Family photo editing

Family photo editing services is a special photo retouching process which main task consists of improving visual attractiveness of photographed people (family members) by using various color corrections, adjusting brightness, background changing or removing visual face or body disadvantages with the help of different editing programs as LightRoom and Photoshop. All these modern highly-developed photo editing techniques will enable you to be proud of your family photos collection. Although this shot retouching is considered to be one of the most tiring and time-taking ones, the final result of a family photography is always really impressive.

Why choose us for family photos editing?

Professional retouching skillsOur professional digital artists have excellent retouching skills performing all necessary alterations (face retouch, body retouch, color correction, background removal or replacement, digital drawings).

We meet your own retouching standards We can handle all post processing needs meeting your retouching standards with very quick turnaround.

Retouching costs from $2 per picture You can choose from 4 affordable price packages with retouching cost starts from $2 per photo.

Get 35% off for Family Photo Shooting Post ProductionIf you order for amount over $300 you will get one-time 35% off the order cost.

Get 50% off for Family Photo RetouchingIf you continue ordering post processing services from us for longer than 6 months and have ordered over $1500 in total during the time, you will get 50% off any order during the next 6 months.

Try us to have more time for your essential work – shooting family sessions and growing your business.

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There is a general stereotype that a photographer profession is all about fun, working relaxed and never having hectic lifestyle since you indulge in basically what you adore. The photographer`s profession is believed to be really creative and exciting, that’s exactly like it is, there’s no denying of that. Many of us see this occupation only in performing breath-taking photo shootings. But it isn’t exactly so, unfortunately, everything turns out to be a little bit more complicated and of higher maintenance. After all exciting photo sessions every professional photographer comes back to his photo studio and gets down in a very tiring work called photo retouching. He faces a great challenge since it takes a huge amount of patience and precision. Photo post processing for photographers is a very demanding work and doesn’t stand crude mistakes. A photographer has to turn various family photos into real masterpieces by means of pruning drawbacks away and enhancing general visual quality of photo images. It is very difficult to retouch a photo since not a single detail, which surely counts, should be omitted. Everything is so important, because even a trifle drawback especially in family portrait editing, not very eye-catching from the first sight, is able to spoil the general impression of the whole shot. That is why family photographers should be as accurate and attentive as possible in order to make really mesmerizing and timeless shots for people to remember their mutual felicitous moments by. Every photographer gets down in a very monotonous and long family photo editing including color correction, people adding or removal, background changing, red eyes removal, adding makeup, etc. The list is so long that it is even not possible to cover all the basic information at a time, it’s eeven not saying about tiny details. But still is it a sad rule? Can anyone change this situation? For sure there is a solution! Our picture retouching company is ready to shoulder family portrait editing work instead of you. All you need to do is to believe in us and our professional skills in order to trust us the most valuable photos that a person can have. Our company is always ready to offer our clients best photo retouching services in different spheres of post processing services for photographers if you are eager to be a happy owner of photo portfolio. These services are wedding photography post production is for stunning wedding photos, baby photo retouching, if you want to have ideal children photos;  real estate photo editing, jewellery retouching services, product photo retouching services and old photo restoration services. FixThePhoto is ready to collaborate you in any case.

It goes without saying that every type of shots starting from real estate photos and ending with portrait shots differs in their own procedure of online retouching and various photo changing tasks which have to be resolved. Speaking about property shooting, here the main goal is to make a building attractive to would-be buyers. If we start talking about wedding photos, here the main reason why these photos are retouched is the wish to make them eye-catching and bright enough to be memorable. In fact, family photo retouching requires one of the most high-level skills to be applied to the shots as well. Here we observe a great combination of different modern photo editing techniques which are needed in all spheres of shot retouching. In family professional portrait editing everything seems to be rather important starting from the background and finishing with personal appearance improvement. That is why this kind of photo manipulation services is for sure the most difficult ones.

Our company provides our customers with a wide range of various fix photo techniques which are introduced and described in a quite sufficient way in our retouching blog. The most popular photo retouching services are described below.


Color correction

One of the most important techniques which are essential part of prolific an successful family photo editing is color correction service. With the help of this service your family will get perfect shots. On the other hand, in order to achieve this result a lot of monotonous, as well as time-consuming techniques have to be made use of. Family photo editing online presupposes that one should avail himself of adjusting proper lighting, brightness and contrast, white balances or shadows and highlights. One more prominent feature of our team is that we never use automated editing tool in family photo editing online for making pictures pop up more. We tend to apply manual color adjustments, level ration or exposes so that everything looks more natural, harmonious and your family photos stay through life filling your heart with joy and mellowness. In our world of modern computer`s options we are always eager to use manual photo retouching which enables us to meet all the customers’ demands, and to make the best kids photos.


