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Portrait retouching can be considered as rising quality and attractiveness of digital pictures. In this process Lightroom and Photoshop, being the most widely-applied modern editing programs, become rather helpful. Although retouching portraits is a matter of definite creativity, this procedure has some general and obligatory tasks, such as fixing skin flaws, eyes imperfects, make-up failures and dealing with color aspect. Undisputedly, this type of editing is the most asked if we take into consideration wishes of modern photographers.

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Professional editors also are fond of this kind of image processing as it helps them to show off all talents and creativity. Thus, every editing firm that wants to hold undoubted leadership in the sophisticated retouching sphere must have unsurpassed specialists in this type of picture enhancement.

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Outstanding portrait retouch

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A great amount of people tend to be sure that attractiveness of a portrait depends to a big degree on the skills of photo maker. But in reality that turns to be a great myth. Our portrait editing team will destroy this perpetuated and really old-fashioned stereotype connected with portrait retouch. Professional picture manipulators shoulder at least 50% of general success. They should have profound knowledge in various types of complicated portrait editing. Our firm understands to the fullest this demand. We present glamour retouching of portraits, HDR editing and various other brunches of portraiture improving. There is definitely no difference what type will be selected, the pleasant quality of provided options will be undeniably high.

That is exactly their task to turn ordinary shots into ready-made photo masterpieces. They are forced to face a great amount of monotonous photo retouching work. It is undisputedly difficult to do sophisticated retouch of portraits. Portrait improving specialists spend sleepless nights in order to touch up a portrait. It takes hours to improve digital makeup, provide facial reshaping, visual make-up enhancing and correction of all mistakes, colors changing, natural teeth whitening, disappointing double chin deleting. Furthermore, all skin flaws also need to be eliminated in the most natural and not artificial way. On the contrary, all these tools enable enthusiastic photo specialists to enrich their professional skills and unbelievable talents. For instance our unparalleled retouching team will present you with your valuable photos brilliantly edited. We are not closed to recently developed shot retouching tools and options to edit photos.

Furthermore, our firm will surely benefit all clients with diverse kinds of undisputedly cheap photo editing. You can without any fears trust your precious family photos using our unrivalled family photo editing online or wonderful baby photo retouching.


Maybe you have faced a difficult challenge to sell a compartment or your house? In this particular case there is a need to have many shots in your accommodation, which will be as appealing and surely eye-catching as possible.  We will become a certain helping force for you. If you have a rare and solemn celebration, for instance your long-waited wedding, and your main desire is to freeze these moments forever to memorize them. Without professional editing you will not get anything. We are always here to give a help for you. Assess and we hope enjoy our photo retouching before after sample which show our experience and enthusiasm in picture manipulation services. Another well-known reason where you may need our unrivalled help is when you will become a seller of jewelries. We will do everything, even up to the smallest details, to show your unparalleled “treasures” in a brilliant way. Choose our jewellery retouching services and become definitely sure that our manipulators are skilled and motivated enough to meet all image demands and make even the extraordinary wishes real.

Our Portrait Photo Retouching Pricing

Pro Level

$5.00 per photo
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Services applied:

  • Just Pro Retouching
  • Red Eyes Effect Fixing
  • Acne, Skin Imperfections, Scars Removal
  • Face Skin Smoothening
  • Whiten Teeth
  • Color Correction
  • Resize/Crop Images
  • Body/Face Shaping
  • Background removal
    (Without Retouching)
  • Stray Hairs Retouching
  • One color Background Extending
  • Wrinkles Editing (Face)
  • Clipping Path for Simple Object
    (No Retouching)
  • Blur Background
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Extra Level

$10.00 per photo
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Services applied:

  • Pro Beauty Retouch
  • Merging Two Images
  • Braces Editing Out
  • Remove Unwanted Objects
  • Glasses Glare Correction
  • Background removal
    (Complex Cutting Out)
  • Swapping Heads/Body Parts
  • Changing Colors of Clothes/Image Items
  • Clothes Smoothening
  • Background Changing
  • Clipping Path (Complex Cutting Out)
  • Dodge and Burn Effect
  • Image Masking
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Bulk services for permanent customers

