Editing, Retouching, Post Processing, Post Production – What`s The Difference?

Editing, Retouching, Post Processing, Post Production – What`s The Difference?

In digital world of photography editing, post production, retouching, or simply post-processing appertain to work that is done on the images after they have been captured by the camera. We have gathered information about the photo editing terms and their difference.

In digital world of photography editing, post production, retouching, or simply post-processing appertain to work that is done on the images after they have been captured by the camera. Nowadays there are many ways to make your photo look extraordinary and suit all modern requirements. Image editing programs such as Photoshop CC, PixIr or Acorn often offer basic automatic image enhancement features as correcting color and brightness, red eye removal, sharpness adjustments, and zoom features.

Image editors also have a possibility to create new components of the photo. These changes can be artfully made using painting tools, eraser tools and drawing tools. Professional photographers often use human powered online photo editing service. We have gathered information about photo editing terms and their difference not to be confused creating order.


Many people mixed up image retouching terms saying that they have the same meaning. But it is not true. Photo editing is the process of correcting an original photo to create a masterpiece. Many dictionaries describe the word `editing` as revising or adapting of photos for publication or presentation. It does make sense; we often use it not only for fixing family photos but also for publications in magazines, newspapers or advertizing.

First and utmost it is selecting images to be edited. When you deal with this kind of picture changing, you can assume the next measures: simple light or color adjustment, sharpening, removing stray hairs, changing the background, removing an object accidentally left on set, adding an item into the picture, getting rid of zits, editing model`s size or even use photo restoration services if it's needed. Without doubts, these touch ups are necessary to be used for each photo.

It should be said that image file editing depends on the post-processing editor. There are enough techniques in one of the greatest industry editing leaders, Adobe Photoshop, in which photographers can retouch their pictures completely in different variations. Also there is a huge list of filters, plug-ins which can also be added to the original software installation.


When we are talking about retouching, sometimes called airbrushing, it is easy to become confused about its meaning. Initially, people said it being used only for film making, secondary, they called it the function that was not for digital work on a photo. Nevertheless, this term describes the process of enhancing an image. According to retouching functions we can name removing suddenly appeared face of the stranger and other things and manipulation, moving the object `physically`, using filtering or blur, taking care of red eye or other photos post processing technics.

Face, skin retouching, color correction

Many glorious advertizing and model agencies use retouching methods to work over obvious imperfections and flaws of the face and body, to correct the skin, pores, and blemishes like pimples and scars. Even the fashion representatives, although gorgeous, have their flaws as well. One more prominent feature of this process is the fact that some photo retouchers may also make a photograph subject look slimmer. This may exist on certain parts of the face or body, such as the chin or legs, or it may be required on a subject`s entire body. Retouching is harder and more difficult to make than editing, it is most likely to be used in creating arty-crafty pictures.

Post Processing VS Post Production

These terms are absolute synonyms. At the same time they can be interchangeable. Post-processing implies darkroom-like activities on the image. This would include sharpening, cross-processing, etc. Minimal post processing should be present on each digital image. It works with everything from simple whole-image adjustments to detailed per-pixel touch-up work. Especially when you shoot RAW, make it a rule using post production photography. Small corrections in curves, levels or saturation will transform your picture to a `bonne bouche`.

Wedding photo post processing

In plain English, post processing is addition or removal of objects in the frame. To this category cloning out things and face retouching techniques for glamour pictures will fall. Post-production refers to the targets that have to be completed or executed after the shooting ends. Besides, it is the last step in photo edition but not the least.

The software industry suggests a great variety of photo edition and making correction. You will not find any image without being retouched previously. If you want to see these corrections on the real examples, you have a chance to look through our previous article Winter Photo Secrets: Tips and Tricks to Shoot in the Snow.

There are many of editing systems and these are increasing rapidly as mobile computer technologies. Basically you can buy a program which has a price from a few tens of dollars to over a thousand dollars. These are best loaded onto your telephone or laptop computers. But if you have no excellent computer skills, this doesn`t mean the end.

On the contrary, using web professional photo retouchers is making it easier to edit your photos. If you want to make it quickly, qualitatively and at a reasonable retouching prices use our image retouching services. We have intense and diverse experience in edition in itself, that is why we are perfect for amateur photographers, but at the same time, our retouching services are especially useful for professional photographers too.





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