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Difference between JPEG and PNG vs TIF – All photography file formats

Difference between jpeg and png today is the question that bothers every modern photographer that wants not only to photograph professionally, but additionally to use to Photoshop or other photo enhancing programs. So, let`s start finding all discrepancies and similarities.

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How To Choose The Best Camera For An Amateur Photographer

Learn how to start making creative photos, to earn money by photographing, or just to shoot high quality pictures.

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Relonch camera review - why should you buy it?

The Relonch photos look the way you pictured them. From now you photography vision will be drastically changed and you will not spend the night for photo editing. Your modernize camera will do everything and leave you only photography enjoying

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How to Choose Trending HDR Professional Camera

 We often hear about HDR, but not everybody knows that this is the abbreviation for the high dynamic range. In this article, we want to investigate what this function means, why it should be used and whether it is necessary or not.

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Quick Guide How To Select A Camera Lens

What lens to buy? We have made a list of lenses which are the most frequently used nowadays.

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