Top 15 Clipping Path Services

Top 15 Clipping Path Services

Are you looking for professional clipping path services to outsource your image retouch, but there are so many product photo retouching services and you can’t choose? To make it easy for you, I’ve sent my shoe image to 15 different clipping path service providers that offer clipping path and image masking services. In this article, I’m going to choose the best one among them judging by the quality of the delivered result and how accurately it met my demands.

Clipping Path Services Review

unedited product photo

My raw and unedited product photo

I’ve sent my photograph of female trainers to 15 different companies that offer clipping path services. My requirements were the following:

  • Remove all lightbox elements
  • Place the image on a white background
  • Add a drop shadow Photoshop effect
  • Perform color correction

By color correction, I mean adding more vibrancy and contrast while retouching photos since it will later be used for advertising and has to look as appealing as possible.

1. FixThePhoto

image clipping path before and after photo
image clipping path before and after photo

Photo edited by FixThePhoto clipping path service

image clipping path before and after photo

FixThePhoto is a rather unusual company for this list since usually services offering quality clipping path services specialize in this type of image retouching only. Meanwhile, FixThePhoto is a master of all professional photo retouching services including portrait, wedding, real estate, and product image retouching. Their website even has a shop with Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets for product photography as well.

I felt confident when I sent them my photo and immediately received a response from a manager who was surprised that I’d sent them only one image. However, once he understood that I wasn’t a typical client, he accepted my order and forwarded it to their retouchers. I got the edited image in half a day. It cost me $2 since I’ve used all their services, but you can reduce the price not ordering color correction, shadowing, or Photoshop retouching.

I’ve placed them on top of the list of retouching services for professional photographers since I think it’s perfect concerning everything. The color correction is very natural, representing the perfect balance between high-contrast and bleak. The shadows were added professionally with a soft and fluid transition. They even attached a version with a transparent background as a bonus. I’m extremely pleased with FixThePhoto’s work.

2. WeEdit Photos

image clipping path before and after photo
image clipping path before and after photo

Photo edited by clipping path service

image clipping path before and after photo

WeEdit Photos positions itself as a service that primarily works with portraiture and wedding photographs since that’s the majority of the pictures demonstrated on their website. But they offer background removal and clipping path services too.

Since it wasn’t a regular order, I sent them a message explaining my requirements. I received the edited photo in about 20 hours, which is a bit longer than it took FixThePhoto. I was so impressed by the result that I honestly don’t know which clipping path service deserves first place more.

The image retouching was done on a very high level – the contrast and vibrancy were chosen perfectly, the shadow cast from the trainer is very soft, but it does lack contrast. If they had delivered the image a bit faster, WeEdit Photos would have taken first place.

3. Wedding-Retouching

image clipping path before and after photo
image clipping path before and after photo

Photo edited by Wedding-Retouching clipping path service

image clipping path before and after photo

While the first clipping path service provider on the list was a slightly unusual choice, the next one is even more surprising since it specializes in wedding photography editing. I decided to place the order anyway to satisfy my interest and find out if the agency will accept such an unordinary project. Their service list includes background removal and they showcase amazing picture retouching examples with people cut-outs done on a really high level!

Once I’d ordered, I had to wait until the manager appointed me to a retoucher who gladly agreed to do the task since he has a lot of experience with clipping path in Photoshop. It cost me $2.50, which is quite a lot for this type of work, but due to the unusual character of my order, I didn’t argue about the price. I got the photo on the following day on both white and transparent backgrounds.

As I expected, they did a great job, and I especially like the color correction which made the product look natural and crisp. I also admire the work they’ve done with the shadows. They’re a bit larger than in the previous examples, but they are well-placed and blurred in the right places. I would have also added some shadow under the right trainer, but that’s just a matter of preference since the clipping paths retouching itself was done perfectly.

