SIRUI Photography Equipment Review: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 20 days ago, Apps and Software

SIRUI Photography Equipment

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Verdict: I’ve found SIRUI Photography Equipment shop when I was looking for a tripod, which I purchased several months before. I like the store because of its extensive choice of quality equipment for shooting. My tripod was lightweight and compact that is easy to carry around.

The selection on the website is quite vast and includes optical lenses, their main components, precision equipment for shooting, new smart optoelectronic products, optical instruments; smart dehumidification cabinets, etc. SIRUI is not only a manufacturer of professional equipment, but also its distributor, developer, and designer.

  • Distributes products in more than 65 countries
  • Over 300 selling spots
  • Wide choice of gear
  • 20+ years on the market
  • High-tech production
  • Strict standards of quality control
  • Prices are indicated without taxes
  • Delivery to Asia can take up to two weeks
sirui photography equipment interface

SIRUI Photography Equipment is based in Guangdong, southern China. The company designs, produces and distributes professional equipment for photographers, filmmakers, video marketers, etc. of all levels of experience.

Lighting supports and a myriad of camera types are among the most popular products produced by this enterprise. The company’s distributors work in Europe, Asian countries, and the United States. In total, the equipment made by SIRUI store can be found in more than 65 countries.

SIRUI Photography Equipment — Main Features

sirui photography equipment logo

SIRUI Photography Equipment was established in 2001. The company focuses on design, concept, and quality when manufacturing its products. The main strengths of SIRUI are innovative manufacturing technology, a well-organized sales and support system. Nowadays, the company is famous for its high-quality photographic and video equipment.

Individual Production Base

The production facility covers an area of more than 30,000 square meters. Its factory boasts modern equipment for manufacturing professional shooting gear. The company’s staff is over 500 SIRUI-trained employees with a rich experience in the industry. It is modern technology and intellectual property advantage enterprise, photographic engineering, and technology research center, a Chinese leading producer of mobile phone lenses, intelligent heads, photography supporting equipment, and other shooting gear.

A highly specialized engineering team with professionals from different countries, as well as excellent Research and Development Departments are the main factors that allow naming SIRUI one of the best in the industry. At every stage of the manufacturing process, the company is ruled by Stringent Quality Control standards to make sure that the resulted products will meet the high standard and demands of all consumers.

Vast Selection of Products for Amateur Photographers

sirui photography equipment catalog

I was amazed by the range of products manufactured by SIRUI Photography Equipment. Beyond professional photo & video equipment, you can purchase heads, smart safety and humidity control cabinets, portable electric dolly, sports camera bodies, lenses, filters, and other precise shooting gear. When developing products, the company’s staff think of photographers’ convenience, first of all, and make sure that the products are handy.

Their catalog contains a vast selection of real estate photography equipment, as well as products for shooting landscapes, portraits, wild animals, etc.

Even though the assortment offered by the store is huge, the search for the necessary item is simple. All the products are divided into categories and subcategories. Besides, there are separate blocks with new arrivals and items on sale.

High Product Quality & Standards

sirui photography equipment tripod

As for the quality of products, I was really impressed, especially by SIRUI Photography Equipment tripods, like The Sirui Traveler 5C. This model is compact and light, so carrying it around all day long is an easy task. Its stability is another considerable advantage and the equipment itself can support a DSLR with a small or medium lens.

Although SIRUI positions itself as a manufacturer of affordable equipment, its products are not cheap. A high price is explained by the quality of gear. The producer does not use some banal bells and whistles and focuses on quality to deliver functional solutions. Its tripods perform the primary function of securing a camera and make the process of shooting more convenient as they are light and compact.

I’ve used the Sirui Traveler 5C tripod for photography that is why I can confirm that this piece of equipment is stable and reliable. Leg extension can be easily adjusted and locked with one hand. Another plus is the spring-loaded ratchet for fixing the angle.

Sells Products All Around the Globe

Boasting over 300 sales outlets and terminal showrooms, the manufacturer distributes equipment all around the globe. Its line is presented in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc. that is being sold in 31 provinces in China (including Hongkong and Macau) and over 60 countries and areas worldwide.

Thanks to its cooperation with national strategic internet, T-mall, Jingdong, the company satisfies its clients with high-level, reliable, and effective service and support. Customer support representatives are ready to answer all enquiries 24/7.

Product Warranty & Free Repair

SIRUI distributes its products under a warranty, which ensures that the equipment won’t have any defects in functioning and construction under normal use during the warranty period. 6 years warranty covers tripods, monopods, heads and accessories, Humidity Cabinets (3 years for electronics), and bags. A one-year warranty is for mobile accessories and lenses. Camera lenses are distributed with 2 years warranty. The manufacturer guarantees free repair, adjustment or replacement of non-functioning parts for free.

Quality and Reliability Proved by Certificates

Another winning aspect that should be mentioned in my review is the company’s excellent reputation in China and abroad. The proof of this is countless certificates that demonstrate SIRUI’s expertise. In 2016, the manufacturer got the "Guangdong Famous Trademark" award. "2016 Guangdong Patent Gold Award" is another significant certificate SIRUI received for its cutting-edge "Panning Structure of the Monopod" patent, becoming the only company that won the Gold Award of the year in Zhongshan.

SIRUI has also been honored to receive Zhongshan Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise", "Guangdong Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise" and "National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise".

Hot News and Released Products of the Company

The manufacturer’s website does not only distribute universal or wedding photography gear but has a helpful blog describing recent arrivals and talking about the company’s news. Here you will also find the company’s mentions in the press, reviews of its products, information about discounts, etc. By the way, discount offers are broadcasted as a line at the top of the page so that you can quickly jump to and learn the details.

SIRUI Photography Equipment Prices

Prices start at $99 for lenses, $29.90 - for tripods, and $87.80 - for lighting equipment. All prices are listed in the catalog posted on the official website.