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Which image requirements have online marketplaces as eBay and Amazon?

If you are familiar with online shopping websites, you must know that the image look is the first step to successful marketing. Care about the appealing look of the product image. You can ask professional photographer to take the photos of your items, who does it on high level, using professional equipment. Alternatively, you shoot the photo products yourself with you own camera. Anyway, the images are not ready to be uploaded on the website. Outsource your images to product photo retouching services to edit your shot with website image requirements. The online background removal service is the swift way to desirable shot. Such marketplaces have a list of image guidelines, which you should follow. Let’s observe them.

Amazon and eBay are the largest online shopping websites. Mostly these websites offer selections of books, electronics, furniture, clothes, and music. The users can buy or sell their goods. If you would like to post your item on the website, you must follow the website image requirements firstly. 

Amazon website notices that the product image should depict only the object for sale, with minimal or no propping. The background should be pure white that the item contrasts with it. The image should depict the actual product without any props and logos that can confuse the client. The object on the photo should consume 85% of the shot and be of high quality with adjusted clarity and shadows. It should also have appropriate file form to be uploaded. 

eBay website has almost the same image requirements. But the water mark on the image is available there. It should be not a marketing purpose, but as specific details. The photo should not have borders or any other elements, except the item. 

The time of shops and supermarket is in past, today we buy more and more on online shopping websites. Only one click and you have your image. If you are an owner of the online shopping website, you must remember the product photo is everything for the customer. The image should be attention-grabbing look, that customer wants to buy the product, without doubts. The product background removal is half of the product photo editing, the other includes various e-commerce photography editing services, as jewellery retouching services, baby photo retouching, real estate photo editing, clothes retouching and others.

Background replacement

Which remove background services help you to get iconic background?

Remove the background

It is not easy to capture the photo with perfect background from the first time. The background makes loose the focus of the item on the image. That’s why the remove background service is used. The photo editor has to know how to remove background and change background. It is one of the main techniques of photo background retouching. The photographers, who take product images, often want for professional photo background editing online, as it takes amount of time. It is difficult for photo retouchers sometimes to remove the background, if the object is taken against vibrant background. So, it is recommended to take products photos against not garish, but soft background color. It makes easier for photo editors to remove white background online and change background. The product background removal is base for product photo enhancement. The background removal service includes placing image in perfect background, enhancement of the whole image and removing unwanted elements from the shot.


The masking is process of taking the object from its previous background, while the image remains untouched. The retouchers also use it to remove any unwanted part of the shot. If you want, your photo has different background, outsource your photo masking services. Mostly, the masking services are used to replace the complicated things, as hair, from one background to another. These techniques will make your photo livelier and natural. The masking services are popular among graphic designer and professional photographers.

Clipping path 

Clipping path is very popular service among photographers. Imagine that you have an awesome photo. But you need to remove the object on the photo to the magazine cover or advertising. You just outline the object and put it on the desirable background. The clipping path is done mostly with Photoshop. It can be single clipping path, when we have only one image to remove, and multiple clipping path for removing a few objects, what is more complicated. The clipping path service is used by the customers, who work on catalogs and advertisements for the products. In many cases, it is not enough to use only clipping path service, it should be mixed with other photo editing services, as headshot retouching, photo manipulation services, photo post production services etc.

Cast shadow and reflection

Some online shopping websites prefer to add reflection or cast shadow to their product image, as find it as an attention-getting trick. The adding of shadows to the product shots can advance your catalog to the higher level. The photo editors offer three types of shadows: natural shadows, reflection shadows and drop shadows. The natural shadows are easy shadows option, when reflection shadows give glamour effect, especially to clothes and accessories images. The photo editors remove image background online and add shadows. The white photo background suits better, as you know.

Extra retouching example - full background change

 How to remove the background easily? 

Sometimes we do not have opportunity to capture product photo on the white, clear background, so we have to use background cleaning. The background cleaning techniques include the removing of all unwanted elements from the background and leave only the item, or online remove photo background entirely. Then the photo editor enhances the item and put the item on the white photo background or transparent one. It is very important part of photo background removal services. It improves the look of any selling item.        

The background removal service is a long way of photo enhancement, which takes hours of time. We recommend you to use outsource photo retouching and pass your shots in hands of professionals. Our photo editing company provides photo retouching services, and online remove photo background is not the exception. We offers such photo editing services, as professional portrait editing, wedding photography post production, old photo restoration services, family photo editing online, post processing services for photographers and many others. You will be pleased with cheap photo editing and highly-appreciate result. In addition, our retouching blog provides essential information with photography tips for professional photographers. Send us your photos, and you will be not mistaken. 

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