3D Virtual Tours Review 2023: Pros & Cons

3D Virtual Tours

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Verdict: 3D Virtual Tours from 3dtour.ae is a company that specializes in creating interactive tours using 3D, 360º, aerial photography, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) technologies.

When you receive the finished product, you can access the entire space and interact with all dimensions. Besides, it is possible to integrate such tours into your website, thus increase reach and sales. 

  • Cross-platform 3D tours
  • Up to 20 perspectives
  • AI dimension
  • You can add comments
  • Open portfolio
  • More expensive than alternative services because of high quality of work
3d virtual tours company interface

The bragging point of 3D Virtual Tours company is that experts create turnkey projects in 3 days. You submit your request on the website and managers will get in touch with you to schedule the shooting process.

On the first day, experts will bring equipment to your house to photograph/shoot the entire area. Then, they edit images and create a single 3D project, using the best 3D modeling software. You get the finished product on the third day.

3D Virtual Tours Review: Main Features

3d virtual tours company logo

Unlike its competitors, 3D Virtual Tours has an open gallery of works, so you can watch 3D tours recorded at villas, yachts, parking lots, shops, etc.

Adaptable 3D Tours for Any Platform

Most 3D tours you create in 3D modeling software for beginners, can be viewed on a particular platform. However, experts from the company make 3D tours optimized for various platforms including iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, and Mac.

Besides, they are immediately adapted to the size of your device, so potential buyers can “feel” the space and imagine themselves walking across rooms.

Multiple Perspectives to Better Study the Territory

3d virtual tours company multiple perspective

While taking images of your premises, the team of experts tries to photograph from all imaginable angles. Thus, you can get up to 20 different perspectives of your large garden together with a swimming pool. This way, buyers can better understand how large the territory is and even inspect it from the top angle. In addition to images taken from various perspectives, you also get HDR photos that can make any virtual tour attention-grabbing.

AI Measurement Tool

3d virtual tours company ai measurement tool

Every person, who watches a 3D tour can take advantage of the AI-based measurement tool, which shows a precise length/height/width and even the volume of objects depicted.

For example, a potential buyer watching your presentation can learn the distance to the ceiling, the height of doors and windows, the width of a room, the dimensions of a chandelier or the height a bookshelf is located at.

Built-in Annotation

Using this tool, you can easily direct viewers’ attention to a particular object. In one click, you can embed hotspots with texts, links and videos to highlight the key features of your property.

For instance, you can take advantage of this function if you want to tell a buyer what kind of wood the furniture or billiard table is made of, what leather the sofa is manufactured of or what kind of tiles the pool in the yard is lined with. Keep in mind that you can leave any annotations, from materials to the service life of a particular element, thus making your real estate more interesting for buyers.

Virtual Renovation

3d virtual tours company renovation

This feature is praised in many 3D Virtual Tours reviews. In addition to ordering 3D tours from scratch, you can ask designers to create virtual renovation for you to understand whether your idea is worth bringing to life.

For example, you have just bought a house with bare walls and always dreamed of a loft-style renovation, but you can't decide on the color shade or arrangement of certain interior items? Fortunately, you can get in touch with experts from the company and they will try various options to help you choose the most fitting variant. However, keep in mind that the process is rather time-consuming.

The team will photograph your space, then create an accurate 3D model of the real estate, virtually replace floors, paint walls, change appliances and give the house a new look. 3D artists and interior designers will also fill rooms with fashionable furniture.

Integration with MatterPak and Google Streets on Demand

If you want, the company can integrate MatterPak, which in turn will provide you with a Set of Digital Assets (OBJ, XYZ) that you can import and edit in third-party programs. They can also integrate Google Streets, so you can add houses and streets to your 3D tour to show neighbors and landscapes.

Open Portfolio with 400+ Works

3d virtual tours company portfolio

3D Virtual Tours company has a portfolio with over 400 successful projects that are free to view for all clients. Here you can find amazing 3D tours ranging from simple one-bedroom apartments to restaurants and huge yachts. You can see not only thumbnails but watch the entire tour.

3D Virtual Tours Prices

It's nice that the company has a transparent pricing policy, so you can learn the approximate cost of a 3D tour of your apartment, house, store, sports club or even a yacht without filling out any form. Prices start at $350. For this money, get a 3D tour of a 2-3 room apartment with a floor plan.

If you have an apartment of more than 100 squares (4-6 bedrooms) or a shop/restaurant, then you need a package that costs $500. It includes 10x360 images and 10xHDR photos. Those who want a 3D tour of villas, gyms, galleries or large yachts, have to pay $600. If experts are hired to photograph a huge space, such as a water park or aboveground/underground parking, then prices start at $800 (depending on the area).

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