Video Marketing Insider Review 2021

Video Marketing Insider

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Verdict: Video Marketing Insider is a reputable course platform that also provides valuable resources to further deepen the knowledge you’ve gained during training. It offers over one hundred hours of training content, marketing tools, high-quality stock footage, DFY keyword research, case studies, and much more.

Additionally, Video Marketing Insider can be of great help for anyone interested in real estate video marketing to expand their photography brand. VMI earns a strong recommendation in this review, as it provides a great bang for your buck compared to what you’ll usually get from digital marketing courses.

  • Plenty of useful training content that is constantly updated
  • Comes with handy utilities and programs
  • Reliable support
  • Fantastic bonus sources that help save funds and time
  • Large amount of content can seem overwhelming
video marketing insider website

The founder of the platform, Adam Payne, comes across as a genuine person that truly wants his clients to meet their goals, so he ensures the platform is constantly evolving while providing support to its members when necessary.

VMI was established to help beginning entrepreneurs get acquainted with the video marketing world and learn how to use it to promote their brand without being forced to learn dozens of video editing programs or having to appear on camera themselves if they don’t feel comfortable doing so.

VMI is a platform that provides training courses as well as utilities designed to teach you to grow your business using videos. The owner of the site is straightforward about what his brainchild has to offer and that is exactly what you’ll learn from this review.

Video Marketing Insider Training

video marketing insider training

VMI provides training content that is focused on different subjects. It isn’t just related to YouTube like many businesspersons seem to think when hearing about video marketing for the first time.

The post below goes in-depth on the type of courses are offered by VMI, helping you determine what kind of training fits your needs better.

Each category listed on the site includes multiple complete courses. The courses are presented in video form, and Adam Payne is a master of producing comprehensible tutorials that explain everything in detailed, easy-to-follow steps.

The number of covered topics might be overwhelming at first. For instance, you can pick the video optimization section or decide to learn more about video editing services.

Each subtopic like that comes with an entire course that consists of a video playlist that covers all the details of the subject. To help you not get lost in this sea of content, the platform allows you to add checkmarks to the courses you’ve already finished, making it easier to track your progress.

video marketing insider roadmaps

Another feature implemented by Adam to help users ease into training is roadmaps. They make it simpler to figure out what type of courses are recommended for you to meet your specific goals. Each roadmap comes with an explanation of what kind of training you should focus on while also suggesting an order of courses that have proven to provide the best results for your needs.

Finally, it’s vital to note that the courses offered by Video Marketing Insider receive frequent updates and new training videos are added constantly to ensure platform members stay up-to-date on all the latest trends.

Tools Included in Video Marketing Insider Membership

Other than training, VMI provides multiple video marketing tools for you to enjoy. These utilities were developed specifically for VMI and are only available here. All included tools are web-based so you need a Mac or PC to access them.

The number of provided tools is too long to list, as are their purposes, but you don’t necessarily have to learn all of them to achieve your specific goals.

That said, many of them are extremely handy and can help you reach new levels of success in promoting your business. All tools come with tutorial videos that teach you how to employ them and what potential benefits they can bring. For instance, you’ll find a list of all recommended tools with an instruction manual and creative promo video ideas for your photography business.

Lifetime platform members are also granted access to extra utilities, but those will be covered in a later section of this Video Marketing Insider review.

Additional Resources Inside Video Marketing Insider

One of the most appealing aspects of VMI is that it strives to provide its users all the information they need to master video marketing on a single platform. Thus, it includes extra resources for members, some of which are covered below.

Akin to the training content and tools, it’s vital to note that these sources are regularly updated so VMI might offer even more resources than described below by the time you read this post.

HD Stock Videos

When producing content for video marketing, being able to use quality stock footage can be immensely helpful. However, if you try to purchase it via Shutterstock or other similar sites, you’ll quickly get discouraged with their prices. Thankfully, members of VMI receive access to hundreds of stock clips without having to pay for anything other than the subscription.

The platform lets you download the videos, edit them, and use them for any need you see fit. If you're working in a niche that currently doesn't have suitable stock videos, reach out to VMI's support and they'll try to add something suitable as quickly as they can.

This bonus resource can be a lifesaver in many situations that allows saving hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Case Studies

Case studies can be of great help when it comes to learning from the success and failure stories of other entrepreneurs. VMI supplies its members with multiple case studies that give real-life examples of what you should and shouldn’t do in video marketing.

The library of existing studies is already solid and it gets bigger with every update. However, don’t make the mistake of rushing to the case studies as soon as you get a membership without finishing any training first. It’s vital to have a proper foundation in video marketing before you can take away the correct lessons from the provided examples.

List of the Best Tools

video marketing insider tools

If you’ve been involved in any type of marketing in the past, you probably know there’s a large number of tools you can use to boost its efficiency. Some are highly effective while others provide disappointing results or cost too much for what they offer.

The resource list provided by Video Marketing Insider can be of great help here. It goes over all the tools Adam relies on himself. Each tool is accompanied by a video that explains what it can do, making it easier to determine whether it's relevant for your marketing strategy or not.

You won't need all of them, but getting at least a couple of tools can be instrumental for reinforcing your marketing efforts.

DFY Keyword Research

video marketing insider keyword research

If you’d like to have your videos ranked highly on Google, YouTube, or other platforms, then it’s vital to conduct proper keyword research.

Getting this aspect right requires a solid time investment, particularly if you’re new to this sort of thing. It’s also possible that’ll have to blow a huge portion of your marketing budget on tools that allow you to analyze keyword relevancy. Thankfully, VMI comes with DFY keyword research that helps you avoid those expenditures.

All covered topics contain hundreds of keywords and can be a great source of inspiration for your future videos. The list is frequently updated with new niches so if your field of expertise is missing, be sure to contact VMI support and you’re likely to receive a list that is tailored for your business.


video marketing insider prices

As evident from this review, members of this platform gain access to a lot of content and tools. The last thing you need to find out is the price. The site gives you two membership options: 1-year or lifetime.

VMI doesn't allow you to purchase a monthly subscription since its founder believes that if you want to achieve success in video marketing, you need to make a long-term commitment since otherwise, you won't see any feasible results.

With a yearly plan, you have more than enough time to learn all the necessary courses, master the provided tools, and study the ins and outs of video marketing. While the annual price of $500 might seem scary initially, the amount of included content more than makes up for it.

The second option you have is to purchase a lifetime membership. With a single payment of $1500, you’ll receive unlimited access to all the training courses, tools, and sources provided by VMI for as long as you need. Lifetime members also gain access to multiple exclusive tools and features as well as a Skype call with Adam.


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