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Thanksgiving day family photos

Thanksgiving Day: 5 Tips to Shoot Great Family Photos

Photo by Kevin Dooley

Raise your holiday pictures to the high level!

26 November gives a fresh start for each photographer to collect wonderful winter-holiday pictures. A fragrant smell of the feasted turkey, passionate disputes about sport and opening of the Christmas shopping season means time to say `thank you` to your family and close friends. If you are going to create emotion-evoking and fascinating images, use our advices to capture Thanksgiving Day 2015 throughout the day with your digital camera.

Advice №1


Before you begin, write down a list of the important scenes you`d like to take a photo of. Do not forget to recharge your camera and to clean your favorite lenses. Scan the location paying attention to the details. Work the lighting: turn on all lights as you have and pull back curtains. Test all lighting conditions before taking photos of your family to be sure that you will make great ones.

Advice №2


Photographing food is a trend now because of the ability to share with it on Instagram. To make your holiday turkey shot mouth watering you should work hard. As soon as this yummy bird comes out of the oven, focus on just one part of the dish to highlight the different elements on it. Your aim is to make a realistic affect to have everybody want such dish on his Thanksgiving table.

Photo by Kevin Dooley

Thanksgiving Table - Photo by Kevin Dooley

Advice №3


To succeed in taking perfect formal groups images is simple even if you do not have your own pro-photo studio. The head step is arranging things in correct order. Also use holiday decorations, take advantages of your environment and look at wide aperture (like f/2 or f/2.8 to sufficiently reduce the depth of field). Don`t forget that each face on the shot should look its best, so take many pictures everybody smile and be happy.

Advice №4


Sincere photos are where the fun is. Children are Thanksgiving centers, keep the zoom lens on, with a wide aperture and fast ISO (400 is really a good bet for low-light shooting) to catch the action (such as smile and surprise) as it appears; make creative angles to show a startling composition. Take unexpected shots of your family which according to any experience are turned to be the best ones.

Advice №5


Every Thanksgiving Day has to include several pictures of the whole family, some memorable shots to keep this day forever in mind. If you also want to be on the photo use a tripod and the auto-timer to get the composition you want. Moreover, the hot Thanksgiving dish should be in the centerpiece, avoid using a flash, natural light will be your key to success. The last secret to create a dream-like family portrait is using a built-in high dynamic range mode.

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26 November is a big USA holiday gathering each family member and friend at one table. It is a high time to make a unique image. You can take many technical equipment which help but all you need is you and your camera.

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