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What is Photo Restoration?

Photo restoration is a kind of photo post production that adjusts damaged, faded photographs. If the shot was spoiled by time or the water, it needs a photo renovation or colorizing. The faded photos with visible blemishes can be improved by raising the image contrast and separating the background from the foreground. Another serious problem is missing parts or photo edges restoration, which can be solved with the help of professional photo editing software.

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The aim of our photo retouching agency is to help people to bring back colors to their old sweet memories and to inject brand new life into their old photos. That’s why we are seeking for new candidates for photo restoration jobs in our team. So if you are a real pro retoucher, who can make a real jewel out of old, shabby picture and you are dreaming about old photo restoration job, don’t feel shy to send us your resume and demonstrate your professional capabilities needed for photo retouching jobs online.

Photo Restoration Services

Image restoration services are the set of difficult Photoshop techniques which will help to remove scratches, restore damaged pictures or eliminate photo blemishes caused by water, time etc. FixThePhoto expert retouchers always do their best to satisfy the client’s highest criteria, that’s why our restored photos always look fabulous. The number of our clients is huge and embraces the countries all over the world because we know what to do when it comes to a quality image restoration.

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Our clients use photo restoration services when they need:

  • • to remove cracks and rips out of their old photos
  • • to adjust colors and remove blemishes
  • • to restore missing parts and edges
  • • to remove colors merging

Photo restoration is a very laborious and time-consuming process, but FixThePhoto Company still has moderate prices for this kind of work which have made our restoration services very popular.

Our pro retouchers use not only standard programs like Photoshop or Lightroom, but also Raw Therapee, Abode Photoshop, Abode Fireworks and, of course, their talent and proficiency in order to restore damaged photos, remove scratches or improve the color.

Why Photo Restoration Jobs at FixThePhoto?

FixThePhoto company has a lot of customers who know that our services are extremely professional, credible and prompt. Our image manipulators are competent and devoted to their work, so they can satisfy our clients’ tastes and wishes. So if you are interested in old photo restoration jobs and you are searching work from home photo retouching jobs in order to become a part of a prosperous team, just send us your resume with the examples of your photo restoration works. Be sure that your persistence and contribution to the common business will be generously rewarded. We are in search of new people with brand new ideas who consider old photo restoration job as a part of their life and not only as a profession. So if you are crazy about photo restoration jobs and your goal is to find a good, well-paid photo restoration work online, then we are waiting for you.

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Old Photo Restoration Job Requirements

  • • University degree in Graphic Design, Digital Design, Fine Art etc.
  • • A keen eye for details (strongly required) and patience required for old photo restoration jobs
  • • Experience in Abode Photoshop, Abode Fireworks, and RawTherapee
  • • Assiduity and understanding of the basics of an old photo restoration job
  • • Readiness to understand and fulfill the clients’ most intricate requirements
  • • Ability to work ably and fast to fulfill the customer's order in time
  • • Expertise knowledge of a Mac-based environment
  • • Self-organizational knacks, ability to multi-task and strong aspiration to learn something new
  • • Experience in old photo restoration job

All applicants are regarded only according to their professional competence. Color, creed, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, invalidity, veteran’s status or any other protected characteristics are not important.

You must be efficient and easily adaptable to changes. We are looking for results-oriented people who can bring fresh ideas and who can do freelance photo restoration jobs effectively, fast and qualified.

Photo Restoration Jobs Duties

  • • Color correction
  • • Missing parts and edges restoration
  • • Crumpled shots fixing and scratches removal
  • • Retouching of the minimum quantity of assets given by the manager
  • • An employee must perform his or her duties continuously, systematically and unerringly
  • • Keep a constant production of a large volume of pictures

FixThePhoto Service Suggests

  • • Competetive salary
  • • 401(k) plan
  • • Interesting job online
  • • Medical, dental and eyesight checkup
  • • Photo restoration careers opportunities

Bonus Points for

  • • Photo restoration experience acquirement and getting some life hacks to increase your productivity
  • • Skills on how to use different programs while removing defects and scrapes on old photos
  • • Photo retouching and asset management experience

What do You Need to Send a Resume?

Standard information about your professional competency and experience must be complemented by the samples of your before/after works. You must download some raw files, attached below, and demonstrate your image restoration skills. A splendid result will increase your chances to get retouching jobs from home in our company. Impress us by showing how cool you are.

Photo restoration examples

We have a wide range of clients ranging from big companies to ordinary people, who want to restore their old photos, inter alia. Modern equipment and techniques make it possible to revitalize old and tattered images. Our photo retouchers can skillfully deal with colors and eliminate all flaws, scuffs, and rips. Here are some examples of renovated pictures, made by our photo manipulators. If the level of your works is appropriate, you are the perfect photo restoration artist needed for our company. We will be glad to see similar examples of your pictures – raw images and restored photos.

Video Tutorials about How to Restore Photos

There are some video tutorials which will become a good assistance to you in your professional activity. Learn to use different programs for your perfectly restored photos. You can't be a real specialist without constant learning of something new.

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Photo Retouching Blog

All the latest news about modern photo equipment and techniques, contests, expert pieces of advice and reviews can be found in our blog. Read up-to-date information to be kept abreast of the latest photo innovations. Join our big and affable FixThePhoto team which has united hundreds of amateurs and real photo retouchers.


Photo Retouching Freebies

Our company always encourages pro and dabbler photogs and retouchers by giving freebies for professional development. You can download free Photoshop actions or Lightroom presets without registration on the website. Write your e-mail and get your creative set for photo restoration within two minutes free of charge.

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