Eden Bao Photographer: Bio & Style

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Eden Bao photographer is a trend-setting expert in maternity, newborn, and family photography. She has found Eden Bao Photography in Bellingham, Washington but offers her services across the country. She is known for her amazing mixtures of classy, contemporary, and fine art styles.

In addition to taking photos, Eden Bao likes sharing her knowledge at various international events. If you want to preserve special moments of your life forever, you can fully rely on this specialist.

Eden Bao: Biography

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Eden Bao got interested in photography professionally in 2011. She was impressed by the genuine beauty of pregnant women and the miracle of the birth of a new human, so she focused on those genres. A bit later she also started to take group family pictures.

Eden is really fond of her occupation and constantly hones her skills to provide Eden Bao photography services of top quality. She holds a Master Photographer in Portrait (MPP) designation with the Master Photographers International as well as a Bachelor of Business Administration.

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Moreover, she received Advanced Communicator Bronze recognition at Toastmasters International.

Eden enjoys partnering with colleagues, as well as holding workshops throughout the USA, Canada, and Brazil. She passionately talks about her insights as a photographer, shares some business-running secrets, as well as motivates beginners to pursue their dreams.

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Thanks to her educational background and an inborn talent for public speaking. Eden got a position as an instructor at the Professional Photographers of America, 2019 Newborn Retreat, MPIO‘s International Masters Academy, and a speaker at ImagingUSA 2020, Click Away Co.

Though she resides in Bellingham, she never passes up a chance to partake in maternity and newborn photography sessions across Whatcom County and even beyond it. She has visited a huge number of places in America, including Skagit, Snohomish, and King Counties to name a few, and took emotional, inspiring, and captivating photos of thousands of clients.

Main Styles

Eden Bao is truly fond of melding photoshoot themes and thinking outside the box. She loves photographing mothers-to-be, newborns and older kids, as well as large families together. But she also practices others genres to develop her skills.

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She mainly uses her Nikon photography camera for photoshoots. Eden has a well-assembled studio lighting kit for indoor photo sessions and complements her gear with a camera flash for outdoor shootings on gloomy days.


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If you are looking for a talented American engagement photographer, who can capture all the important moments of your special day, you should definitely reach out to Eden Bao photographer.

She always encourages couples to behave naturally, take relaxed poses, and simply enjoy spending time together. She always scouts the place to find picture-perfect photography locations that can add to the love story captured.

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Eden seems to never run out of interesting couple photo ideas for engagements, wedding ceremonies, and anniversaries. You can see how she brings them to life by browsing through her portfolio.


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Eden Bao is named the 6th best maternity photographer in the Top Teny list. She knows how to show the tenderness and beauty of a pregnant woman, as well as highlight the unique traits of every model.

Her approach to maternity photography circles around comfort and a relaxed atmosphere.

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When photographing future mothers, she opts for soft colors and natural lighting. Eden usually focuses on the mother’s belly and the delicate connection between a woman and her baby. She likes adding natural elements to the frame, e.g., flowers.


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There are lots of different methods to take newborn images but Eden Bao prefers artistic and creative photography. She does her best to create an environment that is not only beautiful but absolutely safe and convenient for a baby.

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While choosing backgrounds and props, Eden favors soft and muted colors, as well as natural lighting for a peaceful mood. All props are made of non-toxic materials and are selected to complement newborn photo ideas for girls & boys she and parents decided on.

Her other interest is lifestyle photography. She uses this genre to depict an inextricable connection between a newborn and his/her parents.


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Working with babies isn’t that easy but Eden Bao does all possible to set all people involved in the process in a proper mood. She usually motivates parents to interact with a baby in a natural way and captures these moments like being a third-party observer.

In addition to standard photo sessions, she is also ready to document special milestone moments. This can be the baby’s first smiles, first steps, and first birthday.

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Eden always listens to her clients’ requirements very attentively and comes up with children photos ideas that coincide with them. To understand how she approaches baby photo sessions, you can check out her portfolio.


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Family portrait photography is closely connected with newborn and maternity shooting, so no wonder Eden Bao specializes in this genre as well.

She doesn’t stick to the one-size-fits-all method when it comes to photographing families. She tries to understand their personalities first and then chooses suitable concepts.

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As for family photo ideas, Eden opts for those that allow models to show their genuine nature and interact with one another in the most enjoyable way.

She believes that a family photographer has a very responsible mission – to capture all spectrum of emotions and feelings that family members experience while being together.


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As a headshot photographer, Eden Bao strives to take images that show a unique personality of a model without involving any props. The focus is on the person’s face.

She uses powerful studio lighting equipment and stimulates models to try different business and corporate headshot poses till she sees the one that matches a person’s current mood.

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Her headshot photography can be characterized as modern and polished. She likes uncluttered backgrounds and natural scenes. In fact, she also takes environmental headshots, which involve capturing a person in his/her natural working environment.

Editing Features

When a photo session is over, Eden Bao photographer doesn’t send images to an outsource photo processing service but performs all the needed tweaks herself. She is very good at using Photoshop and other professional software. 

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When editing pictures, she steers clear of excess changes. She believes that every shot is beautiful as it is, so she makes just slight corrections aimed at highlighting the beauty of models. Usually, she carefully adjusts colors, contrasts, and tones.

To maintain consistency across images from one photo session, this famous photographer meticulously analyzes the frame and details. Though it is a time-consuming process, the result is worth her effort.

Social Media Networks

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Eden Bao is a very convivial person and she actively runs her social media profiles. You can subscribe to her feed on Instagram and Facebook, as well as her YouTube channel.

She frequently shares new photos, describes her favorite locations, and sheds light on interesting shooting tricks. If you find yourself in a creative run, you should definitely open Eden’s account on Pinterest.