Jen Strogatz Photography Review

By Tata Rossi 3 days ago, Photographer

Jen Strogatz is a portrait photographer who creates vibrant, engaging, and energetic images with a bright and bold color palette. Jen Strogatz photography is known for a diverse imagery that conveys a sense of dynamism.

Jen lives mainly in Philadelphia and sometimes in South Florida, but she is always ready to travel.

About Jen Strogatz

jen strogatz profile photo

Jen Strogatz is a photographer and visual storyteller that specializes in event, music, and portrait photography.

Jen quickly finds common ground with other people. Her love of photography stems from a desire to capture the beauty of the world around her. Every Jen Strogatz photo becomes an honest portrayal of everyday life.

Main Genres

jen strogatz photography

Besides being a talented photographer, Jen provides videography services. She is also the creative director and founder of The Philadelphia Globe that develops strategies for promoting culture at the local, regional and national levels.

Each of her photo sessions is truly unique, and she always discusses everything with her clients beforehand. During a shooting, Jen will guide you to help you assume model poses.


jen strogatz portrait

It is one of the most popular genres of photography. As a professional portrait photographer, Jen Strogatz knows how to capture the personality and emotions of people around her.

If you need beautiful portraits of your family or attractive images to promote your business, make sure to order Jen Strogatz photo services. She takes award-winning photographs and always keeps the needs of her clients in mind. Plus, you can order professional photo improvement services to ensure that your photos will meet industry standards.

portrait retouching service portrait retouching service

Whether a photoshoot takes place outdoors, at home, in the office or studio, each Jen Strogatz photo emphasizes the best qualities of a model. Jen always suggests the most winning portrait photography poses that help her convey particular ideas and emotions.


jen strogatz family

Jen Strogatz believes that family is everything to us. She can create a beautiful portrait that you will remember for years to come. Jen has been taking family photos for a long time, so she knows how to create unique portraits.

Since she specializes in family photography, you can ask her to take photos of your children or parents. She will help you complement your outfits with various props and accessories. You can choose the photo shooting location that suits you best.

jen strogatz family photoshoot

Many families want to find a professional photographer who can capture the best moments that they share with their close ones. Jen knows how to implement the most interesting family photo ideas. People want to look natural in a photo, show their feelings and emotions. Thanks to her friendliness, the photographer quickly finds a common language with her clients.

Family photo sessions will no longer make you anxious and stressed. Jen gets along with children well and knows how to make them happy.


jen strogatz music

Every artist should have a portfolio since it is very important to leave a good first impression of yourself and your work.

If you are short on time and do not know where to start, contact Jen Strogatz. She will help you find a music photographer that suits your needs and budget. Jen Strogatz is a professional photographer who uses a wide range of band photography ideas. She will take care of the key elements of your musical photography project, such as a concept, location, lighting, and post-production.


jen strogatz event

Since the advent of photography, people wanted to capture the best moments of their lives. Thanks to technological advances over the past decade, there are more opportunities than ever to document any event.

Each event allows the photographer to take unique images by experimenting with various techniques. She knows how to implement the best event photography ideas while staying within your budget. After all, our memories and impressions are the most important, so don’t let your guests leave without taking part in the photoshoot.

jen strogatz event photoshoot

Jen Strogatz sends photos to her clients pretty quickly. Thanks to it, you will be able to share them with your colleagues shortly after the event.

Jen Strogatz Music Video Production

Besides taking stunning photos, Jen can create and direct a music video. Besides, she provides post-production, animation, and green screen services.

Jen implements various music video ideas to create clips and album promos that can grab the attention of your target audience.

For artists and music bands, a music video is a key part of their brand. Jen Strogatz provides music video production services for music professionals that work in different music genres.

Jen Strogatz Instagram

In addition to the impressive Jen Strogatz photography portfolio on the official website, you can also check out her works on her personal Instagram page. There, Jen shares her photos and tells her followers about her projects. Besides, she shares personal photos and stories about her travels.

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