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Majestic Landscape Collection

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Majestic Landscape Collection:

    • Commercial Use
    • Presets in .lrtemplate .xmp formats
    • 10 Lightroom Brushes
    • JPG & RAW photos
    • Lightroom 4-6, CC23
    • FREE BONUS - Black&White Presets
  • Quantity of Presets30
  • Size36 KB
  • Downloads129
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Learn More about this Item:

Majestic Landscape Lightroom Presets Collection

  • 30 wonderful presets in a premium package;
  • 70 BONUS B&W Presets for professionals;
  • Work in LR CC 2015, LR 5 and LR 6 (CC);
  • Operate on PC and Mac;
  • For photo formats as RAW and JPEG;
  • Are easily editable due to various styles and images.

As a bonus, you get 70 free black and white LR presets ideal for different photography styles: family, children, wedding, event, etc. You will get unusual and wonderful monochrome photographs as they are not typical photos of reality as we perceive it. This is a photographer’s point of view about model’s feeling and emotions. 

Lightroom Landscape Presets

This set may become your useful Lightroom tool that enhances the quality of your shots and brings them to a completely new level fast. This set of 30 Lightroom presets landscape will make your nature photographs more vivid, and show the attractiveness of each period of year. 

This photography genre requires much photography skills. Working with such images, you frequently face problems connected with poor or intense lighting and various weather conditions (rain, snow, strong wind, etc.). This is the reason why lots of photographs lack contrast. Fortunately, you can solve the problem with this bundle of landscape presets for Lightroom. The general idea is that every Lr preset is ‘focused’ on diverse climate conditions and the landscape. It may operate with fog, frost, thunderstorm, mist, dusk and much more. You can have a look at the overview photo examples for a better understanding. 

With the following presets Lightroom landscape you get about 100 preset variations and can quickly and effortlessly enhance your nature shots. Now you can express the strongest visual message and make your pictures vivid. With powerful pre-calibrated optimizations that are programmed for autumn, winter, spring or summer, it becomes easy to improve your nature images according to seasonal peculiarities and color palettes. It does not matter whether you are a professional or an amateur photo retoucher, you will like these presets and the results of their usage!

FixThePhoto Majestic Landscape Collection Includes:

30 Landscape Lightroom Presets: HDR, Soft Contrast, Clean Colors, Soft Cold Green, Warm Contrast, Greenery, Autumn, Brighten, POP Colors, Pure Shadows, Warm, Soft Clarity, Drama, Film, Contrast (for Dark), Twilight, Breeze, HDR Light, HDR Hard, Warm (for Dark), Warm (for Light), Warm Vignette, Cinematic Look, Cold Contrast, Vintage, Deep Colors, Sharpen, Bright Shadows, Evening, Sunset.

70 Black and White Lightroom Presets: Soft Contrast, Classic, Stars, Deep, Grains, Bright Matte, Dark Blue, Flm, Ocean, Sharpen, Electric, Crisp, Bright, Dark, Soft Matte, Soft Skin, Noir, Contrast, Portrait, Harmonic, Memories, Details, Blur, Mist, HDR, Trendy, Chicago, Winter, Organic, Moon Light, Ephemeral, Hollywood, Paris, Happy, Royal, Nature, Sepia, Editorial, Friday, Moody, High Key, Gleam, Dynamic, Platium, Fade, Discovery, Glamour, Beauty, Sadness, Wedding, Heroic, Brilliant, Silverstone, Pure, Goodfellas, Delight, Shine, Fashion, Nature, Achronomic, Adore, Matte Classic, Freedom, Dust, Old Style, Love, Majestic, Sleek, POP, Astronomic.

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