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Photo Manipulation Job

Are you a talented, ambitious and responsible retoucher who seeks a well-paid online photo editing jobs from home? If it's all about you, professional photo editing service FixThePhoto offers you a photo manipulation job and an opportunity to be a part of the worldwide photography post-production company.

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What Is Photo Manipulation?

Photo manipulation is almost a synonym for image retouching, as well as an integral part of the technical design. For example, photo manipulation can be a simple combination of different photos. Sometimes photo manipulation acquires such a complex character that the original photographs become almost unrecognizable, and the finished image acquires an independent value. Digital art combined with photography is a unique source of the photo retouching jobs online. The main task of the photo manipulation job is to montage photos to tell the story that intrigues, tickles your imagination and curiosity. If you want to succeed in retouching jobs from home, we can teach you all the techniques we know though we expect you to truly love your photo manipulation job. Online photo editing jobs from home may take a huge amount of time and efforts, but such works also leave the time for your personal activities and your close ones.

Our company is engaged in the photograph post-production; therefore professional retouchers always had an exceptional value for us. We are interested in people who have professional experience, passion for photography and retouching and are ready for long-term cooperation with our company. The people, who are moving forward and strive for the professional development are our perfect candidates. If you are interested in a well-paid photo manipulation job, send us your CV right now.

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Photo Manipulation Services

This sphere is very young, though fast developing. We are seeking a retoucher who will provide us with the exclusive photo outputs as our company is known for the most qualified photo retoucher jobs and we are to retain this status. Your editing style must have individual traits and you have to be prepared to work in a team. We usually offer two types of retouching. Creative editing is a style that presents the art of photography and is often used for commercial purposes. Technical editing is aimed at altering the basics: colors, lights, sharpness, etc.

We are not interested in the old methods, as we always create something new. The range of our photo retoucher jobs is broad enough and every client can find something interesting, while every retoucher has plenty of opportunities. When the beauty of a shot is somehow spoiled, we do our best to remove all the drawbacks and to prove that our services are worth the client's money, hopes, and ideas.

Our clients use photo manipulation services when they need:

  • • To create photo compositing
  • • To remove, add or replace objects or people
  • • To remove watermarks
  • • To change image background
  • • To get a professional retouching of face or body

Having received the order, our retouchers take into consideration any wishes of the customer and perform any correction according to the agreed requirements with a high quality of execution.

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Why Photo Manipulation Jobs at FixThePhoto?

Our main advantage is certainly our retouching experience which is fifteen years of success. Our post production photography services are prestigious due to the open communication, convenience of the photo editing work from home, high salaries, and great demand in different countries. If you want to have enough flexibility and decide yourself what to do and what hours to devote to the photo manipulation job, this is your best chance. At least half of our clients are regular and you will have photo editor tasks to do all the time, but not too much, especially if you are a beginner. Find yourself in this world, choose the best opportunities and let our photo manipulation job change your life!

Photo Manipulation Jobs Requirements

  • • Bachelor’s degree in Digital Design, Fine Art, Graphic Design or a related field
  • • Exceptional eye for detail and a persistence
  • • Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop CS5/6 and Adobe Bridge
  • • Extensive understanding of the photo manipulation job peculiarities
  • • Ability to work independently and be able to concentrate on the task
  • • Dedicating to meeting all client deadlines
  • • Experience working in a PC and Mac-based environments
  • • Strong organizational skills
  • • Experience with the photo manipulation job
  • • Ability to multi-task and learn quickly

Provision of services for photo manipulation assumes the availability of a full set of special knowledge and skills. Thanks to our experience, highly developed expert skills and the reputation of one of the best services in the world, our employees have the opportunity not only to work but also to constantly improve. FixThePhoto, like all modern top-level companies, select candidates for photo retoucher jobs without any prejudices, such as race, gender, religion, etc. We are constantly in search of highly qualified and promising retouchers that can become part of our team.

Photo Manipulation Job Responsibilities

  • • Professional image manipulations
  • • Retouching big amount of images
  • • Advanced image coloring
  • • Professional stylization/usage of many different effects/objects adding techniques
  • • Timely and high-quality fulfillment of the set number of orders

FixThePhoto Service Suggests

  • • Competitive compensation
  • • Generous time paid off
  • • 401(k) plan
  • • Medical & dental & vision benefits
  • • Career growth opportunities

Bonus Points for

  • • Marketplace or eCommerce business experience
  • • More than 3 years of photo manipulation job experience

What Do You Need to Send a Resume? 

In addition to basic information and your work experience, you must demonstrate the level of your skills. We have prepared for you several RAW photographs, which you must retouch as well as possible. Download these photos, perform photo manipulation and send us the finished result by clicking on the “Sing Up” button located below. This method provides all applicants with equal chances - the better the photo is retouched, the more chances you have to get a well-paid photo manipulation job.

Photo Manipulation Before and After Examples

Due to the high quality of retouching, our client base is growing every year. We prove our professionalism not with words, but with clear examples of what our customers can expect. Before/after examples with explanations are our best advertising. We expect a similar level of work from applicants for photo manipulation job.

Video Tutorials about Photo Manipulation in Photoshop


Use our video tutorials to learn something new or refresh your knowledge about photo manipulation. Each video tutorial is dedicated to a separate photo manipulation style. The knowledge cannot be superfluous.


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Photography Blog

The modern world has no shortage of the Internet resources when it comes to the photo art. However, it is difficult not to get mixed up with the streams of monotonous and low-quality photographs and articles, when there is a desire to enjoy beautiful inspirational works or to learn something new. That is why we created our blog, which is designed to satisfy the thirst for information and aesthetics of any person.



Photo Retouching Freebies 


To help you create high-quality images, we offer the following freebies such as actions, overlays, textures, LR presets and much more. You do not even need to register on the site - just write your email and get the desired tools in 2 minutes.


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