4. Clipping Path India

image clipping path before and after photo
image clipping path before and after photo

Photo edited by Clipping Path India service

image clipping path before and after photo

This is one of the go-to clipping path services and I had high hopes for them since it’s the first company you see when you search for “clipping path services.” They have a terrific website that clearly explains all aspects of their work, different retouching types, what’s included in them, and provides examples of the edited images. However, since the pictures aren’t clickable, I wasn’t able to examine them more closely.

Clipping Path Services India has a very user-friendly ordering system that allows you to select the service type, number of images, and immediately find out the price. Their price list is controversial and ranges from $0.49 to $11.99 depending on the complexity of the order, as my project was priced $1.50. Afterward, the manager contacted me to settle all the details. I enjoyed communicating with the manager and he/she responded to my messages in a concise and clear manner. 

It took the retouchers 12 hours to complete the job, after which I received a link to download the edited image. The problem I experienced with this service was that the trainer’s shadow doesn’t look natural and seems to have a yellowish tint. The contrast on the shadow is too rough, as it lacks softness and realism. Also, the left trainer is missing a detail on the back.

5. Clipping Path Lab

image clipping path before and after photo
image clipping path before and after photo

Photo edited by Clipping Path Lab service

image clipping path before and after photo

This company specializes exclusively in clipping path services of all kinds. It has a decent website, although it would be even better if the site featured more examples of retouched works. Moreover, the samples that are included are of questionable quality since the shadows on them look too artificial. That being said, if you take a look at their jewelry retouching portfolio, which consists of a single photo, you can see that they can do great work as well. The price of $1.50 is average for this type of image editing and was based on my ordering of background removal and color-correction.

What I didn’t like about this service is that all the orders should be sent solely through DropBox. While a lot of companies have a similar ordering policy, they only enforce it if there’s a large number of photos and not just two or three. Here, on the other hand, you need to have a DropBox account even if you only need to edit a single picture. 

Even though the order was completed very fast, in about 6 hours, the result I received is completely unacceptable for one of the best image clipping path services. The first thing I want to mention is that the trainers became very dark and have a purple tint, and that’s why the fabric that was supposed to be blue looks lilac.

Also, they don’t seem to know how to make shadow in Photoshop, and the spot the retouchers thought was a shadow and deleted was actually a part of the shoes since the sole isn’t shaped that way. They also removed an element on the top of the right trainer and the waffle-shaped sole became flat, which deducts even more points from this service.

6. Clipping Path Experts

image clipping path before and after photo
image clipping path before and after photo

Photo edited by Clipping Path Experts service

image clipping path before and after photo

This service deals exclusively with the Clipping Paths. It includes all standard services of this photo retouching type. The site is very attractive with good before and after examples. But every second picture is of rather poor quality. I don’t know why. Since it is stretched to the page size, every pixel is visible. The scrolling on the site is terrible. The clipping path service works with a slight delay. After you have finished scrolling, the site moves down a little. It becomes annoying.

What I really like is that their pricing is done in a clear way, as the leaders of this rating have also done. Each type of image retouching has its own price that isn’t changed. But it’s difficult to understand which picture retouching is considered as simple and which is a more complicated one. There are no examples for customers to understand the difference.

My order cost $1.35 and was delivered within the same day. Having received a photo, I immediately noticed a shade of milky color, especially on the initially blue fabric in the upper part of the shoe. The retouchers, similar to the previous image clipping path services, thought that part of the shoe was a shadow and deleted this part of the photo. Shadows are made too contrasted and harsh. Sharp corners are clearly visible in some areas. If they hadn’t made a mistake with the color correction and the shadow, it would be great photo retouching.

7. Clipping Path King

image clipping path before and after photo
image clipping path before and after photo

Photo edited by Clipping Path King service

image clipping path before and after photo

This service specializes in clipping path and web image optimization (they believe that they are very good at this), and not the typical image retouching type — photo restoration. I would like to check their professionalism in this activity but, unfortunately, I don’t have suitable photos at the moment. The site looks slightly outdated and empty.