Changing background in family portrait editing

Not every time you have a photo session you manage to find a proper location. That is where our cheap photo editing company can be a sure-fire way to solve this problem. We are able to remove your ordinary, unremarkable and undistinguished places for photo shooting into marvelous ones. Are you dreaming about having some family photos in forest or near some flower lawns? No problem. Do you want to see your family somewhere near snowy mountains? You can easily get that with our family photo editing online  and its background removal service. We can help your dreams come true by means of making the best of your original background for people to be mesmerized by its impeccable beauty. It’s not always necessary to change the background completely. Everything depends on your wishes and preferences. Sometimes there may be various unwonted objects captures at the background of a family photo aor any other kind of drawback which spoils the overall picture somehow. That’s what needed to be alreted as well, and that’s what we can do for you with ease and pleasure. Beside just family portrait editing we avail ourselves of this Photoshop technique in any kind of headshot retouching.

Adding gradients and lens filters in family photo editing online

That is one more sure-fire way to enhance your family photos with. Thanks to our family photo editing online  there’s no need to sweat and fret about visual effects and charm of your family photos yourself since we can easily do everything for you according to you needs and wishes. Sometimes unprofessional cameras are not able to satisfy us with different photo effects which are so pleasant to observe. That is why techniques of this kind are rather useful in online family photo editing and are definitely of enormous help for those who would like to make their photos stand out even more and be exceptionally fascinating.

Moreover, our company provides all the customers with different appearance improving retouching techniques, as far as family portrait editing is concerned. For sure family photo editing online is closely connected with face retouch which is also a very popular digital photo enhancement. That is so because both types of online photo retouching deal with face editing. And here appearance improvement plays the first role. Everyone would like to look perfect and alluring in photos and not a single pimple, straw hear and other minor imperfections, which can be captured in family photos, should ever be in the way. And if you want timeless photo images that will be exceedingly pleasant to look through over and over again, than everything should look impeccable, and so does face. And below we will describe the most popular services which are offered by our professional online retouching specialists.

Eye retouching services

It goes without saying that eyes are the first to be seen in every family photo since eyes are the mirror of the sole. Only they are able to make the strongest impression on a viewer.  With the help of eyes a person is able to reveal his inner emotion or send some hidden-in-lines message. That is why every makeup artist or lens-man sees his main and most prominent task in capturing the beauty of eyes. Much effort is contributed to eye makeup. And as a rule it is not a cheap option as far as family shooting is concerned. You spend a lot of time choosing appropriate clothes, then you make your choice about marvelous location in order to have the eye-catching background and finally you pay money to have a professional makeup. When thinking about the humongous amount of efforts, time and, most importantly, money, there is not much left except growing upset and disappointed when it’s all spoilt by red eyes or some other kind of imperfection or drawback which is a natural thing to happen, no one is perfect, you know, even automated gadgets That is where family photo editing online comes to be so helpful and our friendly photo editing team is ready to help you with family portrait editing. We are skilled enough in order to make your eyes look stunningly brilliant and attractive. For example lengthening and darkening lashes are very effective babies images improving options.    Do you want to highlight your eyes in a shot? No problem! Are you eager to add some online makeup which will be looking natural and bright at one time? Then our photo retouching online service is a must have for you. Maybe you are totally disappointed because of under-eye bags? We can make them disappear. That is not a problem for us.

Eyebrows retouching 

Many people are likely to have their eyebrows trimmed by a professional several days before shooting. But still it does not help all the time. Sometimes you cannot avoid using online photo fixing service in order to have ideal eyebrows, at least when it comes to professional photography gear that is capable of catching even the tiniest details. It goes without saying that eyebrow-threading or waxing leave not very attractive mark in shots. That is why the lens, as a rule, captures them unflatteringly. As a result they can become a hiccup for you. But don’t be fast to get disappointed. Our professional photo retouching experts will make your eyebrows look exactly what you want them to look.

Whitening teeth

A smile is a magic thing. With its help you may leave positive impression about yourself, you may find and make friends. Sometimes out smile is the only thing which is required to make others feel better. That is why a lot of us are dreaming about having a perfectly stunning white smile. Although we are not magicians and we are not able to present you with a beautiful smile like celebrities have in real life, but we can make it for sure better at least in photos. Our photo retouching company is skilled enough to apply an ingenious family portrait editing in order to make your smile exactly perfect. For sure you will be satisfied.

