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Lightroom Presets for Product Photography

Standart License ........ $35

Product Photography Presets

    • Adobe Lightroom 5.2 and higher
    • Unlimited Number of Projects
    • Windows and Mac
    • RAW and JPEG
    • FREE BONUS - B&W Essential Presets
  • Comercial Use40
  • Size42 Kb
  • Downloads176
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FixThePhoto Product Lightroom Presets Include:

40 Product Lightroom Presets: Clean White, Contrast, Clarity, Exposure+, Exposure++, Exposure+++, Noise, Stylish, Reduce Yellow Cast, Reduce Blue Cast, Whitening, Reduce Highlight, Reduce Green Cast, Brighten Soft, Brighten Medium, Brighten Hard, Sharpening I, Sharpening II, Sharpening III, Sharpening IV, Cold Blue, White Contrast, Soft Correction, Colorful, HDR Soft, HDR Medium, HDR Hard, Soft Smooth, Vibrance I, Vibrance II, Vibrance III, Blacks, Tonning I, Tonning II, Details Monochrome, Deep Blue, Deep Green, Deep Orange, Matte.

FixThePhoto B&W Lightroom Presets Include:

70 Professional Lightroom Presets: Soft contrast, Hard grains (for dark), Simple soft for dark), Simple soft (for light), Soft grains (for light), B&W matte grains (for light), Matte grains (for dark), Simple soft vignette (for light), Simple film, Simple B&W (for light), Simple grains, Simple soft, Simple contrast, Grains hard, Grains vignette, Soft film, Hard film, White vignette Contrast hard, Contrast medium, Contrast soft, Soft contrast vignette, Cold soft, Cold medium, Cold hard, Simple B&W (for dark), Simple hard (for dark), Simple B&W 2 (for light), Warm B&W (for light), Vignette B&W (for light, POP B&W, Medium contrast (for dark), Warm grains, Contrast B&W (for dark), Matte B&W (for light), Medium light, Dark blue, Simple B&W (for light), Simple grains, Matte_I, Matte_II, Matte_III, Soft contrast, Med contrast, Hard contrast, Sharpens_I, Sharpens_II, Sharpens_III, Soft skin, Warm shadows,  Nature, Med Contrast, Light shine, Simple Soft, Sharpens soft, Contrast_I, Contrast_II, Contrast_III, Vignette_I, Vignette_II, Vignette_III, Vignette_IV, Blue shadows, Matte effect, Classic, Simple B&W 3 (for dark), B&W matte (for light), Soft contrast, Warm effect (for dark), Warm effect (for light).

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