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People stick together because it helped us survive in the past. Now it is a tradition, a base for the family institution which is important for everyone. Our children, parents, grand generations – these are what we call family. Family portrait editing exists for the purposes of making a group of people look better, more beautiful, united, and so forth. At the family photo editing one usually uses the same adjustments in the Photoshop and\or Lightroom as in the other kind of editing – color correction, ground work replacement, etc. Modern cameras allow shooting in the highest quality, but it is hard to alter many same photographs at once, so we offer post processing services for photographers as well as for privates.

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Why turn to Fix The Photo for the family portrait editing?

Get 50% off for Family Photo RetouchingWe teach our retouchers ourselves inside the team plus our employees spend a lot of their time looking for the new techniques to provide family photo editing online better. We guarantee you perfect professional portrait editing, retouch of your body parts, digital drawing and so on.

Get 50% off for Family Photo Retouching

We provide you a quick turnaround by default, but we can also do the family photo editing online on the extra speed and finish editing a photo session within one day.

Get 50% off for Family Photo Retouching

We understand that for many people cheap photo editing is the only possibility to try family portrait editing so we have four different price packages. The lowest rate starts at $2 per image.

Get 50% off for Family Photo Retouching

We also have pleasant discounts for each client. For example, get a post processing for over than $300 and get yourself 35% off for one time.

Get 50% off for Family Photo Retouching

If you want to become our regular client, you must go on ordering family photo editing online or something else of Fix The Photo for more than six months and pay more than $1500 in the whole during this period, and you shall get 50% off for any possible order for the next half of the year!

Just let us show you what we can do and impress you!

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If you think that making photos is all fun and good, think twice. This complicated process demands not only a lot of ideas and inspiration, but also technical knowledge: how does your camera work, which settings are right for each kind of shooting, weather, and so on. You must watch your models so that all of them stayed relaxed and natural looking, you have to see all of the flaws of their clothes, make-ups, skin, and make it look good in the camera. This is why family photo editing online is good for photo shooters, professionals as well as amateurs. A mistake can be made by anyone. Family portrait editing is especially difficult to perform as you have to elude all possible mistakes, which cannot be done just because you wish so. A big amount of people makes you lose focus and you feel tired quickly, so online family photo editing is what can prevent you from senseless waste of time and efforts.

Which services do we offer besides the family photo editing online?

There are a lot of photography spheres. All of them attract thousands of people as much as family portrait editing does. A sphere, that is most tightly connected to the family photo editing, is wedding photography post production. Then there are some other profitable branches for photographers and editors, for instance, real estate photo editing. As it is associated with the business and commercial photos, this service along with the jewelry retouching services, they are popular and demanded by many firms and companies, who want to promote their goods and services as well. Talking about the promoting, another demanded service of ours is product photo retouching services. People want to look at the brand new goods of a great quality and are waiting for you to throw some marketing campaign.

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Relatives are important as they will support you when no one else will. So, we almost mean family photo editing online again, but this time we present you old photo restoration services. Just imagine, that in a couple of decades your pictures that underwent family portrait editing can also become damaged, and in a hundred years they’re going to be in even worse state. This is why this is a service that you can need later.

What services are usually included in the family photo editing? 

Of course, family photo editing online uses all techniques that may be used. But most common are correction of the picture colours, background alteration/removal and replacement, lens and gradient filter addition, retouch of the face (eyes, eyebrows, teeth, make-up, skin are essential in the family portrait editing), scratches, damages repair, weight reduction even. Sunburns, scars, blemishes, wrinkles and other unwanted elements will be removed. Every step you saw somewhere sometimes we can repeat to perform family photo editing online perfectly in your special style.

Why choose FixThePhoto’s online family photo editing?

The temp of human life is becoming more busy with the development of the industries. Especially in the biggest cities, where family photo editing online is especially popular along with the other services. Outsource photo retouching was created in order to save your precious time. We’ve been offering family portrait editing for more than thirteen years now, and we gained our success and fame by making people’s wishes real and we are planning to go on. Despite all the difficulties, we find the process of family photo editing online exciting. We continue developing our skills and possibilities every day, we study all new trends, we create trends, we are other retouching studios perfect example of the family photo editing and also other kinds of retouch. If you compare our job to someone else’s you will notice a huge difference of retouch quality levels. If you or your friends or colleagues have any doubts, take a look at our family photo editing online retouch examples. You will find samples of other services too. So trust our company and acquire a reliable ally in the world of photography.

Try us to have more time for your essential work – shooting family sessions and growing your business.

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