Repairing damages and scratches

Sometimes our bodies look not as perfectly as we expect them to be. But in photos, as in special memorable frozen moments, we are eager to be as attractive as we can. Unfortunately, different, even little “body drawbacks” can become a great problem for us. Our company understands this problem 100%. We realize that you do not want, every time you look at your shots, to see and to notice some scarves or damages or just teeny-tiny things which can drive you mad sometimes or simply are not the favorite things about yourself. That is why our digital photo retouching services will solve this problem for you in the process of highly professional family photo editing online. Using different modern techniques of image retouching, we will make your photos brilliant. With our help you will forget about your “little secrets” forever, at least in your photos and make the process of looking through your home photo collection relaxing and pleasant.

Skin retouching

Are you eager to have best class photographs of your family, but skin problems spoil everything? Or maybe you have been dreaming about a professional family photo shooting, but you are afraid that your skin problems will be vividly seen? Is this the only reason why you deny having a family photo session? Stop considering it to be a huge problem! Our professional photo retouching service will become a helping hand for you in getting rid of these drawbacks at least in photos. After careful and accurate family portrait editing, various skin-smothening techniques and editing tricks your skin will definitely look naturally beautiful and outstanding. We can even look to it that your skin looks as if you had spent numerous hours in SPA. It goes without saying that after our family photo editing online you will look like a real star or at least like a famous celebrity. And by the way, they are fond of using such kinds of techniques in order to make digital image retouching. That is why in their shots they always look outstanding.

Performing “virtual” weight reduction

We cannot but mention that this photo editing option is the most popular in family photo editing online, especially it has been on the top of popularity lately according to the general stereotypes and icons of the contemporary society when it comes to body image. Every time we retouch photos, especially family or portrait shots, we are asked to use this technique. That is why we have such high professional skills. Definitely you will be satisfied with final result. We are always open to understand your problems and wishes about this topic. Do not be worried, as every problem can be solved. Are you eager to put on your favorite mini-dress on, but you are afraid because of some extra kilos? Do not start panic. We will make you look as if you were a real star just with the help of our ingenious and skillful family photo editing online!

Other face improving retouching options

The list of appearance retouching techniques that are used in family portrait editing quite frequently is extremely long. Every time we have new photos to be edited we face different wishes to be satisfied in our professional family photo editing online. But still it is only a pleasure for us since we know and love what we do. Our team will help you in wrinkles smoothing and reduction, blemishes retouch and removal, hiding sunburn, skin tone evening, airbrushing applying, getting rid of dark spots etc. Be sure your every wish will be understood and done.

Why to choose exactly our company? 

It goes without saying that family portrait editing process is hard and exciting at the same time. A lot of tiring work should be done in order to make masterpieces out from the ordinary family photos. We understood that family photo shooting is not an ordinary thing for us. Due to quick tempo of life or jobs that demand our presents all the time, it is extremely hard and sometimes almost impossible to gather all the family. But in those rarely moments when a whole family is at home we are often eager to organize family photo shooting. That is why we spend our time, energy and money to prepare everything right for this event. And as the final result we expect the perfectly made photos. That is where you will be in need of the professional retouchers, outsource photo retouching companies and their exceptionally skillful family photo editing online. And our team is always eager to offer you a lot of different retouching services which are done extremely conscientiously and on the upper level. There is a great number of advantages which make us skilled enough for your trust and goodwill towards our family portrait editing services.

Firstly, our family photo editing online team consists only of professional photo retouching specialists who are greatly keen on family photo editing online and are exceptionally good at it. Everyone in our team has more than 5 years of experience in the sphere of digital photo editing.

Moreover, we are always open to understand all your photo mistakes and eager to solve them. Make sure that here you will be totally understood. Every your wish even the most extraordinary one will be done.

Furthermore, our photo retouching prices will please you. Our photo editing prices are rather low especially considering how skilful our family photo editing online is. You will be positively surprised with them. But still low prices do not mean bad quality. That we can say for sure. There are loads of photo retouching companies that charge you sky-high prices but in reality do only some miserable work for that enormous amount of money

In addition to this, we have more than 10 years of outstanding shot retouching spheres. More than 90000 shots were retouched by our professionals during the existence of our company. View our photo retouching before after examples to know about what we are talking about. And there you can encounter some of the examples of our precise and meticulous family portrait editing. But it is not our sky limit.

Moreover, our company of digital retouching services will benefit you not only with posh and state-of-the-art family photo editing online services, but also with family photo restoration services. Do you have photos of bad quality of your beloved grannies or other relatives? Make them live again. Photos of this kind are too valuable to be thrown away or hidden in a far corner like any other family photo which can’t but live through time and care millions of stories and pleasant emotions and sensations along.