5 Best 360 Virtual Tour Services to Try in 2023

According to a study published by Coldwell Banker Real Estate, about 77% of customers prefer to go on a virtual tour before examining a property in person. An efficient way of presenting your commercial, real estate, or any other type of property is to use virtual tour software yourself or order professional services that will tailor the tour to your exact needs.

This post goes over the best 360 virtual tour services provided in the United States and Europe that will help you produce an immersive interactive experience that instantly grabs the attention of your site’s visitors.

Top 360 Virtual Tour Services

  1. Asteroom - For professional real estate agents
  2. VisEngine - 3D visualization tools and software solutions
  3. ArchiCGI - Expansive 3D asset library
  4. 360imagery - Awe-inspiring 360 panoramas
  5. Northman VR - Full-service VR company

When putting together this list of the best 360 virtual tour services, I’ve given preference to options that offer remote tour creation, are optimized for different websites, and provide convenient integrations. I also accounted for the performance and experience levels of the professionals involved and what niches they have worked in.

1. Asteroom

For professional real estate agents
  • Terrific performance
  • High-resolution panoramic footage
  • Reliable client support
  • Expensive services

Verdict: Asteroom allows you to order immersive virtual tours for real estate properties with high-res panoramas, a 3D doll-house view, and a 2D floor plan with accurate dimensions, which is created using tested floor plan software. Virtual tours created on this platform have a dedicated URL that you can upload to different MLS.

The photos used for the virtual tours are provided by professional photographers who employ premium DSLR and mirrorless cameras, wide-angle lenses, and 360 cameras. Such a service costs $325 for up to 3,000 sqft., and an extra $50 for each 1,000 sqft over that.

asteroom 360 virtual tour service example

2. VisEngine

3D visualization tools and software solutions
  • Offices in the USA and Europe
  • Highly realistic CGI
  • Personalized approach to every customer
  • Focus on the real estate industry
  • Prices are calculated individually

Verdict: VisEngine creates virtual tours while combining them with innovative IT solutions. You provide them with architectural plans and in-depth information about the interior and exterior, after which they design the necessary 3D assets and elements like furniture, textures, and materials while relying on state-of-the-art 3D modeling software and constantly communicating with the client along the way.

Afterward, the designers merge all the visual elements and individual scenes into a unified VR environment. The time it takes to complete a project depends on its complexity. Once you have finalized the details of the project, they need about 2-5 business days to deliver the final version of your 360 virtual tour. The cost of each order is also evaluated individually.

visengine 360 virtual tour service example

3. ArchiCGI

Expansive 3D asset library
  • Work with commercial and non-commercial properties
  • Online CRM solution
  • All projects are coordinated by a manager
  • No pricelist
  • Some tours are incompatible with VR

Verdict: ArchiCGI is a 360 virtual tour service that uses the assets provided by the client (floor plans, design sketches, textures, style references, etc.). You start by filling out a brief and adding the necessary assets. Afterward, you can assign objectives, select 3D models, request revisions, communicate with the designers, and keep tabs on the state of the project using the convenient online CRM platform.

Once the work is done, you can preview and approve the created 3D virtual tour. I appreciate the provided free access to the 3D asset library that contains more than 70,000 furniture models, light fixtures, appliances, décor, plants, etc. The price of your virtual tour will be determined by the specific requirements you have and its overall complexity.

archicgi 360 virtual tour service example

4. 360imagery

Awe-inspiring 360 panoramas
  • Virtual tours for your budget
  • Solutions that match your corporate identity and branding
  • Cross-platform and mobile-friendly tours
  • Each project is calculated individually
  • Unintuitive website
360imagery 360 virtual tour service logo

Verdict: The 360imagery team doesn’t involve any third-party specialists when working on a project. All solutions are created in-house to ensure the agency has full control over all aspects of your virtual tour. Each part of the tour is fine-tuned by their experts to match your exact specifications while fitting entirely within the agreed-upon budget.

The created virtual tour will compliment your brand identity perfectly while potentially including interactive maps, floor & location plans, handy informational "pop-ups", PDF documents, and thumbnails. If you want to make it even more interactive, take advantage of the offered YouTube video embedding, voiceovers, and audio effects.

It's also worth noting that all the images are edited with the help of time-tested real estate photography software.

360imagery 360 virtual tour service example

5. Northman VR

Full-service VR company
  • Suitable for different industries
  • Partnered with Google virtual tours
  • Employs a team of experienced innovators
  • Clients are typically located in Finland and Norway
  • You have to contact a company representative to learn the cost of the services
northman vr 360 virtual tour service logo
Northman VR

Verdict: Northman VR provides 360-degree solutions for real estate agencies, hotel businesses, municipalities, museums, etc. They develop personalized virtual tours that will catch the attention of your audience with beautiful floor plans, convenient menu navigation, extra info, and useful links. All provided solutions are based on Google’s Street View service.

northman vr 360 virtual tour service example