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Color Correction Jobs

The famous American company is looking for talented and experienced editors in the field of color correction Photoshop, who are willing to join the FixThePhoto friendly and skillful team. If you have dreamed of a successful color grading career for a long time, then read the article to the end, and get ready to send us your resume.

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What is Photo Color Correction?

Every photographer, seller or blogger, tries to present his work as attractive as possible, performing different types of color correction jobs. Changing the colors, tones, and saturation of the image, which is used either to improve the picture or as a creative technique is called color correction Photoshop. In the first case, you can get more realistic colors or make a photo lighter, or to increase the saturation of tones, for the sake of greater attractiveness of the image. In the second case, only your own imagination plays a role (you can experiment with the vintage or fantastic color correction, or try something else). Any color grading specialist should know that the color correction Photoshop is done on the corrective layers. Correction layers work as filters, so the editor always has the possibility to make changes to the final edits, if necessary. The work in Photoshop involves two sides: technical and creative. Therefore, we need the potential executor of color correcting jobs, who knows these two aspects perfectly. If you feel that you can handle color correction jobs, then prepare your resume and send to our e-mail.

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Color Correction Services

Today every photographer and every second Instagram user knows about color correction and even experiment, using it, but there are very few people, who know the peculiarities of the colorist jobs. After all, the most important task of the editor is to create a harmonious combination of the colors, forms and natural beauty of the objects.

Color correction services are diverse. They are used for various purposes, ranging from the contrast and white balance changing to regulating the base colors, hair color, and so on.

Our Clients Use Photo Color Correction Services When They Need:

  • • To make photos saturated.
  • • To remove the red-eye effect.
  • • To give the image brightness, shadows, and new hues.
  • • To examine the exposure by selecting the desired level of indicators for a particular image.
  • • To improve the overall look of the photo without introducing dramatic changes to the composition of the image.
  • • To arrange color and light accents.
  • • To remove noise in the photo and adjust the sharpness.

Our image editors carefully perform color correction jobs, individually selecting the appropriate colors for each type of the image, which our clients appreciate very much.

Why Color Correction Jobs at FixThePhoto?

The answer will be very simple: we are the best in the field and offer the most attractive terms for color grading jobs. We do not want to seem verbose, so we suggest looking at the facts, which will be much more convincing. So:

  • • Our experience in the professional color grading services market is more than 15 years. We have undergone many changes and continue to work on expanding the range of services and improving them.
  • • We are an international company that serves more than 40,000 customers around the world every year, trying to find a common language with each client in order to fulfill his/her order in the best possible way.
  • • We care about the confidential information of our customers. We never use their images for our own purposes. In order to demonstrate the examples of color correction Photoshop on our site, we ask our clients for the personal permission.
  • • We work around the clock and are always online, which is very convenient for our customers from different countries. It also corresponds to the activity of a global company, so every employee has his own color correction hourly rate.
  • • We offer our clients pleasant and fixed color grading rates and our regular customers can enjoy a pleasant system of discounts. But we also appreciate our employees, each of them feels confident in our team, always gets new orders and a competitive color grader salary.
  • • We are professionals, which mean that we can perform not only freelance color grading but also different types of retouching. Therefore, both employees and customers can choose the scope and the level of the editing quality.

Our services are used not only in the United States, but also in Australia, Europe, and Asia, that's why we are always striving for the best and recruit only those editors who are ready to produce a quality product. Are you interested? Then continue reading!

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Color Correcting Jobs Requirements

If you have the aspiration, skills, and experience, but you have not graduated from the University with a specialization in Digital or Graphic design, or the direction of art or photography, it's not a problem; we will interview all the candidates and discuss a color grader salary individually.

In any case, the future master of color correction jobs should have a standard set of characteristics that will help him/her to easily join our international team, quickly learn new things and perfect his/her skills. The employee must perform the tasks in time, show creativity and be able to think of new ideas.

In addition, there are several requirements that are included in the color grading job description:

  • • Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop packages and Adobe Bridge thoroughly.
  • • Understanding the intricacies of working with Mac devices.
  • • The desire to develop in the sphere of color correction jobs.
  • • Pedantry and attention to details.

Today the digital colorist jobs are very profitable and find the call. Therefore, you need to invest in your education, monitor new trends, and become a leader in your field to always stay on the wave.

Color Correcting Jobs Responsibilities

  • • Be able to perform settings of exposure, contrast, RGB curves and more.
  • • Follow the task of the manager and perform the required amount of work in accordance with the terms of the color correction jobs.
  • • Keep to the style and meet the demands of every customer.
  • • Do the work strictly in time.

FixThePhoto Service Suggests

We always work hard to please our clients and feel really satisfied, if we manage to. We offer very pleasant color correction rates per hour and you always can get some bonuses. At the same time, we try to create a super-friendly atmosphere for every employee. Our company will take care of you by offering a savings pension account and some amenities for medical care.

The most important thing that we offer for courageous and confident employees is the career promotion and the total assistance in achieving better results.

Bonus Points for

  • • An impressive experience in another position of the color grader or related photography sphere.
  • • Skills in asset management.

What do You Need to Send a Resume?

Your resume should be veracious and show you as a specialist from the best side. Indicate special and personal qualities and write why you took an interest in this position. Attach the best quality examples of color grading jobs to your resume so that we can evaluate your skills, taste, and knowledge of the subtleties of the editor’s work. We will be infinitely grateful if you send your photos in RAW format. For convenience, use our free images where you can show all your creativity, but do not forget about the technical side, so be careful and consistent.

Color Correction Before and After Examples

Our company has won the trust of millions of customers, from large and well-known brands to professional photographers, bloggers, and ordinary Internet users, so we are interested in tricks of how you perform color correction Photoshop. On our site, you can see our works to understand what we expect from the artist of the freelance color grading jobs.

Video Tutorials About Photo Color Correction

If you are interested in our offer, we suggest revising the basics of the art of the color manipulation by watching the tutorial about color grading online. Maybe you will not learn anything new or, on the contrary, discover some new techniques; in any case, this information will be useful to you.

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Photo Retouching Blog

We haven’t created yet our own color grading school, but every day we are engaged in researches of novelties and trends in the field of retouching and photography in general. We create educational, entertaining and interesting content for the interested audience on our blog so to inspire some users to become the part of our team, and others – our customers.


Photo Retouching Freebies

To increase your interest in our offer of freelance colorist jobs, you can resort to our absolutely free tools for easy and quick editing. Using the navigation of our site, you will find sections with free presets, actions, brushes, and textures, where you can quickly download them and start fulfilling our creative task. In such a way, you will demonstrate your skills as an experienced color grader in order to become a member of our team.

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