But the worst thing is terrible pictures that have the minimum size and even look very small. They really stimulate users to find other clipping path services. These disadvantages may be not so important due to a very low price — only $0.29 to place an object on a white background. My photo cost me $0.90 for color correction and added shadow. You can place an order and don’t contact a manager or a retoucher before any questions arise in the working process. I will not say that this is good since it would be better to communicate with people when you pay them money.

I received a link to the pictures in the email. There were “before” and “after” pictures. I paid attention to the shadow. Its contrast and unevenness looked very repulsive. On the right shoe, you can clearly see almost an even angle. Color correction is especially noticeable on the blue fabric, as well as in the white part of the sole.

8. Clipping Path Service India

image clipping path before and after photo
image clipping path before and after photo

Photo edited by Clipping Path Service India

image clipping path before and after photo

This clipping path India service is very special. You will find the reason at the end of the description. Its main office is located in Bangladesh. It will be one of the first that you will see searching for the clipping path services India. As soon as you open it, you will see that every picture on this website is very stretched. So, everything that is depicted in the photo is deformed.

The problem with scrolling, like Clipping Path Experts has, is noticeable here as well. There is a detailed description of each of the services, but their work examples are made in a simple and poor way. At the same time, there are excellent work samples on their Instagram page and on their YouTube channel. I hoped to get a really good job when I saw their pages on the social networks. In order to send my task, I had to give them my phone number, which I don’t like to do in order not to get spam in the future. I gave the phone number and address and, after a while, got a call!

This clipping path service provider called me to confirm my order. I don’t know why it happens this way, because writing to the email is much easier. I told them about all the requirements for photo retouching and relied on their professionalism. As a result, the background removal is done qualitatively. But I don’t like the color correction, which has spoilt the contrast. I asked that they add shadows but there are none in the photo.

9. Clipping Path Specialist

image clipping path before and after photo
image clipping path before and after photo

Photo edited by Clipping Path Specialist service

image clipping path before and after photo

This is the clipping path company that my friend recommended to me. He addressed these guys several times. Fortunately, his experience was successful, but he usually photographs simple objects and requires a simple background removal and color correction (cups, plates, books). He orders all these photo masking operations for his online store.

He does not have a lot of complicated products to advertise. So, he did not pay much attention to the way they had been cut. I visited their website and saw a rather old, but good, design a branded advertising video, and even good blog posts, which are informative, though not very appealing. The ordering was simple enough, without much communication and discussion of the details. I saw an assertion on the order line — 500 images in 48-64 hours. It is very fast.

My photo was delivered in a couple of hours. As it turned out, I addressed them in a convenient time without many orders. What pleases me in the photo is the color correction, which is made just fine, but there is a little more contrast than I would use. I also do not like that they selected the object but didn’t smooth it, for instance, unevenness on the sole. The lack of shadows is immediately noticeable.

10. Clipping Solutions

image clipping path before and after photo
image clipping path before and after photo

Photo edited by Clipping Solutions service

image clipping path before and after photo

I noticed a certain similarity of all these clipping path services. I'm not talking about the services they all provide. I mean that they often have the same masking pictures style. I am really upset about the standard mistakes in the design of such sites — pictures of poor resolution that are stretched or cropped, as well as the poor quality of almost all the works that you can see on the site.

Clipping Solutions has a huge list of 14 services that they provide and a wide variety of prices. The price list starts at $0.35 for basic retouching and $7.50 for advanced retouching. The site has a small blog, which contains 6 lessons on how to make shadow in Photoshop. They pay a lot of attention to the retouching of car images. They do it quite well, compared to other works.

It is quite simple to place an order. You just need to fill out a small form and immediately make an order, without following unnecessary links and windows. It is very convenient to choose any method you like to pay for your order like PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, etc. After receiving my order via e-mail, I was really disappointed with the color correction they did.

