NeilSpeers Photography Review for Getting Inspiration

By Tata Rossi 17 days ago, Photographer

If you are in search of a profile or your business photographer, NeilSpeers photo expert is the one you need. This photo expert concentrates on producing corporative photo content, capturing the enterprise’s chiefs or events, etc. Furthermore, he also deals with the creation of branding assets, video creation, and social network promotion.

NeilSpeers Photographer: Biography

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For NeilSpeers photography was something ordinary since his childhood. His parents were into travelling and liked to share the shots and memories with their friends, drawing up the photos in the slideshow. His dad, who worked as a seismologist, was able to develop transparencies with the help of ‘dog house’ which was a movable darkroom indeed.

NeilSpeers accomplished his first paid photo shoot at the age of 16. At that time, he has already equipped a darkroom for developing photo negatives, and being even more enthusiastic, moonlighted as a photographer at different stages of his life. NeilSpeers earned his living with the help of graphic design, and due to this has learned Photoshop, which greatly contributed to his photo career.

He carried on photo shooting as a part of his job, and on weekends and evenings, he focused on wedding photography, magazine photo shooting and freelance photo shooting for commercial and corporative purposes. Soon NeilSppers realized that graphic design is of no interest to him as a main job anymore, so he took up photography professionally.

Main Genres

During his 40-year photography experience, NeilSpeers managed to work in various genres, but his performance was always connected to capturing people and communicating with them.


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Creating headshots, NeilSpeer primarily aimed at illustrating each person’s natural vitality and beauty. He considers appearance to have nothing in common with photogeneity, thus, he strived to discover every individual and catch their best perspective.

The photographer is sure that if the client is shown his shots and videos, he/she will like the video more, as he/she will look more natural and relaxed there. That’s why during his headshot photography shooting, he aspires to establish at-ease communication with the client, and avoid the ‘frozen face’ effect in the photo.

Executive Portraiture

neilspeers photography executive portraiture

Being initially a portrait photographer, NeilSpeers’ preferable shooting genre was executive portraits. They are an important part of yearly reports, brochures, banners, editorial use, and other promotion or marketing.

Chiefs’ portraits, captured by him, are different as they do not contain an unnatural severity veil, common for this genre. The expert strives to make them vibrant and compelling, unveiling a client’s uniqueness.

Event Shooting

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Event photography is the photographer’s second main speciation. He can be invited as an event photographer, which are held in Calgary, as well as other Canadian cities. NeilSpeers’ portfolio contains plenty of trade shows shots, award ceremonies, corporate events, conferences and presentations. He also captures dinners and other parties, including Christmas.

Taking photos of the occasions, NeilSpeers tries to diversify the photos as much as possible. Thus, the photo report will include close-up participants’ photos, full body shots, and group photos.


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NeilSpeers is also commonly known as a commercial photographer, especially industrial photographer. He captures different industrial processes, equipment, on-machines work etc. Besides, his portfolio also contains a lot of product photography for various areas. So, the photographer’s job is not only limited to industrial shootings, and the clients can invite him as a commercial photographer for totally different companies.

Music & Entertainment

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Capturing musicians, actors and other creative people is NeilSpeers’ passion. He shoots concerts and makes creative portfolios, album covers, posters, and marketing materials photos.

He likes to use dark shades in this genre, opting for black-and-white photos. He frequently blurs the background to focus on the artist’s identity.

Real Estate & Interior

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The two genres NeilSpeers also specializes in is real estate and interior photography. He shoots real estate for magazines, catalogs, and designers/builders/architects, and other sphere-related experts’ portfolios. This is not the genre this photographer is associated with, but he always considers the client’s requirements and performs his work at the highest level, complying with the genre’s standards.

Editing Features

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NeilSpeers adheres to the principles of naturalness while post-enhancing the photos. Since he mainly captures further-use business content, the shots are to look natural, be of high resolution and free from unnecessary decor.

neilspeers photography face retouching

As a rule, portraits are taken using a neutral or plain background. During the editing, a photographer blurs the background in a way that the client could use the photo in any area required.

NeilSpeers pays special attention to the skin and hair. At the same time, he preserves the textures, shades and even slight wrinkles. He tries to preserve the maximum naturalness of the face and is against a perfect mask editing of the face in Photoshop.

neilspeers photography hair retouching

Nevertheless, he takes retouching hair process more thoroughly and rigorously. In his photos, you can see a considerable hair retouch, where no odd hair is visible, and the hairstyle in general looks perfect.

neilspeers photography black and white

NeilSpeers frequently applies black-and-white editing. His standpoint is based on revealing and unleashing model’s personality, so he reckons that a black-and-white photo is able to fully show the person’s character. In photos like that he uses only slight face retouch, removing just the explicit defects and keeping the naturalness.

neilspeers photography musicians

Talking about the editing for musicians and other performers, NeilSpeers prefers a thorough color correction. All his analog shots are made in brown-gray-dark shades to add dramatism.

Apart from photography, NeilSpeers also performs other work, creating various projects for his clients.

Graphic Design

neilspeers photography graphic design

As a former graphic designer, NeilSpeers from time to time creates the materials for his clients as well. They are mainly diverse types of graphic design, completed employing his shots. Yes, the clients frequently order various posters, banners, advertisement leaflets, and music album covers for their events, as well as other business materials.


He cooperates with Calgary Audio Visual for producing high-end, professional videos and live-streaming events, press conferences, etc.

Social Media

NeilSpeers also deals with social media development for his clients. He can assist you with outlining a general strategy, creating an account on the chosen platforms, managing highly demanded Facebook ads, setting up a system for them to optimize their posts time by arranging all posts to go out over a week in one session, and can also run the clients’ social media platforms for them.

WordPress Site Development

Additionally, NeilSpeers also specializes in plain WordPress-based websites development. When the client already has photos and texts, it will take a photographer a couple of days to design the website.

The price for a basic WordPress site developing and setting for the client to work with is about $500, not including URL and the account’s hosting. He can also offer his recommendations in case the clients still do not have them, as well as produce all the content required.