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Matte Lightroom Presets

This bundle of Free Matte Lightroom presets was designed to give your portrait, wedding, street, travel, and newborn photographs a trendy Matte effect in several clicks. These Matte presets for Lightroom will make your photos gentle and more atmospheric having washed out the colors. Make your photos look as if they have been printed on matte paper.

Our retouchers used all photo editing techniques to create these Lightroom Matte presets. You may use this bundle according to your artistic vision to satisfy your clients. These Lr plug-ins affect colors of your photos in such a way that they become slightly washed out, resembling the so-called “fade Lightroom effect”.

10 Free Matte Presets for Lightroom


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  • Matte Lightroom Presets Free

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Think that your photo has too many shadows, which divert attention from the main subject? This matte look Lightroom preset will be really helpful. It is suitable for portrait images with many green or blue objects in the frame.

How to install Matte Lr Presets

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More Free Matte Lightroom Effects from FixThePhoto

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This matte effect is very popular among fashion photographers and Instagram bloggers, so don’t miss a chance to download this bundle of 10 Free Matte Lightroom presets and make your images pop. There is no restriction on photo types, be it outdoor or studio pictures, as Matte presets add something special to each shot. But don’t expect to get the same effect as on the examples above, if you apply the filter to absolutely different images. Treat this collection as another chance to reveal your creative potential, go on impressing your clients with unique results and broaden your photographic skills.

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