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Photo Retouching Examples

Click on the Before and After examples below to see some of our recent retouching work. Professional photographers all around the World trust us and send their photos for post production photography services by our highly skilled Photoshop retouchers.


Basic Retouch Examples:US $2.00 per picture

Pro Retouch Examples:US $5.00 per picture

High End Retouch Examples:US $10.00 per picture

Extra Retouch Examples:US $10.00 per picture

Photo Manipulations & Restorations Examples:US $25.00 per picture

All examples from retouchers portfolio just for you

Surely, detailed description of before and after retouching plays an important role in growing popularity of every firm, who is engaged in contemporary photo improving. But still our specialists feel that it is not enough to convince customers that photo retouching examples produced by our well-known company will stand apart from others common enhanced images. To show people all our skills, possibilities and readiness to satisfy all wishes, we introduce you our full Photoshop retouching portfolio that contains impressive photo retouching before after that are certainly unique in their beauty. Ever photo has been improved with love and deep care and that is not the only fact that contributes to world-wide popularity of these post production photography services. Strict working organization, high motivation and professional communicative skills also help our firm to be a leader concerning modern digital retouching before and after.

Levels of offered before and after retouch

From the shown retouched photos before and after it can be easily understood that quality of the presented images is impressively high without any difference what level of editing has been prefered. We are used to deal with different clients from the most demanded auteurs to hesitating beginners. Moreover, our specialists have one unique tradition concerning photo retouching samples. We always follow customer`s style to make the final result satisfactory for both sides. Surely, our specialists have rights to give some pieces of advice in case their vision of photo editing before after differs from client`s one, but still that is only a customer that decide how Photoshop retouching examples should look like. Thus, we have a very rich retouching artist portfolio that is full of high-quality images that are worth being displayed on our website in order to lure more clients and make our editing sphere bigger.

Before and after retouching of the Basic Level

This package is the most common out of all possible editing sets. It contains that basic minimum of retouching tools that cannot be omitted in case you need professionally retouched before and after that will sparkle with beauty. At the lowest retouching rates out from all modern ones, which are only $2 on your raw pictures editors that are in charge of your photography will do basic appearance improvement that includes minimal skin improving and masking, natural whitening or editing teeth, masking red eyes or other eye`s imperfects and deleting stray hair. Surprising on this described level of improving retouching portfolio examples, being highly appreciated, are also enhanced with tints correction, white balancing, exposition or deep contrast adjusting to the right level. Undoubtedly everything, which is needed for excellent photo retouching before and after will be picked

Edited photos before and after of the Pro Level

What distinguishes impressive photo retouching samples done by our manipulators of the pro quality from the previous one? Definitely the idea that on this very level our rich retouchers portfolio consists of picture that are enhanced more deeply and thoroughly. Thus, the number of editing tools in usage is considerably bigger. In addition to skin editing you will get amazed with body editing. To the list of appearance retouching eyeglass and brace deleting are added too. If touching the set of improving basic characteristic of the photography, backdrop editing can be applied together with common color or tons correction to get impressive photo retouch before and after. Everything described can be enjoyed at only $5.

Retouched before and after at the High End Level

That is a leader of choosing among experienced photo makers, who collaborate either with the range of private customers or try their skills in fashion editing. Thus, these edited photos before and after can be compared with the golden middle between common editing and something extraordinary and eye-catching. To get amazing retouching portfolio examples our specialists will enhance your pictures by careful skin and body editing with paying extra attention to all problematic areas. Moreover, every drawback will be vanished to get flawless backdrop with right color and contrast level. Undoubtedly the main bonus and distinguished feature of High End retouching that helps to stand apart is that its great in quality photo retouching examples may be improved with adding HDR effect, which is believed to become a recently appeared trend in fashion photography. For every photo editing before after you will pay $10.

Extra before and after retouch

To impress customers with retouched photos before and after presented at this effective level our specialists will concentrate mainly on image drawbacks vanishing. Definitely all amazing Photoshop retouching examples are completely flawless and that inspires lots of contemporary photographers to ask for mainly this type of editing. All kinds of photo manipulations are possible to become in usage to get cool edited photos before and after. Among modern manipulations we apply merging images, adding shadows, flipping backdrop, swapping and masking various extra photo elements the most frequently. The average rate is only $10, but everything depends on the number of added techniques.

Restoration and Digital photo manipulations

Being the most expensive photo retouching before after at this level is the most difficult and laborious. But still our manipulators are fond of digital retouching before and after that contains any types of digital manipulations as these techniques unlock new skills and abilities of our talented retouchers and it helps us to enrich our rich retouching artist portfolio. Additionally, restoration as a specific way of modern photo retouch before and after can be applied only at this definite level. Thus, if you desperately need it your choice has been made. Look at our retouchers portfolio and choose the necessary level of vintage image restoring.

Ever picture enhanced by this before and after retouching will cost you $25. The rate is not quite cheap, but the number of used tools is so diverse that undoubtedly you will not regret your decision. High quality before and after retouch cannot cost too low, otherwise you will get completed Photoshop retouching portfolio without any masterpiece in it.

We have one more interesting offering for our clients that will definitely trigger your attention. If you feel that your editing style is so unique or some unbelievable ideas do not leave your mind, show our specialists the necessary way of photo retouching before and after with thorough explanation of each detail and we will help you to put it into practice. This type of cooperation can be possible even if retouched before and after do not belong to any kind of described editing levels. Contact our managers and learn more details.

We know that talent is not the only vehicle that is able to deploy every photo business. Efforts in combination with devoted hours can do amazing magic and turn every little idea full of hesitation into tremendous dream with lots of bright possibilities.