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Old Photo Restoration Job

Know to restore old damaged photo in Photoshop and want to earn money for that? You found the right place. Photography is a great way to keep bright, important and even funny moments of life. Thanks to modern tools and technologies, everyone can create digital masterpieces. Therefore, a popular US company is looking for talented and ambitious photographers/retouchers for old photo restoration job. Work from home photo retouching job allows you to get great experience, knowledge and also join a team of professionals.

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What Is Photo Restoration?

Probably, each of us has a few old photos in the album. Typically, such images are torn or crumpled. But this is not a problem, because photo restoration is a great way to keep the old photo archive in paper or electronic form. Our specialists can improve the quality of the photo due to toning, replacement of some components. In a word, the restoration of such photos is a complex of actions that includes the use of special software that improves the quality of such images and restores their lost fragments. But in spite of all these manipulations, our retouchers make photos look very realistic, that's why anyone can’t say they were photoshopped.

As a photo retouching service, our experienced retouchers and photographers give "new life" to old photos. If you are looking for photo retoucher job to show all the skills and become part of a large team, then send your resume right now and get photo retouching job online!

Photo Restoration Services

Having an old snapshot, the client is looking for an opportunity to update it. In most cases, customers turn to our company, because we offer a large number of quality services.

List of Our Old Photo Restoration Includes:

  • • Recover and restore old photos
  • • Quick and quality editing of photos of any complexity
  • • Other kinds of restorations of old photographs
  • • Editor expansion photo
  • • Black / white color of picture

Our Clients Use Old Photo Restoration Services When They Need:

  • • Clearing cracks, creases, scratches, stains
  • • Retouch and restoration of missing parts
  • • Cropping an image and deleting unnecessary objects
  • • Change the size of the photo
  • • Delete / add inscription
  • • Connecting multiple pictures
  • • Compatibility of photos with other images

All the specialists who received photo restoration job in our company are very experienced and professional in their approach to every order. In addition, the retouchers perform image editing job according to the client's requirement. Depending on the image resolution and quality, our retouchers zoom-in the image by 200% to 300% when drawing the path. This enables them to create an appropriate number of anchor points, which is paramount to retain the correct shape of the object.

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Why Photo Restoration Jobs at FixThePhoto?

We meet hundreds of people in the creative industry every year. If you are fond of photos and want to share your creative ideas and experience, then send a CV and receive the old photo restoration job.

If all of the above features characterize yourself, then we are waiting for you in a team of real professionals who will tell you about all the secrets of photo restoration job.

Photo Restoration Jobs Requirements

Of course, work from home photo retouching job in FixThePhoto provides for several mandatory requirements that are taken into account when choosing a candidate:

  • • All applicants to a position of a photo restoration needed must have Bachelor's degree in such fields as Graphic Design, Fine Art, and Digital Design
  • • Big attention to detail
  • • Quality performance of even the most demanding customers
  • • Following all deadlines with quality work
  • • Clear Mac based environment and studio photography
  • • Possess strong organizational skills and detail orientation (extremely important)
  • • Stress resistance

In addition, we offer photo retouching job online to people with creative thinking and ideas that will improve the workflow. This work does not depend on skin color, religion, sexual orientation or any other protected characteristic.

The sphere of photos is rapidly developing, so you have to adapt to any conditions and circumstances quickly.

Jobs Responsibilities

If a candidate receives an old photo restoration job in our company, then he/she will need to perform such duties as:

  • • Execution of daily norms that are set by the manager
  • • Supporting great performance
  • • Change photo characteristics in Adobe Photoshop
  • • Digital color correction
  • • Difficult and very complex photo recovery

If you have questions about the responsibilities for junior retoucher post, then contact us by email or visit the FAQ section. This section contains all the popular questions and answers from users and employees.

FixThePhoto Service Suggests

Why should you join our team? FixThePhoto has many advantages over other companies. First, the company offers a well-paid photo retouching job from home. Other advantages of being used in our company are getting medical, vision and dental benefits. In addition, you can develop and have an amazing career in a big company.

Bonus Points for

We also offer different bonuses for employees who have 3 and more years of experience in basic image restoration. You can also get bonuses for experience in the photography and photo retouching business.

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What Do You Need to Do to Send a Resume?

As one of the best photo post processing services, we would like to see the skills of candidates in photo retouching job online. Therefore, you need to talk about education and professional experience in the resume. In addition, we would like to see your portfolio with quality examples of works. This will allow us to assess your level of skill. If you liked old photo restoration job, then send CV.

Digital Photo Restoration Before and After Examples

FixThePhoto always provides only high-quality and modern service, since experienced professionals work in our team. Doing image editing job, they demonstrate a high level of skill and also a large amount of knowledge. All users and guests of our site can find examples of before and after images.

All candidates should be convinced of the high quality of the examples of works before sending them to us. By the way, send both before and after examples.

Video Tutorials About Old Photo Restoration in Photoshop

Our employees are always looking for ways of self-improvement. Therefore, we provide video tutorials that improve the skills for photo restoration job. Such training videos will reveal all the secrets of successful retouchers.

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Photo Retouching Blog

If you want to follow all the latest news and new technologies in the old photo restoration area, then visit our blog. Follow FixThePhoto blog and you will be informed of the questions you are interested in. You will find many interesting articles and news about the world of photographs.


Photo Retouching Freebies

If you have the necessary tools or programs for a successful photo restoration job, then you have the opportunity to download them from our official site. The user only needs to specify an email address in a special line to get free access to all the modern tools for online photo editing jobs from home. The download process will take a couple of minutes. Now, you can get a great number of wonderful textures, Lightroom presets, free Photoshop actions, etc.

The digital world is developing and changing, join us. We are waiting for your resume!

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