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Photo Retouching Examples

Click on the Before and After examples below to see some of our recent retouching work. Professional photographers all around the World trust us and send their photos for post production photography services by our highly skilled Photoshop retouchers.


Pro Examples:US $5.00 per picture

High End Examples:US $10.00 per picture

Photo Manipulations & Restorations Examples:US $25.00 per picture

Photo Retouching Levels

As you can see from the Before – After retouching examples, we offer high quality photo editing services and every image is retouched according to the customer’s style and requirements. The retouching examples are organized according to the retouching rates we offer.

Basic Retouching Level

Within this package your photos will be retouched with color correction, white balance, exposition, and contrast adjustment; basic skin airbrushing, teeth whitening, red eyes and stray hair removal for just $2 per photo. View Basic retouching examples.

Pro Retouching Level

Ordering this level of photo editing you will get more detailed post processing: skin and body retouching, braces and eyeglass glare removal, color correction and background enhancement for just $5 per photo. View Pro retouching examples.

High End Retouching Level

This retouching level is most often order by professional photographers who want their personal style to be followed with extra attention to each detail. As a result, our retoucher will perform High End skin and body retouching, color correction, background correction and can apply HDR effects to your photo for just $10 per photo. View High End retouching examples.

Extra Retouching Level

If you need skin and body retouching with professional background manipulations, select this retouching. Our retouchers can replace or flip the background, add shadows, merge photos, add / delete elements or swap a head for $10 per photo. View Extra retouching examples.

Digital Photo Manipulation and Restoration

This level is a combination of artistic Pro Retouching and Extra Retouching background manipulation. Cost of photo montage work is from $25 per image. View Photo montage examples.

Our experienced photo editors can restore old or damaged photos, this work costs from $25 per image. Please note, we work with professional photographers from all around the world and each client has his own style and requirements for color correction, contrast adjustment, level of retouching and blurring. If you would like our retoucher to follow your style, please send us an example of your retouched images as a Reference file when making your order.

Privacy Statement: We DO NOT publish images of our clients on our website or social networks accounts without their personal permission.