15% off discount for all portrait retouching services during a month who orders from total cost is more than $300.00 US
30% off discount for all portrait retouching services during a month who orders from total cost is more than $1500.00 US

Fast Quote for Portrait Photo Retouching Service

Attach several photos both in .raw, .jpeg or other file formats to find out how much it will cost to edit them. You can add several photo samples with a portrait retouching style you need and write all recommendations. To avoid any misunderstandings, just highlight the areas which have to be improved. For faster cooperation, leave your e-mail address for our consultant to contact you within an hour.

Still it should be widely understood that every particular kind of image processing has a number of certain peculiarities, which must be taken into thorough consideration. When we deal with wonderful real estate photo editing, our primary goal is to show all important details for a buyer. In unparalleled wedding photo retouching services our talented editing specialists are eager to convey the atmosphere of the celebration full of happiness. One more vital sphere of unbelievable image editing is impressive old photo restoration services.



If we decide to touch the issue of cool family photo editing, in this particular sphere we touch upon the disappointing problem of background mistakes, which must be eliminated.  However, it is so closely connected with pleasing portrait editing and headshot retouching that almost every toll can be used in these spheres without considerable changes. Here we always deal with visual flaws on face removal. Below all skin retouching tools and surely wide-spread techniques are enumerated and described. Moreover, we have enumerated the most vital digital steps which will improve even the most hopeless images into a perfectly made portrait. They will become your subjects of pride!

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Skin retouching

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Our firm provides customers with desperate need of image improving with advanced skin retouching. We will easily remove grease that will spoil even the most success photo look, shine or sweat that are also quite disappointing from the skin using diverse portraiture skin enhancing. One more popular task to raise your attractiveness is skin blemish deleting. That will allow you to be outstanding in every taken portrait photo. Make sure in the understandable fact that models are not the only one who can boast about having great portfolios in which they look unbelievably beautiful. Fortunately for us, but not very good for stars, that is not more than a professional ability of digital enhancement. Is it your dream to look like a wonderful star too? Then your fate lies in your hands! You will never regret about your decision about becoming a customer of our firm. Certainly our portraiture skin retouching will suit your demands just perfectly. Moreover, the result will be more impressive in case of selecting pro glamour retouching. But you are the only person that may decide what style to select. In have you have troubles with making a final choice, our managers will advise you.

Virtual makeup as a popular brunch of portrait editing

Professionally made make-up is certain guarantee to look unsurpassed. But having it all the time is impossible, even for professional models. If we not take real life, but touch upon the issue of photo shooting, it must be admitted that it is a special occasion and day for every of us. Thus, we are surely ready to waste great sums of money in order to enjoy professionally made make-up. Just imagine that final result on your face has not met your expectations. That is quite disappointing. We are those magicians that will solve all described problems. Digital make-up is a sure-fire way to mask every imperfect. We have power to make your lashes look longer and your eyes brighter. For sure your satisfaction will not have any limits.


Teeth whitening

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Smiling pictures always look cute. The real importance of smile is so great that it should not even be described. With its help we make everyone`s heart melt. Thus, making your photo smile unbelievably beautiful is a task of primary importance for us. And numerous appearance improving options as parts of online retouching of portraits will help us. We are not doctors, to be more precise dentists, but you will get perfect smile after collaboration with us.

Wrinkle remover

Wrinkles are those little and sometimes not visible at first sight things that can make every portrait to be a hopeless flop. The described issue is so common that every experienced photo editor starts to improve picture with this option. However, it requires really hours and much devoted retouching efforts to mask wrinkles professionally. Thus, not every image editor is able to specialize in this procedure. That is not our fear. We can reduce visible wrinkles of any kind of deepness. Make sure your portrait will be outstanding after this digital portraiture retouching. Photographed face will look at least 5 years younger. Believe us these are not empty words. We have power to make this fairytale for you come true.

