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Lightroom Brushes for Portraits

Standart License ........ $35

Perfect Portrait Lightroom Brushes

    • Adobe Lightroom 5.2 and higher
    • Unlimited Number of Projects
    • Windows and Mac
    • RAW and JPEG
  • Quantity of Brushes42
  • Size25.2 KB
  • Downloads1113
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Portrait Lightroom Brushes Include:

Perfect Portrait Lightroom Brushes: Add Clarity, Add Cool, Add Details, Add Sharpen, Add Vibrance, Add Warm, Bright Background, Dark Background; Eyes: Bright, Color Blue, Color Brown, Color Green, Mascara, Sharpen, Whitening; Hair: Add Contrast, Add Dark, Add Details, Add Light; Lips: Add Shine, Blush, Bright, Contrast, Darken, Smooth and Blush, Smooth; Reduce Blue, Reduce Green, Reduce Red, Reduce Yellow; Skin: Add Blush, Reduce Blush, Reduce Light, Reduce Undereye Circles, Reduce Wrinkles, Smoothening, Tone Cool, Tone Warm, Burn, Dodge, Soften; Whitening Teeth.

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