360 Virtual Business Tours Review 2022

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360 Virtual Business Tours

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Verdict: Certified 360 Virtual Business Tours photography and digital marketing agency creates affordable virtual tours of the real estate or any business using Google Maps as a platform. Shops and premises, showrooms and offices – invite potential customers or visitors by means of such a tour at any time, even under quarantine or when you are closed.

Currently, it is all about local visibility thanks to the constant changes in Google search. I like that thanks to the correct optimization from 360 Virtual Business Tours, your Google Local page can not only be displayed ahead of competitors but also let you take a tour directly from the search results. The agency’s painstaking work is commendable: you won’t notice the photographer’s reflection on the mirror surfaces, dirty spots on the carpets, and instead of the tripod legs, your logo will be placed.

  • Google Street View trusted photographers
  • Free Google Cardboard for tours of more than 3000 sq ft
  • No renewals and no hosting problems
  • Local Guide level of photographers from 5 stars and above
  • Free qualitative panoramic shots of the tour
  • Prices per request
  • Filming is on-site – there is no studio
360 virtual business tours review website

This is all about the power of visualization because 360° technologies are now available on mobile phones and tablets. This way, potential customers can “imagine” that they are doing business with you, even before they actually do it.

The visual perception will be complemented by a lot of support services since this Google 360° Street View certified agency cooperates with accomplished website designers and has experience in search engine optimization to ensure that your websites occupy high positions in Google search results.

360 Virtual Business Tours – Main Benefits

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Since 2006, 360 Virtual Business Tours agency digitizes spaces qualitatively. Their number of completed virtual tours is hard to compete with. In 2020, this nationwide Google Trusted Photography agency earned the status of top photographer on Google Maps with more than 15,000,000 views.

Regardless of the conditions, they have a certified Google photographer who is equipped with the best 360 degree cameras and ready to create a personalized virtual tour of the property. In this review, I will cover the main services of virtual tours, as well as several visual related services, such as commercial video production and aerial photography, briefly highlighting all areas of their services.

Delivers Virtual Business Tours for True Marketing Goals

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Virtual tours for businesses on Google Maps will develop, especially in the context of the coronavirus epidemic. Seeing what the business-friendly atmosphere is like, even before you physically enter the place – that is called modern technology. People aren’t yet fully aware of this power, but quantitative market research shows that Google Maps is often used to search for local businesses and reviews about them.

A virtual tour will bring you more visitors or buyers from an additional front, where you might not have expected it. Just imagine the opportunity to share your 360-degree virtual tour not only on Google Maps but also on social networks, on your website and even as a signature in your emails. Sharing virtual tours is very simple, and it is an excellent way to attract more attention to your business.

360 virtual business tours review purposes

360 Virtual Business Tours is notable for trying to do more at the standard price. Before shooting, the property is inspected. Garbage or objects that can clutter the photo and distract the audience are eliminated from the frame. The agency’s photographers have experience and knowledge in the field of lighting and staging.

The original shots are edited by Photoshop masters to make them as bright and clear as possible. The 360-degree shots are properly stitched without sharp or uneven edges. The work is completed in the shortest time period, and the tour is usually posted in a week.

360 virtual business tours review events

Do you belong to the type of business owners who like decorating their establishments during the holidays, or maybe you promote and showcase seasonal products only at certain times of the year? If yes, an exclusive event photography program is created for you, where an individual virtual tour is filmed for a specific holiday. Once the holiday season arrives, 360 Virtual Business Tours uploads the holiday virtual tour for a small annual fee. At the end of the season, your regular virtual tour will be reuploaded.

When customers visit your ad on Google Map, they will be able to see what the store looks like throughout the holiday season and evaluate the relevance of your list. Meanwhile, your competitors are stuck with a virtual tour that was filmed only once. Imagine that 360 Virtual Business Tours became your Google Maps virtual tour manager, updating it throughout the year without any assistance from you – this happens automatically.

Quality Delivering for Your Listings

360 virtual business tours review real estate

Nothing sells a house faster than a virtual tour of the property. The ability to go inside, move from room to room is amazing and gives buyers more time to understand if the house is suitable for them, without wasting precious time of real estate agents and sellers. In fact, it is the same with hotels and resorts.

360 Virtual Business Tours offers high-resolution photography for residential and commercial real estate. A team of Photoshop experts enhances shots to make them appealing for use in print advertising and standard Internet marketing.

360 virtual business tours review aerial

Apart from regular photography for ads, 360 Virtual Business Tours specializes in virtual tours – sequences of videos and still images that let potential buyers view the entire property without leaving their houses. Feel free to add music or narration about the main peculiarities of the property to the virtual tour. Filming is carried out using only the best drones with camera at 360 degrees, such as DJI Mavic Air 2.

The location also helps sell real estate. Thanks to new technologies, you can not only take pictures of what is near and above your property, but you can make it rotate 360 degrees as if you are almost floating in the air. This will provide footage that would never have existed before. Show the beautiful surroundings, the nearby lake or park, the distance to important facilities. The possibilities are endless.

Upgrade Your Website with the Included Virtual Tour

360 virtual business tours review web design

It has been proven that most of the time, when a Google Street View virtual tour is implemented for a client, they are likely to require some kind of upgrade of their online presence. A beautiful, informative and up-to-date website is what you will get instead of low server activity returned from your domain. Google will also notice this, considering the website as being constantly active and updated.

If the site needs a brand new look and a large share of traffic, then you should know that 360 Virtual Business Tours cooperates with search engine optimization experts from Atlanta, Google’s part-time partners. This way, your updated website can be properly optimized for search with the ability to move forward – straight to the first page of Google search results.

If 360 Virtual Business Tours takes such meticulous and professional photography, then what prevents you from making a remarkable expert interview, marketing video from current materials, or using spectacular technologies, like shooting 360° video or time-lapse? As a matter of fact, qualitative marketing videos are a proven method of increasing the ranking when placed in search engines with strong keywords and slogans.

Offers Portraits, Biography Shots and Even Staff Shots

360 virtual business tours review shooting

360° Virtual Business Tours offers a free archive of 10 – 15 pictures with the highest resolution and vivid colors meant for your business. They will be added to the Google Local page and will be used, for instance, for advertising purposes.

But this doesn’t always include what you might need. Go a little further by getting shots of your building, storefronts, menus, awards, employees, visitors, portraits and more. Or you can go beyond the free shots and make a full album of pictures.

360 Virtual Business Tours Prices

It is difficult to clearly define the cost here because it depends mainly on the area to be filmed and the condition of the facility. Additional picture retouching and removal of unwanted objects may be necessary. 360° Virtual Business Tours has loyal last-minute booking and payment terms.

The final payment is held here until the virtual tour appears on Google Maps. If you aren’t happy with the tour, the team will perform the requested edits until you are fully satisfied and make the final payment.

360 virtual business tours review services

Most reviews indicate an affordable cost, especially since this is a one-time investment. The agency’s photographers are dressed in special uniforms, equipped with professional DSLR cameras, licensed and insured, which is essential for any business. If they damage the property or injure someone with their equipment, this will be covered by insurance. By ordering a 360° virtual tour here, you will get a good discount on cross-services.

Tourdash Upgrade packages are also worth noting. They will make your tours as interactive and informative as ever. Here you can click on objects in the overview to open a pop-up window with additional information in the form of text, images, videos, etc., which are excellent ideas for sales. There will also be options for analytics, communication or ordering right during the tour. Tourdash gives the business owner the opportunity to edit the tour independently without external help.

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