Background removal

Have you noticed that every professional photo has undisputedly outstanding location? Are you still sure that every particular time before photo shooting a photo auteur spends numerous hours for selecting appropriate location? Then you are more than awfully mistaken!


Although changing or enhancing the backdrop in professionally taken photos requires a considerable amount of skill on outsource image editing tools and options.  Our unsurpassed background removal service deals with every picture location. Thus, even far or exotic ones may be implied in your precious photos. Moreover, we will remove unwanted marks in the certain background image of your shots using up-to-date post editing. It is the technique that suits for effective product photo retouching services. In case you have faced a need of it, we are waiting for your request. However, the most widely-asked option when we take portrait improving into consideration is adding a white or light-colored background to focus attention on the particular person, who is photographed. We realize for 100% that retouching fashion images requires highlighting beauty of photographed face to the greatest degree. Thus, the results after our portrait editing by well-qualified specialists are awesome without any exceptions. You will get satisfaction after assessing them.

Object Removal

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It is the kind of portraiture retouching, which has strong connections with background changing. Still it contains some peculiarities. It is especially popular in improving attractiveness of photos taken outdoors. Very often after having made some shots outside you may be awfully disappointed with some unnecessary and even ugly things on the photo background. Then we will become a definite must for you. Everything that is unwelcomed will be eliminated from a picture. Trust solving this “little” issue to our editing team of editing auteurs only!

Blemishes removing options in unrivalled portrait retouching

Undisputedly it is connected with deep skin retouching. Acne removal is quite wide-spread among our young customers. Due to some aging problems it is quite obvious. We deeply understand that the primary challenge for which we take pictures is to leave an impression behind and have your best moments frozen. It even may not be mentioned that acne is a severe enemy for every girl. But do not panic! We exist to make you feel happier with having this problem removed from your face.

Hair, lips, eyes tones correction as essential part in pro glamour portrait retouching

Fed up with your ordinary life? Do you certainly have an irreversible wish to face some drastic changings in appearance, but the fear of them have tied you down? Do not be afraid! Portrait enhancing online will solve everything.  Photographic retouching enables to change or brighten your haircolor whenever you want!


For enjoying this great option you should not have to dye hair almost every day. Portrait retouch will help to change it digitally, without making harm to you. In case that after shooting you have surprisingly noticed that you want to have green eyes instead of blue ones? Or maybe you want your lips look considerably or a little bit brighter? Just trust us! Everything will be done. Moreover, smoothing and thickening hair is also a popular and rather widely-spread retouching option done perfectly by our portrait enhancing specialists.

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Creative retouching

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Is glamour portrait improving your unreal dream? That is undoubtedly your chance to make your wishes become true. Make sure your retouched beauty will stick in people minds. Furthermore, in fashion sphere this option is quite inevitable. Still for us every client is treated like a popular celebrity. Believe, you will look like a professional model as soon as our portrait services will be applied. FixThePhoto recommends reading about recent trends in post-production industry at our unsurpassed retouching blog.

We are the best for you, why?

Meeting people`s demands is a task of the biggest importance for us. Do not feel uncomfortable to show this outsource photo retouching firm all captured imperfects. Sometimes even little trifles can turn into big problem that make the whole image unpleasant and surely awful. Post processing services for photographers that get involved in modern editing can raise the attractiveness of a portrait by making focus on the photographed subjects or making deep color correction. Various appealing retouching styles can be chosen in this wonderful company. We undoubtedly offer you to select HDR improving, pro glamour portrait enhancing and definitely other editing styles. Having done this you will for sure have a brilliant possibility to frame warm moments. Various moods and smiles of your kid, school and reunion images, corporate portraits from different celebration, fashion portraiture, bridal portraits or couple pictures, every type of shots is so valuable, that retouching them as if they were real treasures is obligatory.


Reviews of Fix The Photo portrait retouching services

More than 10 years of laborious work. More than 70000 portrait photos were edited by our portrait enhancing team. We are undisputedly proud of these numbers. Still we want to enjoy bigger numbers of customers. We want to see more happy and satisfied faces. We have a goal to have no limitations at all. So help us to achieve new tops of success.






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