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HDR Photo Editing Job

You can't spend a single day without shooting and you consider yourself to be a great HDR photo editor? Do you dream of finding an HDR photo editing job online in order to devote yourself to your favorite occupation – photography? If you are confident and can't wait to show off, then you should pay attention to a world-known picture editing service FixThePhoto, which is looking for a talented HDR photo editors. If you are a real artist who is pouring his/her heart and soul into Photoshop photo editing, then it's an amazing chance for you to join one of the most popular real estate photo retouching companies.

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What is HDR Photo Editing?

HDR (high dynamic range) indicates the proportion of light to dark in a picture. At least three still pictures are being taken at various exposures – one picture exposes for dark pic zones, the second one for the mid-tones and the third one for the highlights. The idea is to blend these three pics together using the editing software and highlight the best areas of each pic. HDR creates one standard still picture and one HDR pic. Simply put, the HDR mode program combines several pictures to get one HDR pic. As a result, we've got the picture which looks more like what our eyes can perceive, but not what our photo camera sees. This technology enlarges the dynamic range of a photo and shows elements in both shadows and highlights.

Our photo retouching service does its best to help people improve their property and landscape pictures. That's why we need really gifted, universal photo retouchers who are in love with photography and can think outside the box and offer unusual real estate images editing ideas. If you dream of finding the HDR photo editing job online and nobody is better than you when it comes to HDR manipulations, then we will gladly review your resume and discuss possible variants of cooperation.

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HDR Photo Editing Services

The pics for real estate entrepreneurship must be high quality and aesthetic. You can't configure the lightning when shooting the property and they are also photographed at different exposures. You can't leave your photos like this. Let the professionals do this work for you and benefit from the assistance of the pro-Real Estate HDR image editing services. People who have no time to mess around their pics usually benefit from assistance provided by such services. HDR blending services enable you to make image bracketing (the method of mixing different pics in order to get the perfect one), perspective correction (the process includes smoothing of the property lines), color balance (refining the colors, making them rich and vivid).

Our clients use HDR photo editing services when they need:

Our orderers entrust us such works:

  • • To combine the shots of different exposures.
  • • Real Estate picture editing and improvement.
  • • The creation of panoramic property images.
  • • Landscape photo enhancement.

Why HDR Photo Editing Job at FixThePhoto?

2013 was the starting point for our photo retouching company. Since then we have gained a huge range of clients and we can take justifiable pride in the progress we have made over the last years. Our devoted and highly professional retouchers give all their efforts and knacks to satisfy the requirements of our consumers. Our company can always offer some better options, which will please clients who look for the premium quality as well as those who want to save money. So if you are a full of enthusiasm and ready to share your property photo editing experience and show your mastery and talent as a great HDR photo editor, we invite you to send your CV and still pictures portfolio. Display uniqueness and individuality in your resume!

HDR Photo Editing Job Requirements

You must correspond to such requirements to apply for the position:

  • • Appropriate education and Bachelor’s degree.
  • • HDR photo editing job experience.
  • • Real estate image editing proficiency.
  • • Readiness to pay attention to the details equipoise and making lifelike pictures (extremely important for real estate image editing jobs).
  • • Abide the customer's time limits.
  • • Have strong self-organization skills.

The main criterion for the applicants is their professional competence. No other characteristics are important. Rest assured, our age, sex, nationality is not regarded.

The employee must be competent, productive and flexible. Our ideal candidate must be a highly-motivated person who can do HDR photo editing job fruitfully, fast and quality. If you believe that you meet all the requirements, please send your CV to get a job in the corporation, which values its personnel and provides well-arranged labor conditions. We will contact you as soon as your CV will be reviewed.

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HDR Photo Editing Job Responsibilities

You must understand your main responsibilities:

  • • To enhance pictures.
  • • To work with the bunch of orders.
  • • To satisfy the clients’ needs.
  • • To correct colors professionally.

FixThePhoto Service Suggests

We offer the following terms of cooperation:

  • • Decent wages for the most industrious ones.
  • • Career promotion prospects.
  • • Interesting HDR photo editing job online.
  • • Clinical, stomatological and eyesight check-ups.

Bonus Points for

  • • HDR photo editing job experience.
  • • Deep knowledge of picture editing programs.

What do You Need to Send a Resume?

Your resume must contain a standardized info about your experience + examples of your before/after works. You can see some downloadable raw photo files below, use them to present your HDR photo editing mastery. Top result will maximize your chances to get a wonderful, well-remunerated job in a prosperous company.

HDR Photo Editing Before and After Examples

The number of our clientele is impressive. Our skillful picture manipulators can masterfully deal with colors, pix bracketing, and perspective regulation. Here you can see some incredibly amazing examples of their works. You think that the level of your works is the same or even higher, then you can easily apply for the position of HDR photo editor.

Video Tutorials About HDR Photo Editing

We have also prepared some video guiding recommendations for you. They will become a good support to refresh the knowledge. You must always strive to learn something new to conform to the standards of our rapidly developing society.

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