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Digital Drawings Job

A well-known American company continues to seek a talented and motivated photographer who is interested in digital drawings job. If you want to have a terrific career and join a friendly FixThePhoto team, then send your resume right now. Retouching jobs from home is available to anyone who wants to change life.

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What is Digital Drawing?

Modern technology is developing rapidly, so art is changing too. Such changes give opportunities to the digital world that reveal new forms and help create fantastic images. Digital Drawing is the creation of works of art in digital form using information technology. This definition applies to all works of art modified by computer programs. It includes two areas: the transfer of works of traditional art in the digital environment and new types of art works that were created using computer technology.

Today, it is a very popular type of photos that is constantly evolving. Therefore, we offer digital drawings job for all talented and motivated people. As a photo retouching service, we help people improve photos. All professional photo retouchers can join our friendly team. If you are looking for work from home photo retouching jobs that will allow you to realize all the creative potential and love of art, then send CV-form now!

New technologies offer new ways to create reality and embody fantasy in life.

Digital Drawing Services

Digital artist job provides a large number of available photo services as photo compositing, removal/adding/replacing objects or people, removal watermarks, adding a pin up effect, changing image background, blemishes/wrinkles removing, photo blending, effects adding, drawing a vintage effect, converting your images into sketches, paintings or cartoons. Also you can receive a professional stylization with several effects/objects adding, merging big amount of images, complex image coloring, professional stylization/many different effects/objects adding.

Our clients use digital drawing services when they need:

  • • Remove the background on the image;
  • • Choose and edit the shape of the picture;
  • • Mask or hide the background of an image or object;
  • • Add creative touches or effects;
  • • Convert photos into cartoons, paintings or sketches.

All of our photo retouchers have tremendous experience in the field of digital photography. In addition, they retouch pictures according to the individual wishes of the client.

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Why Digital Artist Jobs at FixThePhoto?

Photographers use our services since 2013. The company appeals to us if it needs to submit thousands of quality images and then print them in the newspapers. Our team includes professional photo editors and retouchers who provide only high-quality pictures for all companies and photographers, designers, everybody on the web.

We meet several hundred new people in this field every year. If you would like to receive work from home photo retouching job, then we invite you for an interview. You only need to send a portfolio. Here you will get a tremendous experience, knowledge and also work in a cozy and friendly team of professionals who are passionate about art and digital drawings job.

Digital Artist Jobs Requirements

A candidate can send a resume to digital drawing job if he/she meets the following requirements:

  • • Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design, Digital Design, Fine Art or a related field;
  • • Great attention to details;
  • • An efficient user Adobe Photoshop CS5 / 6 and Adobe Bridge;
  • • Manual processing of photos;
  • • Deadlines;
  • • Must be a quick study and be able to take direction;
  • • Experience with the Mac system.

Note that photo retouching job online in FixThePhoto is available for every candidate regardless of race, color, mother tongue, country of residence, religion and gender identity. However, you must be ready to adapt for the modern digital drawing job. We want to find a single-minded team player who is ready to offer new ways to improve the workflow. Send a resume and get image editing job right now!

Digital Artist Jobs Responsibilities

Successful retouching job from home involves performing several duties, such as:

  • • Follow the requirements of the customer;
  • • Opening several tasks at the same time;
  • • Maintaining the production of a large number of photographs and other products;
  • • Performance of minimum daily tasks;
  • • Execution of work in accordance with the established deadlines.

FixThePhoto Service Suggests

  • • High timely wages;
  • • Career;
  • • Friendly team.

In addition, retouching job from home gives a tremendous experience and also communication with real professionals.

Bonus Points for

  • • Specialists with extensive experience in photo retouching/photography/designing business.
  • • 3+ years of digital drawing.

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What Do You Need to Send a Resume?

This process does not take much time, because you only need to take a few steps. You should provide reliable personal information about the place of residence. You also need to talk about professional work experience (online photo job from home in particular) and skills. You can also add work examples and finished photos.

After that, the candidate only needs to send a resume and wait for a positive response from the company's specialists. You will be invited for an interview in the case of a positive response. This is a great opportunity to get a junior retoucher job!

Digital Drawing Before and After Examples

Сompanies turn to us for obtaining high-quality modern photographs. Typically, customer categories range from small businesses and startups to large, well-known brands and corporations. For this reason, retouchers from our company have excellent skills and characteristics in all Digital Drawing areas. These are the retouching examples with clipping path services. Absolutely all the images were prepared by our retouchers.

We also ask candidates to send examples of works in good quality.

Video Tutorials about Digital Drawing in Photoshop

Each specialist needs to improve skills and learn new graphic techniques. Therefore, we added a few video lessons that would improve the skills and knowledge of all specialists. Such training videos open access to all the secrets of Photoshop in the online photo of editing job from home sphere.

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Photography Blog

Digital art appeared not so long ago. But despite this, it found many fans. Today, the computer is the main tool of artists, illustrators and retouchers. You can embody all fantasies with a few clicks.

If you are fond of editing photos and are looking for image editing job, then follow our blog. Here, you will find many tips, interesting contests, reviews of modern equipment. In addition, you will learn about all the news in the digital drawing world. Now, you can turn a hobby into a well-paid job that will give a lot of positive emotions every day.

Send your resume, get photo retoucher job and become part of FixThePhoto team!


Photo Retouching Freebies

Each user will receive many great freebies that do not require registration on our site. You only need to enter an email address to receive special tools within a couple of minutes. So, you get overlays, textures and other options. Digital drawings job is waiting for you!

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