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Free Adobe Lr Preset #7 "Greenery"

These cool wedding Lightroom presets will help you correct flaws in the photos taken on the overcast day or in dim light. The Lr filter adds some light shades and saturates green tones. But it is not suitable for the wedding images taken on a bright sunny day.


   Dark Film Lightroom Presets Bundle

Matte Complete Collection Lightroom Preset

wedding lightroom presets before
wedding lightroom presets before - mob wedding lightroom presets after - mob

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Wedding Classic Lightroom Presets

wedding lightroom presets before
free-lightroom-wedding-presets-wedding-classic-before-mob free-lightroom-wedding-presets-wedding-classic-after-mob

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How to Install Lr Presets

You've installed our Lightroom presets but have some questions about them? Read our complete guides to How to Add Presets to Lightroom and How to Use Lightroom Presets for fast photo editing. Find all the answers in these articles to start professional image color correction right now.









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