The picture was overexposed, the parts that should be blue were made white, and the blue parts became blacker. You can see the lack of detail on the boot in the left area. I am no longer surprised that there are no shadows on the photo and the sole of the left shoe is cut out too roughly. An even angle is clearly visible. 

11. Clipping USA

image clipping path before and after photo
image clipping path before and after photo

Photo edited by Clipping USA service

image clipping path before and after photo

One of the most interesting product photo retouching services was from the guys from the USA, who specialize in clipping path. Actually, I don’t like their one-page website very much, where you have to endlessly scroll down to find something necessary. At the same time, I am very pleased that you can have two photos edited free of charge as a trial order. But I did not use it and I honestly paid for my order. The commercials about this service are really interesting, and they make you feel more confident about this company.

I like that you can see some examples of color correction and professional image retouching on their website. There are two methods to download your photos, so choose the most convenient one. Since one of the methods may work incorrectly, you can download the picture right on the website and on a third-party system. The price depends on the complexity of the order. Mine was rated as average and cost $1.25. I didn’t manage to pay on the first try, but then everything went well. I had to wait 24 hours, as they had a large number of orders that day. I wasn’t in a hurry, so I agreed, although, I think they should define the terms before the payment.

I received the order a little earlier. It seemed as if they were working on speed. I couldn’t help but notice too-contrasted shadow with gross unevenness. The detail of the left shoe is removed as always. They cut the object very inaccurately, which is especially noticeable on the left sole. Color correction is also frustrating — the shade looks unnatural, and the contrast is removed.

12. Colorexpertsbd

image clipping path before and after photo
image clipping path before and after photo

Photo edited by Colorexpertsbd clipping path service

image clipping path before and after photo

Sometimes I think that any of the clipping path services either remove the contrast or twists it to the maximum. This service is very popular with people who like forums. In fact, I found it there. Colorexpertsbd was most often mentioned in various conversations about product photography and photo editing companies for photographers. I really had to include it on the list of top clipping path services. I liked the site design because it is very easy to use, clear, and simple. But it’s time for them to fix some outdated problems with scrolling because you don’t get any pleasure using the site.

Their portfolio is a bit annoying in that it tries to show all the pictures simultaneously. But the site either freezes or does not download half of the examples. The reviews and a free trial are very attractive. The price list is a bit confusing, with various prices randomly scattered. You can’t understand how much you’ll need to pay since there are no illustrative examples of their works.

This service surprised me, as I had to pay after they sent me my order. Maybe it’s just because I had only one photo. I immediately noticed a high contrast of the photograph. Some places are too dark with completely invisible details. The shade of the shoe became much darker than it actually is. The shadow goes almost completely black, and it has smooth and clearly visible edges.

13. ClippingPathHouse



As you can see, there are no examples of the Photoshop retouching by this Photoshop masking service. The reason is that they refused to work with me. The website of this image retouching service looks quite good and of high quality. I like their work examples, although the watermarks in the middle of the photo, which occupy 25%, are very unattractive.

Another annoying thing is a lot of text on the site. It absolutely does not carry any useful information. The website has price lists in Hindi. It may confuse you a little for the first time. Having made the order, I waited two days and didn’t get an answer. Trying to make it again, I saw that they did not take the photo in a RAW format. Then, I sent it again at JPG format, but my order was ignored. They did not respond to the email for more than a week.

14. CreativeClippingPath



This design of CreativeClippingPath’s website attracted me more than all previous clipping path services. The list leaders are an exception, of course. Everything works smoothly and quickly. Examples of their works are in low resolution, with huge watermarks, and you can’t zoom them in. There is a good blog with tips on Photoshop retouching and other related topics. Unfortunately, this is its best side.

In terms of work, everything is very bad. The result they gave me was practically identical to the RAW photo, only the background was slightly brightened and the lightbox was removed. I refused to accept the order and got my money back.

