Adobe Muse vs WordPress: What Website Builder to Choose

Adobe Muse vs WordPress: What Website Builder to Choose

Adobe Muse vs WordPress is a worldwide battle among immense numbers of users busy with website creation. These programs both support the installation of external items like plug-ins or templates and have everything needed for building a decent website.

Adobe Muse has more to offer for the designer end of website creation, keeping more to the basics of the technical part of this process.

Alternatively, WordPress was mainly equipped for further work with the content of the page, and you need to set your hosting prior. It offers more technical tools for shaping your page.

What Is Adobe Muse?

adobe muse logoMuse is positioned as web-designing software and supported by any OS. It is a great tool for professionals who prefer going about the tasks of website creation in a code-free manner.
Being an Adobe creation, it offers everything needed for a high level of work and a functional outcome. It is also a great platform for those who work in a team where each carries out designated parts of the shared project.
  • adobe muse interface
  • adobe muse interface

    Adobe Muse: Advantages and Disadvantages

    icon Wide design possibilities. The main Adobe Muse vs WordPress difference is that the former poses absolutely no limit on your creative part, giving you all the imaginable designer instruments. Any page elements can be added here, starting from simple buttons and finishing with complicated sliders or fill-in forms, and then adjusted to your liking.

    icon Working with ready-made templates. Beginners love this part because such ready-made solutions look professional and allow launching the web page much faster. There is an abundance of free templates on the Internet, and a bit of search with a few added changes can give you a pretty unique and recognizable design.

    icon The ability to integrate third-party tools.. If your work with a website includes somewhat complicated features like sales and discounts or the integration of whole third-party systems like CRM and accounting, then this is just the right program for you.

    icon Customer support. Both Muse and WordPress are popular programs that now have whole supporting networks in the shape of tutorial series, forum threads, FAQ sections. However, a small difference here is that the Adobe product is no longer officially supported so you can only rely on what information is already there without the guidance of tech support members.

    icon You can’t create a full-fledged store. Only a small one with limited functionality and even then with the help of third-party widgets. You can install plug-ins, widget sets, etc. But all this will significantly exacerbate the already complicated interface. The program is suitable only for creating business cards and landing pages.

    icon No Adobe Muse updates. The development of this software was discontinued by the company. On March 26, 2018, the last functionality update was released. Product technical support ended in March as well.

    What Is WordPress?

    wordpress logoBeing a design software as well, WordPress runs on PHP and is connected to the databases. However, you can say that this program is more wired for content management to allow customers to add and update content easily.
    Being a CMS usually means operating on pre-built templates. For that, you can explore the integrated store that contains an inexhaustible supply of free designs. For instance, it is a great website builder for photographers, and being capable of handling such content-heavy work gives the program much credit for sure.
    • wordpress interface
    • wordpress interface

      WordPress: Strengths and Weaknesses

      icon The convenience of use. All the Adobe Muse WordPress reviews will tell you one thing, both programs are well thought-through and easy to use. The latter is supported by nearly all hosting services, and just one click will be enough to have it deployed. You can always do it old-style and download the installation pack from the official page.

      icon User-friendly CMS. Despite being a professional tool, it is so beautifully organized that even people with little experience can soon find their way through any section. Originating from blogging, the program developed an in-depth system of content management that lets admins shuffle content and add new bits of it to the website with perfection and ease.

      icon Plug-ins. With overwhelming 54,000 plug-ins that are, in addition, mostly in free access, there is nothing you can’t do. It is much easier to find a plugin for the specific thing you want to introduce to your website than compile it on your own.

      icon SEO. There is an immense number of plug-ins specifically for organizing your content and supplying it with such important bits like meta tags, keywords, etc.

      icon Not for large online stores. The big difference between Adobe Muse and WordPress is that the latter can’t handle creating an online store. Its functionality is inferior even to the somewhat basic Bitrix. If you have an online store with a fairly large catalog containing 2k or more cards, you need to estimate the labor intensity for its development.

      icon Lack of backups. You cannot make backups from the standard solution. If you need to transfer a site or just make a copy, you will first have to install the appropriate plug-in or obtain access to the hosting and its tools.

      WordPress vs Adobe Muse: Price

      adobe muse vs dreamweaver prices

      Comparing the two programs adequately is complicated by the fact that Muse is no longer supported by the developer.

      WordPress is entirely free software, and beginners are ecstatic about this fact. As you go deeper into the website creation job, it becomes much harder to be content with the free tools so you start considering the subscription options:

      Adobe Muse has long been a part of the Creative Cloud suite and thus had to be paid for, either in a bundle or as a separate pack. You could start with a month of free use to see if you like the program. The frugal users know there are great Adobe discounts available from time to time so a bit of extra attention to that can save you a pretty penny.

      WordPress vs Adobe Muse – Who Wins?

      In conclusion, the winner of the Adobe Muse vs WordPress battle is always defined by a user as both programs are excellent for particular work but lacking in certain other aspects.

      For a landing page, any program will do just fine, but Muse is generally preferred for in-depth design elaboration while WordPress is perfect for digging into those tech features of website building like parameters or lines of code. The latter can also be equipped to do various side tasks with more precision and depth when you activate relevant plug-ins so the opportunities become even wider. For an individual website owner, this program is winning hands down.

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