Fix The Photo Academic Scholarship

Fix The Photo Academic Scholarship 2017This year our professional photography post production company announces a scholarship program for 2017 year. We will choose three lucky winners to get $1500 for covering all expenses for studding or just self-development. We are totally confident that your talents and eagerness to make this world better must be appreciated. Thus, we have created this beneficial program exactly for students that are thirsty for opening new horizons.

Learn more about our Photo Editing Service

Fix The Photo holds leadership in the demanding sphere of photography post processing services for more than 13 years. Our team consists of impressively skillful photo makers and experienced picture editors who are able to work with numerous image retouching programs, but mainly with Photoshop and LightRoom.

Certainly love for what we do has made it possible to create such a diverse range of provided photo improving services. The most asked ones are surely commercial photo orders. Thus, we pay special attention to applying accomplished product photo retouching services, exceptional real estate photo editing and first-rate jewelry retouching services. Picture outcomes after such editing types can be seen in various catalogs and magazines and this speaks for their quality better than all compliments. Private retouching also does not fall behind. The group of our photo manipulators often faces the challenge to work with professional portrait editing, family photo editing and baby photo retouching. One more service that is the most extensive is wedding photography post production, which is also in the list of top-offered options as well as recently added headshot retouching. Here we focus on live communication with our customers in order to realize all their wishes and personal views on final results.

All these show that the work of professional photo manipulator cannot be monotonous. The circle of editing options makes the photo retouching job really a great field for realizing all ambitions. There are some of them that impress clients with constant creativity and outstanding picture outcomes. They are unusual photo montage services and time-taking photo restoration services. Our team spends numerous working hours to satisfy both newbie and professional photographers.

What you should do to apply for this scholarship

  1. To start the application process and to be considered as a potential winner by our post processing company, first of all you should create your own essay by following all instructions, which will be described below as well as the topic.  
  2. When the text is ready, please send it to our email Email us
  3. As soon as creative part will be finished, you should fill in the application form that you will find below. Please notice that you must be concentrated in order not to make mistakes, otherwise your form will not be activated.
  4. The application submission deadline is May 31, 2017 11:59 PM EST.

Important details about the scholarship program

Conditions of Award:

Our Company will choose three deserving winners this year, whose essays will be the most eye-catching and contain fresh ideas. But still you should notice that you can take part only once in this competition. Award permissibility: To suit all requirements you should be either a Graduate or an Undergraduate. In case you are studying in High School, you must add acceptance letter from university or college that has accreditation.

Requirements to future essay:

Below you will see all instructions for proper writing. Hope that they will be quite helpful for creating your text.

Notice that students of all nationalities may take active part in this competition. We are open to enthusiastic students from various countries all over the world.

The process of application:

Your task is to write an essay of nearly 1500-2000 words on the demanded topic and certainly following all of the mentioned instructions.

Taking photos has become a real mainstream in contemporary society. Numberless people cannot imagine their solemn celebrations and just every day routine without cameras and taken shots that further are printed for the keeping the most valuable moments. Digital photography allows us enjoying not only paper printed pictures. There are many technical gadgets, which can capture every moment. Can you imagine how this has changed the world and our life? Describe your vision on this topic.

Please, check your essay thoroughly before sending. You have to notice that works with grammatical, format and punctuation mistakes will be definitely disqualified. One more important issue is to make sure that your text contains all necessary information and facts that you have planned to mention. An unbreakable rule is that single student has only one opportunity to take part in this writing contest. In case student provides second application, his/her work will be automatically disqualified.

In case of successful application, you are sure to receive an email with conformation within only 7 working days after sending all required information to us. Note once again that we will not accept any application after 11:59 PM EST, May 31, 2017. So you must be quick in order not to miss your chance.

About The Scholarship

As we have already mentioned, our post processing company will select only three winners for getting this scholarship. Winners will be able to receive the price, which is $1500, only once. You will have no possibility to apply for next year in case you taking part this year. After the mentioned deadline you will be able to find out the winner in a week. This time will be enough for our specialist to decide whose essays are the best and deserve being awarded. You also should know that payment will be sent to University`s financial office from where it will be transferred to your student`s account.

Criteria for future applicant:

Below we will notice some necessary demands that have to be definitely followed without any possible exceptions and changes.

In case following all described rules, you have a great chance for success in this competition. We are open to fresh and totally new vision about the future of the photo art industry. Thus, we are waiting for your rich in content essays! In case having problems with application or just questions, please contact us via email Email us

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