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#17 Free Lr Portrait Preset "Brighten"

It is suitable for images taken outside when the model is posing surrounded by greenery and blossom. It doesn’t ruin the skin color and texture, it brightens nature background and makes the photo’s overall look better.


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wedding-filter-lightroom-brighten-before wedding-filter-lightroom-brighten-after
wedding-filter-lightroom-brighten-before-mob wedding-filter-lightroom-brighten-after-mob

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wedding-presets-soft-skin-before wedding-presets-soft-skin-after-mob
wedding-presets-soft-skin-before-mob wedding-presets-soft-skin-after-mob

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lightroom-presets-for-wedding-cinematic-before-mob lightroom-presets-for-wedding-cinematic-after
lightroom-presets-for-wedding-cinematic-before-mob lightroom-presets-for-wedding-cinematic-after-mob

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