Professional Images Photography Agency Review

Professional Images Photography Agency Review for Getting Inspiration

By Tata Rossi 17 days ago, Photographer

Professional Images Photography agency provides a great variety of services, including event, tradeshow, conference photo sessions, and more. The team consists of passionate photographers with rich experience and deep knowledge of shooting techniques. They do their best to take pictures during the meeting for representing the customer’s brand.

About Professional Images Photography Studio

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Professional Images Photography agency was founded by Joseph Rodriguez. His interest in Conference and Convention Photography emerged in 1987. He takes high-quality images of meetings for effective marketing campaigns.

Besides, Joseph Rodriguez offers Onsite Printing Photography integrated with Social media allowing customers to get an image, send it via email with a branded message, and share pictures on various social media networks.

His agency specializes in custom photography for marketing needs, including technology product images, executive headshots, food styling and more. The company also organized photoshoots for Splenda® and took product shots for Johnson & Johnson’s Healthy Essentials®.

They deliver both printed and digital files, which you can share on websites, social media platforms, or use for ads. If you want to make your website stand out, create stunning social media marketing or ads, skilled photographers will provide you with styled, well-lit, and professionally retouched pictures.

Besides, they group images by day and create subfolders for various photo sessions. Moreover, the team keeps images that you need right away in a separate folder so that you can access them quickly instead of navigating through multiple folders.

Main Genres

Professional Images Photography agency takes images at tradeshows, exhibitions, photographs products, architecture, events, provides onside printing photography services, and headshot stations.

Convention and Conference

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The company has been offering conference photography services for more than 32 years. Its portfolio contains a great variety of shots that show genuine emotions and fascinate with their naturalness. Professionals of the studio use the latest shooting gear.

When the shooting is over, they import images to cloud storage, so that customers can access them whenever needed. If a client requires pictures for social media posts onsite, the studio can create a special folder. If you want, specialists can upload media files directly to your laptop.


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Professional Images Photography agency has been engaged in headshot photography since 1987. It is a leading company in this industry in San Antonio and Nationwide. The studio’s best headshot photographers will help you display your brand professionally on websites, in marketing media, business cards, and social media platforms. You can choose a natural-looking portrait or a headshot taken using professional lighting.

Photographers take into consideration all client’s needs and preferences. Before a photoshoot, photographers provide clients with recommendations concerning the right clothing, backdrop, etc. It is great that experts let you preview all the headshots onsite so that you can evaluate the results immediately.

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You need to take care of your makeup and hair beforehand if you order a corporate photo session. However, if you don’t want to take care of this part and are ready to pay an additional fee, the team has you covered. The studio provides clients with a great variety of options like candid business headshots or group images at the client’s office. You can use such pictures for marketing purposes.

Usually, headshots are ready within 5 days. However, if you need your images faster, discuss the deadline in advance. You will have a link to your online private gallery of pictures to view the material and save images in various sizes.

Exhibitor and Tradeshow

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The company’s specialists can take top-notch pictures for your design and brand. They categorize images at your booth and deliver them in real-time. As a result, your media team can create a positive brand image and attract more visitors during the Tradeshow.

Photographers can also take candid action images of the busy floor full of attendees. They walk around the entire Tradeshow floor, taking photos that will show the strong points of your brand.

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They always document visitors’ interaction with customer’s products. They will photograph the design of your booth from different perspectives, keeping your requirements in mind. If the customer’s booth engages guests in some process, the photographers will also capture these moments.


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Skilled photographers can photograph groups of people roaming the shooting location. The team knows the principles of event photography, so you always get amazing images.

The agency makes sure that all the details of your event are captured so that you will enjoy looking through images with various cute scenes after a photo session.


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Professional Images Photography agency understands how to photograph different types of products. They always work with e-commerce rules in mind.

The studio knows well how much clients put into their merchandise, so they do their best to take photos that will definitely boost sales. You can use finished images for publications in social and print media, various online catalogs, and more.

Health Care and Medical

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The agency has conducted a great variety of health care and medical photo sessions. They can document meetings from their starting point till the end. Professionals respect their client’s privacy, guaranty a high level of confidentiality, and adhere to a strict code of ethics.

Clinical photographers help medical staff monitor various clinical conditions. They can also record a planning process, x-rays, scans, and blood tests for various medical publications and educational purposes.

Onsite Printing

The company harnesses social media power to help increase brand awareness and let clients engage and interact with brands, products, and services. The agency uses professional photo printers to deliver prints of top quality.

Besides, you can order an onsite printing photography station to generate more leads at tradeshows and exhibits. Every visitor will get a printed image with your brand logo as well as some useful info like your email. While images are printed, they are also displayed in the form of a slideshow on the screen. Moreover, a customer receives a lead-generated report of all the visitors who received emails.

Editing Techniques

professional images photography before after professional images photography before after

If you are interested in editing services, don’t hesitate to address Professional Images Photography agency. Experts can improve skin texture, get rid of imperfections, make teeth brighter, get rid of stray hair, correct background, etc. They offer default classic editing style-clean edits, preserving the natural look of colors and other details.

Besides, photographers can retouch pictures based on a specific style. Most photos samples available on the website show a classic retouching technique.


company's blog

The studio runs a blog where you can find a lot of useful info – meetings and tradeshows industry news, the dates of the upcoming events, etc. Currently, the blog doesn’t contain many articles, but it is regularly updated. You can also subscribe to newsletters.

Professional Images Photography Agency on Instagram

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By checking Professional Images Photography agency’s Instagram page, you can evaluate the samples of their work, get inspired by ideas, learn more about the founder Joseph Rodriguez, and read reviews for each photo. The page has been maintained since 2012. In addition, you can leave comments and ask questions.