wedding photos are valuable for people as this occasion is solemn and rare. 

• Family retoucher jobs   

Family retouching is believed to be a bright combination of portrait enhancement and basic photo improvement. Actually almost every kind of image retouching contains background editing, no matter whether they are studio-based photos or images made on natural locations. But in the sphere of family photos backdrop plays essential role, as sometimes it can be a full-fledged photographed member. In this kind of photo editing our retouchers make photos for private usage and that is why it means a close communication with every customer.

• Background removal

It is a rather popular service, especially when customers are not quite satisfied with actual photographed location and are eager to experiment with various backdrop variants. Here for people of digital retoucher jobs the task is to be creative and patient, as customers very often do not like the really existing background, but do not have an image of a desirable one. So, digital specialists often prepare several variants of potential photo backdrops. 

• Color correction

If you have a burning desire to try yourself in online jobs for photo editing, you must be aware of proper color correction and adjustment. That is that special good key that will improve every photo. This service occupies on the leading places among editing options. Here you will need a definite sense of proper colors in order to reveal all degrees of beauty in every picture.

• Image restoration

Photo restoration jobs online enable to bring old and sometimes totally damaged pictures to life again. Here you need to realize how worthwhile old pictures may be. They have a unique possibility to capture our history, and for this photo manipulators need to apply all possible restoration techniques to make a photo look exactly modern and true to life.

• Real estate retouching

Real estate photo editing is mainly applied for commercial use. In images of this kind photo editors face the task to improve the common quality and delete various unnecessary items. Due to the necessity of using such pictures for advertising or presenting new real estate projects, mainly all interior photo makers are forced to ask for picture retouching. As this sphere is quite time-taking and monotonous, you need to be quite patient and self-motivated.

• Product editing

Do you like colorful images of various products in advertisements that you see almost every day? They are so bright and naturally eye-catching. It will not be new information that all those photos are improved with the productive help of product photo retouching services. They are quite affordable for different website owners and with their applying they allure more customers to their products. The cooperation is quite obvious in profit. Photo manipulators use various clipping path options, editing backdrops, 360 virtual staging and give a helping hand for making real estate images noticeable. And for this they have a constant flow of clients.

• Professional post processing

Photo editing jobs also include photography post processing. This unique service is used for saving numerous tiring hours of photographers` working time. That is the most common kind of photo editing, which contains all basic modern image retouching options. So, in order to be able to be a master in this sphere you should know all range of possible picture improving techniques.

• Headshot retouching

In this industry you will have to co-work with both beginning and already master photo makers. The primary challenge there is to underline the natural features of photographed model, as further they will be used for various castings and interviews. And sometimes headshots may become crucial for somebody`s fate. 

• Baby or newborn image retouching

Nowadays this service has gained an extreme popularity. A lot of contemporary parents are desirable to capture valuable first moments of their children. Here you need to understand all parent`s wishes and truly put heart and soul to the creation new masterpieces.  Baby photo retouching is rather a vocation than just ordinary photo retouching jobs. So, we are looking for retoucher that will be devoted to this profession.

• Photo montage

Photo manipulation requires being a truly creative personality. So you must be quite open to all crazy ideas from all customers. Be ready to apply switching heads, various face swapping and other variants of montage. Your task is to make every image really unrecognizable.

• Outsource picture changing

This service is popular for the sake of presenting various possibilities for developing business. Our company is proud of offering all kinds of post processing in order to satisfy all customers` demands. Only truly devoted and professional photo manipulators are able to work here.

• Jewelry photo improving

As you have understood, our team mainly collaborates with customers, who are in need of commercial editing. Jewelry retouching services are not exception. We tend to co-work only with jewelry houses or big companies that are eager to present their products as alluring as it is possible. That is why here you will need applying proper color correction, picture cropping and resizing, adding or removing shadows. One of the most used options is improving gemstones.

• Glamour image changing

For this particular service our company has made one more website that is nuderetouching.com. It will be described below. In this kind you will have to work with boudoir photographers, who are usually rather demanding. Here primary attention is devoted to the color changing and applying various techniques, used only in this sphere.

Wedding retouching 

This website is sanctified to wedding picture changing. We are eager to find a retoucher who will be able to improve bright celebration`s images. Here the photo manipulator`s challenge is to communicate with clients, as, as a rule, people have different views on how their wedding photos should look like. Image editors need to listen carefully to all wishes and be able to offer corrections. For doing this you must be a skillful psychologist.

In the sphere of wedding pictures post-production our company provides such services:

• Basic post processing 

Here you will have an opportunity to feel as if you are a magician. You will be able to make all your customers` wishes come true. For sure that will make you feel happier, but for achieving this goal you need to be really talented photo retoucher.

