11 Best Free Torrent Players in 2020

11 Best Free Torrent Players in 2020

Using a torrent player you get the opportunity to view large media files without downloading them to your computer. I have compiled the list of 11 best free torrent players that will let you enjoy your favorite TV shows for free.

Top 11 Best Torrent Players

  1. VLC media player - Our choice
  2. WebTorrent Desktop - Modern interface
  3. ROX Player - Lightweight torrent player
  4. ACE Player HD - Improved VLC player
  5. Soda Player - The best choice for Mac OS
  6. Magnet Player - Streams torrents directly from your browser
  7. Vuze Bittorrent Client - Built-in torrent client
  8. Webtor - Online viewing via BitTorrent
  9. Leawo Blu-ray Player - For watching Blu-ray
  10. 5KPlayer - For those who need customizable settings
  11. Player - Player with a portable version

Downloading files using BitTorrent servers is very convenient since you can transfer large media files from one computer to another. A torrent file doesn’t contain media content, but includes metadata of files and folders. To open and play a torrent file, you need a torrent mediaplayer.

1. VLC Media Player – Our Choice

The best torrent player in 2020
  • Free and cross-platform
  • High-quality video streaming 
  • Works with numerous video/audio formats
  • May lag while playing 4K videos 
  • Sometimes can’t play H.265

This is the most popular torrent player that works with torrent clients and torrent sites. VLC is a free, open-source multimedia playback tool that can play torrent files.

VLC is compatible with many operating systems and mobile platforms, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and more.

vlc torrent player interface

2. WebTorrent Desktop

Modern interface
  • Supports streaming
  • Open-source
  • Appealing interface
  • WebRTC's connection model
  • Could have more advanced controls

WebTorrent Desktop is a free torrent client that is designed for media streaming. It is considered to be one of the most effective tools to stream audio and video online. After you launch the program, it is necessary to drag and drop a file to the window and use Ctrl+V shortcuts.

Also, you can add a magnet link by choosing Edit > "Paste Torrent Address." If the torrent includes several media files, just click on it and select a particular video or audio to play it.

webtorrent desktop torrent player interface

3. ROX Player

Lightweight torrent player
  • Rewind option
  • Ability to play files directly from the net
  • Plays numerous file formats
  • Problems with playing multiple files

ROX Player is an excellent torrent video player for Windows, which has a useful playback feature. To run the program, click "File" → "Open .torrent" and then specify the torrent file, its URL, or a magnet link. After a short buffering, the movie will start playing.

Also, ROX Player supports video rewind option. Click on the rewind bar below, and the program will start downloading exactly the part of the movie that you need.

By default, all your files will be downloaded to the program folder and deleted when you exit ROX Player. You can change these settings if you want to watch the movies later.

rox torrent player interface interface

4. ACE Player HD

Improved VLC player
  • VLC player capabilities
  • Support for streaming
  • Offers HD Video output
  • Supports various file formats
  • Contains ads
  • Unstable work on Android

ACE Player HD is a simplified version of the VLC player. Since it uses the basic functionality of VLC, ACE player HD supports hardware acceleration (can let the graphic card perform video editing) and audio normalization.

The video player works with the torrent client, which allows you to view torrent files without downloading them to the hard drive. The rewind feature works very fast as well.

The main downside of this torrents video player is the built-in ads, which sometimes pop up when you run a torrent file. Also, the ads appear in a separate browser window. You can get rid of these inconveniences by switching to the paid version of the program.

ace player hd torrent interface

5. Soda Player

Best choice for Mac OS
  • Uninterrupted 4K video playback
  • 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound
  • Works with Apple TV and AirPlay
  • Can’t resume playback from the point you left off
  • Personal data security issues

You can use QuickTime Player on Mac OS right out of the box. However, it is not the best option for viewing video since this media player isn’t compatible with many file formats. Moreover, QuickTime Player has a very basic set of features.

Currently, Soda Player is one of the best video players for Mac OS, in terms of both interface and capabilities. It can play almost any video format, including the latest HEVC (H.265), AC-3, DTS, WebM. Also, you can stream movies directly from torrent trackers.

soda torrent player interface

6. Magnet Player

Streams torrents directly from your browser
  • Doesn’t require installation
  • One-button interface
  • Doesn’t support MKV, AVI or H265
  • Often lags

Magnet Player is a web-based tool that allows you to stream videos online. Unlike other torrent players, it uses WebTorrent instead of BitTorrent. It is user-friendly and doesn’t require any additional tools. However, since it is an online service, it has some downsides.

