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High End Retouching Job

If you are a proficient photographer and a great professional retoucher, who is willing to perform high end retouching job, then you are a real catch for the professional photo editing service FixThePhoto. In addition to the comfortable conditions of work, this company offers you great opportunities to prove yourself and gain some experience.

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What is High End Photo Retouching?

High end photo retouching is a professional photo post processing which is used not only for removing some defects but also to make a photo look more effective and natural, what is really important. The difference between high end photo retouching and basic photo retouching lies primarily in the methods of picture post processing and the amount of time spent on it. High end retouching takes a lot of time, and it should be done carefully and painstakingly. As a result, retouchers get a very realistic picture, and it seems like everything was exactly the same while shooting.

High End Photo Retouching Can Consist of Two Parts:

  • • detailed photo retouching, which presupposes using various techniques and tools in Photoshop and enhancing the quality of the picture in general;
  • • removing visible defects, adjusting the body, skin, clothes and so on.

A photo retouching service FixThePhoto is really useful and helpful when you need to get the best of an ordinary picture. That’s why the company is looking for a professional retoucher, who would be able to show the creativity, experience, and deep knowledge of the craft. If you believe that you possess all these qualities, feel free to send your resume right now.

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High End Photo Retouching Services

You may be a professional photographer with a great number of orders, and you also may be good at high end retouching, but would like to save your time and rely on a professional service to do an excellent high end retouching job? FixThePhoto company will cooperate gladly with every client. Even if you have just started your career as a photographer, and you are not very good at retouching yet, you can fully rely on this service. It will help you to change your photos into a real magazine cover.

FixThePhoto has been providing its high end retouching services since 2003, and it has gained the reputation of an effective and a reliable company. Real professionals and masters of their craft ensure high-quality results and individual approach to every customer. They know practically every existing photo retouching technique and follow all the present-day editing methods. All the workers have a perfect command of Photoshop, as each of them took Photoshop courses and studied photo manipulation services at universities.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the pay for photo editing, which is rather high and competitive. Experience, desire to work and timely fulfillment of the regular tasks are appreciated in our company.

Our Clients Use High End Ohoto Retouching Services When They Need:

  • • photo color correction;
  • • improvement of the body and the skin;
  • • hair retouching;
  • • background removal.

FixThePhoto service helps every client to realize his/her desires and goals. “How much does retouching cost?” you may ask. You may be absolutely sure, that the prices for high end photography are lower than medium. This service will provide you with any level of photo editing you need: Basic, Pro, and Extra. Besides, you can look through the examples of photo high end retouching and choose any you like. You will be definitely pleased by the results.

Why High End Retouching Job at FixThePhoto?

FixThePhoto provides services for everyone starting with people who just want their photo to look better and ending with big e-commerce organizations, which place orders with thousands of photos that will be published in magazines, newspapers or online stores. The team of this company consists of professional retouchers and editors, which are in love with their work. The high quality is their main goal, so they try to find the personal approach to every client and set up close and productive cooperation.

If you are a creative person and an experienced high end retoucher, who wants to join the team of professionals, don’t waste your time and send us your resume. We will be glad to receive your portfolio if you want to prove yourself and work in the developing company, where all your efforts will be deservedly rewarded.

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High End Retouching Job Requirements

  • • Bachelor’s degree in any photography related field;
  • • Deep knowledge of Photoshop and Adobe Bridge;
  • • Keen eye on details;
  • • Photo editing experience;
  • • Ability to satisfy the needs of the most vagarious customers;
  • • Readiness to keep the deadline;
  • • Working experience in a Mac-based environment;
  • • Self-organization skills;
  • • Willingness to learn;
  • • Ability to make fast decisions.

We are looking for a person who is ready to generate new ideas and work for the general company development. That one, who is ready to cope with different challenges and be a role model for other employees. We are ready to cooperate with any person, regardless of the age, sex, race, skin color, physical disability, national origin and so on.

High End Retouching Job Responsibilities

  • • deep photo retouching;
  • • extra details removal;
  • • color correction;
  • • adjustment of body, skin, and clothes;
  • • working with a large number of daily assets;

FixThePhoto Service Suggests

  • • generous salary;
  • • constant tasks;
  • • medical benefits;
  • • professional development.

Bonus Points for

  • • An e-commerce business working experience;
  • • several years of asset management experience.

What do You Need to Send a Resume?

In addition to the information in your resume and the portfolio, you will have to do the test task. You have to show your own Before & After examples. You may choose your own photo as well as download our free RAW photos in order to experiment and show your high end retouching skills. You can send your task, clicking on the button Sign Up. Remember, that the more quality your work is, the more chances you have to get this job.

High End Before and After Examples

In order to understand what we require, please, look at these Before & After examples, done by our retouchers. This is the level we want you to show. Send us your own works like in the examples. We appreciate the photographs in high resolutions, RAW image, and the edited photo.

Video Tutorials about High End Photo Editing

If you want, you can learn more about adjusting the realistic high end retouching in the photos, watching our video tutorials and improving your skills.

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Photo Retouching Blog

You also have an opportunity to learn all the news and become a part of the FixThePhoto team, following our blog. Here you will find the information about the trending photography, photo retouching tips and techniques, different reviews and many other interesting things.


Photo Retouching Freebies

To achieve great results in high end photo retouching, you can download the following freebies. All you have to do is to write your email and get different presets, actions, overlays and so on in 2 minutes.

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