• Portrait editing

There you will mainly co-work with grooms or brides’ photos. That is quite obvious, especially women are rather demanding, as every girl has a desire to be the most beautiful bride. So, you will be in need of using all your editing capability from professional photo color correction to appearance improving.

• Body retouch

All manipulations connected with body changing may be divided into two primary groups. They are adjustment face form to proper look and full body editing. In wedding picture enhancement the most widely applied are elongating legs, reducing extra weight and total body slimming.  Here you will have to find a golden middle between natural look and proper retouching.

• Family image enhancement

Even in such solemn occasions as wedding there is a special place for family members. So, if you think that wedding editing consists only of improving bride and groom`s photos. You are mistaken. Here you will also have to use all your knowledge in portrait editing, body reshaping and other basic techniques. Thus, all these services are connected with each other.

• Professional color correction

High-quality color correction, offered by our digital editors, is able to turn every raw image into bright masterpiece, which will impress everybody with color deepness. Very often this option may be named as adjusting color temperature. To apply professional photo color correction you should understand and feel the suitable colors for final images.

• Backdrop editing

The main task for people, connected with retouching work, in this sphere is deleting unwanted objects from wedding shots. Very often wedding photographers do not have a possibility to take photos with perfect background especially during banquets. That is why image manipulators are of great demand. Moreover, the technique that is also rather popular is backdrop changing. Here the situation is the same as in all ordinary photos editing, so you will also have to offer at least two variant of changed photo locations.

• Editing black and white images

Beyond any doubts, making colorful wedding pictures black and white is rather popular task. Such photos look like as if they are taken somewhere from the past and that is why they contain some hidden secrets. This fact is very alluring to the just married beloved couple and more and more image editors are asked to provide this technique.

• Photo manipulation

Common image montage consists of basic rearranging, shot cutting, shifting and picture overlapping. In addition to this, two or even more wedding images may be combined with the aim of creating a new composite photo. Such options require from photo manipulation and photo restoration jobs online to use advanced shot changing techniques.

Nude Retouching 

Sexy image editing is provided by our company for more than 10 successful years and we have become real masters of this sphere. In order to become an essential part of our friendly improving team you will need to learn a lot of things about the most basic nude editing techniques. Moreover, you will have a necessity of being aware of popular tendencies and popular orders in this industry. So, our team usually collaborates with customers in such nude editing brunches:

• Nude photo colour correction

The importance of proper colours in nude photos is really great. Only those bodies with healthy skin colour are able to allure people. Our best retouching team is eager to provide colour saturation, making picture brightness and hues. Furthermore, picture editors, even those who have junior retoucher jobs, need to be skilful to fix all shadows and contrast issues.

• Boudoir skin smoothening

That is general option for erotic image changing. Every sexy photo means a picture of photographed model with perfectly clear skin. That is more tiring editing technique than just portrait enhancement, as it contains improving model`s appearance and total body reshaping.

High end Beautyretouching

It is a very popular photo editing brunch which provides people and companies, who are in need of picture changing, with only best quality final photos. In this industry our 12-years` experience enables us to solve every photo problem and create outstanding pictures that are worth publishing in popular newspapers, magazines and printings. There are 5 main picture changing brunches. They are:

• Fashion improving

This retouching service is for sure a little bit harder to apply as is requires using extraordinary changing options in order to create really outstanding photo results. Here you have to understand that all your photo works are prepared to be published. That doubles your responsibility.

• Magazine retouching

Here you will have to use all possible originality and inventiveness in order to produce really breath-taking image results.  In order to offer you good photo editor job description we would like to mention that magazine image changing contains all possible techniques, connected with image changing.  

• Advertising retouching

Photo manipulators are also asked to make various shots alluring to ordinary people in order to present them various services. Here you will have to collaborate either with big companies, which need to advertise various products, or with private customers.

• Beauty improving

Having worked with such service, you will feel that retouching work is really hard to apply. That is a rather monotonous and tiring work. Here all little parts of photo are of great importance. Every photographed person has to be quite alluring. So, all drawbacks have to be removed.

• Glamour retouching

In this service you will have to turn every ordinary picture into glamour outstanding images. That is particularly why our editing team will follow all tendencies and demands of glamour editing, such as colour improving, making model`s breasts bigger, figure slimming, hiding drawbacks and so on.

Damaged photo restoration 

Old damaged photograph restoration is a special editing service which makes it possible to turn old images into modern pictures not less than just perfect. Thus, we are in need to find retoucher that will be devoted to this option and will understand how are valuable some old images may be. 

So, we believe that you have understood that collaborating with our team will be quite beneficial choice for you. The factor that is still not mentioned is that we may co-work with editors from all over the world. If you are in search of online photo editing jobs UK - you're welcome! Want to find photo editor jobs NYC - we're waiting for your application. Definitely no matter from what country you come from, the most important is the range of your retouching skills and experience.