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Free Photoshop Sketch Action

Apply this Free Photoshop sketch Actions to your photos and make them look stylish easy and fast. It has never been so easy to create a pencil sketch drawing effect in Photoshop. Now it is possible to turn your images into amazing and advanced sketches in several clicks. Just download, install the action, and then click the Play button. You can customize every sketch Photoshop action according to your individual photographic style and lighting. 

You can try to create the sketch effect on your on following a step by step instruction. But we assure you that this Pencil Sketch Photoshop Action Bundle is created by professionals to simplify this process for you. These actions are easy to use and you will definitely achieve an excellent result. Regardless of your photography experience, this Photoshop plug-in will allow you to shorten your image editing workflow and receive a sketch effect by performing simple photo manipulations. 

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Pencil Sketch Photoshop Action Free:





Sketch Action Photoshop Free

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Free Sketch Action Photoshop

Sketch Photoshop Action #1 "Drawing"


Ps Action’s Group:

  • Sketch Photoshop Action


  •  Apply this Photoshop action to all kinds of images. It works especially great with portrait, street and landscape photography.

The file includes the pencil sketch Photoshop action and paint pattern, which allow you to convert your photo into a stylish drawing. Using this plug-in, you will receive a realistic drawing effect with genuine line and shading.

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Photoshop Sketch Effect Action #2 "Pen"


Ps Action’s Group:

  • Pencil Sketch Photoshop Action


  •  Apply this plug-in to high-resolution photos with good lighting to achieve the best results.

Some artists are so gifted that they can create impressive pictures with pens! Now it is possible to do the same with this remarkable free Photoshop sketch action. The brush is also included.


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Photoshop Sketch Action #3 "Pencil"


Ps Action’s Group:

  • Photoshop Sketch Actions


  •  After making a picture look like a drawing, you will receive a well-structured file with well-organized folders and fully editable multiple layers. You can change the settings later to enhance your photos.

This Photoshop pencil sketch action with a brush imitates a beautiful pencil drawing effect giving a unique atmosphere to your photographs. Turn a photo into a pencil drawing with several clicks and receive impressive results.


How to Install Ps Actions

If you use Photoshop actions for the first time, look through our step-by-step tutorials about How to Install Photoshop Actions and How to Install Photoshop Brushes on Mac or Windows in several clicks. 

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