TV Photography Review 2023

By Tata Rossi 24 days ago, Photographer

TV Photography Review 2023

TV Photography is a project created by a famous photographer, Thomas Vasas, who has been involved in photography for more than 10 years and is currently a member of MPI from Canada. You could see his works on Viewbug, 500px, Flickr and other websites.

TV Photography: Main Genres

tv photography landscape

Thomas Vasas is an experienced shooter, who has tried almost all genres but mostly he works in the following directions:

tv photography wildlife

However, Vasas has recently expanded the number of genres he works in and now he performs all kinds of photoshoots:

TV Photography project doesn’t only mean taking photos. Vasas is also engaged in color correction and image retouching; he improves his own shots and takes orders from other photographers. Thomas can turn an old b&w photo into a color one, restore old images, etc.

TV Photography: Image Printing

tv photography image printing

Thomas prints most of his photographs in various formats and sells in his Camera2Prints store. You may find his landscapes and wildlife shots on cups, mousepads, phone cases, puzzles and even yoga mats. Of course, you may buy his shots in acrylic, wooden or metal frame.

TV Photography: Member of Photography Organizations

professional photographers of america logo

Thomas Vasas is an active participant of many photography organizations:

PPA – Professional Photographers of America

PSA – Photographic Society of America

MPI – Master Photographers International

NPS – The National Photographic Society

Vasas has also filed his candidature with the Professional Photographers of America to get a Master in Photography (M. Photog).

Such organizations aim at the development and promotion of photography art and science. They try to inspire everyone interested in photography and encourage personal growth and self-expression, creativity in all aspects of photography.

TV Photography: Blog

tv photography blog

Thomas Vasas is running a blog that already has more than 100 articles on various topics related to photography. The blog isn’t divided into any article types but, during the years of his blogging, one may trace that Thomas mainly arranges his articles into the following types:

What is …?

Here, Thomas explains in detail about photography genres he has been involved in for more than 10 years; he publishes posts on landscape photography, wildlife photography as well as general articles on the photography art and science.

Tips for Beginners

Thomas covers any problems that a beginner shooter may face. Here, you may find tips on the camera choice, usage of flashes, camera settings, etc.

Photo of the Day

Several times a month, Thomas demonstrates his landscapes and explains how they were taken. You will find out where the shot was taken, in what season, what challenges he faced and also get tips for those who want to mimic this image.