15. Clipping Path Asia

Clipping Path Asia

Clipping Path Asia

I saw that Clipping Path Asia isn’t very popular, compared to other clipping path services. But according to a photograph of their team, they work very effectively. I like the way they show the stages of their work, with “before” and “after” pictures being practically identical. They have 24/7 customer support on their site. But I never got my order. I sent them my photo and paid $1 for image retouching. This was the end of our “cooperation,” as they ignored all messages and calls. I am still waiting for my picture. If they send it to me, I will change this review.

Types of Clipping Path Services

Even though clipping path is a separate type of image retouching, it’s also divided into smaller subtypes. Usually, companies that offer clipping path services have a different price for each technique.

1. Image Background Removal

Removing background from a photo is the most required service performed by the clipping path editors. Usually, it means placing the product on a white backdrop since it’s the main requirement of online stores such as Amazon or eBay. Professional clipping path services are demanded since most companies need to cut and paste a complex object onto a white background naturally without strict lines. Using Photoshop, a qualified photo retoucher will cut out your image onto a white or transparent backdrop so that it can later be used for a website, magazine, advertisement, poster, etc. Alternatively, you can request the retoucher to place your photograph on a background of a different color.

A common issue I’ve experienced when dealing with unreliable clipping path services is that they don’t provide their retouchers with high-quality screens. It leads to the background looking white only under certain angles and exposing darker spots of the original backdrop when looking at it directly or vice versa.

2. Image Masking

Image Masking is a Photoshop masking service used to delete the background in photos with blurry/unclear edges or parts with hairs and other particles. This image clipping path retouching method allows transferring even complex images onto a white or transparent background and consists of the following procedures:

3. Layer Masking

It allows dividing an image into different layers and using them to hide and highlight certain parts of the picture and change the transparency of certain details using photo masking.

4. Clipping Mask

Using this method, the top part of the object, which is ordinarily the most important one, is left solid while you can freely change the background to whichever you like, giving you total freedom for masking pictures.

5. Alpha Channel Masking

While the two masking photo methods mentioned above are relatively simple, Alpha Channel Masking is the most difficult type of masking. Once you get to masking hairs or other particles, the image retouching process gets very complicated and time-consuming since you can’t select those tiny parts with the Magic Wand tool. That being said, if the object and the background are highly contrasted, then image masking service will have no trouble using the Alpha Channel method to cut out the image onto a different backdrop.

6. Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing

When browsing through catalogs and online stores, you can notice that a human figure is often replaced by an effect that emulates a 3D mannequin wearing clothing such as shirts, cardigans, swimsuits, underwear, etc. However, such images still require deleting the backdrop and the visible parts of the mannequin to grant the clothes a hollow look. It’s called the Ghost or Invisible Mannequin effect. You can also achieve this result, using transparent or removable mannequins, but even then you’ll probably need to use clipping path services. That’s why photographers prefer to save their resources and avoid the expensive mannequins and go straight to photo editing, which is much more economically viable.

7. Color Variants & Color Changing

Oftentimes, a product may be available in different colors, but having each variant photographed and edited separately takes significantly longer and is more expensive than ordering product photo retouching services to change the colors during the image editing process.

You can recolor photos if you add a new color to an already existing product line, but don’t have the time or funds to set up an additional photo session for the new products.

8. Vector Conversion

Vector Conversion is the process of converting a raster image into vector format using various photo editing programs. If you have a personal logo that you want to add to your product (cups, T-shirts, banners, etc.), it has to be available in different sizes. If you zoom it in raster format, the logo will become pixelated. To avoid that, it’s better to choose vector conversion. Using a vector file allows you to save even the tiniest details and gives you clear, sharp lines.

There’s a broad range of clipping path services to choose from and each has some challenges for the retoucher. In turn, the client expects to receive the best possible result for his/her money, so it’s vital that the edited image meets all their requirements.



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