The web-based services that use WebTorrent can’t work with both WebTorrent and BitTorrent connections like desktop programs. This means that you deprive yourself of the opportunity to use all the available peers.

To enjoy your favorite movie, you need to add a file to your torrent client or paste a magnet link/info hash into the box. Magnet Player will show the file when there is a sufficient amount of data in the buffer.

magnet torrent player interface

7. Vuze Bittorrent Client

Built-in torrent client
  • Ability to perform multiple tasks
  • Free built-in antivirus
  • Cross-platform
  • Free version contains ads
  • Lacks tracker exchange

Vuze is a widely recognizable torrent movie player that lets you download and view several torrent files simultaneously. With this program, you can easily search and download all the necessary media.

The strongest advantage of Vuze Bittorrent Client is that it comes with free antivirus to prevent downloading viruses. Also, the program includes a preview option.

vuze torrent player interface

8. Webtor

Online viewing via BitTorrent
  • Files transcoding
  • Support for downloading .torrent files
  • Audio and subtitle stream selection button does not work
  • Requires fast Internet connection
  • Unstable work of a video rewind feature

Webtor is a feature-rich torrent movies player that uses standard BitTorrent. Apart from H264 and MP4, it is compatible with such popular video formats as MKV, AVI, and H265. Another upside of this program is that it automatically converts audio and video to the desired playback format that your browser supports.

Just select “Open torrent online” to find the necessary torrent file or add a magnet link into the box by clicking Ctrl+V. As soon as the player has analyzed the torrent, you can hover the mouse over the file and play it by pressing the corresponding button.

In case you press the download button, you will initiate the downloading process. Wait until the process completes, and feel free to play your media.

webtor torrent player interface

9. Leawo Blu-ray Player

For watching Blu-ray
  • Neat interface
  • Ability to play DTS-5.1 audio in lossless quality
  • Quick, region-free Blu-ray playback
  • Compatible only with Windows 7,8,10
  • Inconvenient files managements
  • No Blu-ray disc playback

Leawo Blu-ray Player is a free program that will be especially useful when you want to boost your Blu-ray movie experience. With this torrent player, you can download, save, and stream files from various torrent services without any hassle.

Leawo supports the majority of input, output, and playback file formats. Another distinctive feature of this program is the ability to download clips from YouTube and save live streams to view them later.

Apart from the impressive media performance, users can enjoy high-quality visuals, and sound Leawo delivers.

leawo torrent player interface

10. 5KPlayer

For those who need customizable settings
  • Works with the most common file formats
  • Ability to view and download videos from YouTube
  • Supports RStereo, Dolby and DTS
  • AirPlay and DLNA support
  • Cluttered interface
  • Poor 4K and 8K video performance

With 5KPlayer, you can play all standard audio and video formats and codecs. The player also supports hardware acceleration by NVIDIA CUDA, Intel QSV, and DXVA 2.0. Those, who are all about audio customization, can enjoy support for multi-channel RStereo, Dolby, and DTS.

Apart from viewing YouTube clips, 5KPlayer allows you to download and save files for future use. Moreover, this program delivers excellent video and audio quality, even if you play torrent files.

You can also make the most of other features like file conversion, video editing, and the ability to save magnet link to view the clip later.

5kplayer torrent player interface

11. KMPlayer

Player with a portable version
  • High level of video processing
  • Reads 3D files
  • Ability to play files without installation
  • Outdated interface
  • Slow torrent download speed

KMPlayer reads all multimedia formats (VCD, DVD, OGM, 3GP, WMV, RealMedia, Ogg Theora, and others), has dozens of features, and an intuitive interface. This torrent mediaplayer includes everything for high-quality playback of audio and video files.

KMPlayer easily plays damaged or incomplete files, can capture audio and video from a file, and supports all subtitle formats.

Professionals will appreciate the video editing capabilities of this program. With KMPlayer, you can change image attributes, increase sharpness, apply filters and save parts of a video.

kmplayer torrent player interface
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