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Seal Media

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Verdict: Seal Media is a marketing company that offers a full range of advertising and strategic services for clients. The company was founded to help small businesses become successful. A professional team can help develop a relevant strategy that will speak to your target audience.

I am impressed by their professional approach in meeting clients’ needs in the media using various techniques. Besides, Seal Media provides fast execution of orders and guarantees a proper result. Their main specialization is branding content, a short doc-format description, and a product demonstration, which helps define client’s motifs he/she tries to express by the service or product.

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  • Focus on clients’ satisfaction
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The team works primarily with small and medium-sized businesses in various niches. It was easy for me to trust their team due to a vast experience and ready-made cases.

Since there are many strategies in the digital marketing industry, you should have a keen mind and curiosity to stay one step ahead of the competition. They develop strategies to maximize customer ROI, which drives real-time growth and niche success.

Seal Media Company Main Features

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Seal Media uses Google My Business, SEO, social media promotion, and paid ad campaigns to interact with audiences. The Seal Media team creates commercials, films, videos about a company, video reviews of products, and any other content you want to deliver to your customers.

The company works hard to cover all media needs. The best results are possible thanks to well-prepared digital marketing strategies and high-quality SEO. The main goal of the company is to help clients get the most out of their ROI.

Building a Modern Marketing Strategy

A detailed brand marketing strategy can set the right vector for long-term development. When working on a marketing plan, Seal Media covers all important directions where your brand should develop – product, value, place, and promotion.

They aim to create proper digital marketing strategies that comply with a particular brand. They will help you develop original approaches that will shape your “brand's behavior” over a long time. This refers to decisions regarding sales markets, target audience, pricing methods, sales channels, and advertising approach.

They carefully study the current market situation and determine goals, plan future events for brand promotion and sales of goods, form a budget and expenses.

Vast Experience

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Seal content marketing company has been working since 2007, so these experts perfectly understand what different clients need. You can make sure they are competent by going through a 15-minute free telephone consultation.

The company used to work on multiple projects without a clear strategy for the media they were engaged in. Over time, they have grown to fully meet the needs of clients through media creation, social networking, and search engine optimization.

The team has partnered with many digital marketing agencies to empower customers on social media or big budget paid media ad campaigns by Adalane Media Group, focused on improved performance metrics.

Complete Social Media Packaging

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Seal Media offers social media, web design, and content creation services for bars, shops, beauty and health industries, engineering, and business. There are no industry restrictions. Starting work on your social media project, these guys are completely immersed in the process. After getting an in-depth research, they start developing content.

If necessary, they can take photos to pack your social media profile completely. It can be Instagram, Facebook, Flicker, or LinkedIn. Professionals also write selling texts, slogans and create an individual ton of voice for communicating with your consumer.

Creation of Modern Websites

Seal Media video production company developed a website and provided social media marketing services for small and medium businesses. The project involves creating an online portfolio and publishable promotional content. Besides, the team offers concept and design, writing code, and necessary functionality, for example, a user's account.

They cover a full range of services from idea to further promotion. Thus, you get a ready-made turnkey website with a strategy for bringing it to the top of search engines by using exclusively legal promotion methods.

TurnKey Marketing Video

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The team of professionals devotes most of their time to video content creation. There are cameramen, who use professional DSLRs for video, scriptwriters, as well as retouchers and editors. Filming is organized in several stages from clarifying your wishes to delivering the finished product.

In the standard version, the finished video is in HD, but if you need 4K for large screens, this won’t be a problem, given they use professional video editing software.

The relationship they build with clients helps reach the desired results faster. They focus on options to create highly engaging media. That’s why, services include scriptwriting and pitching concepts, project development and video editing.

Informative Blog

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To lure clients for long-term cooperation, the company invests a lot of time and effort in maintaining a high-quality blog. This is a separate page on the official Seal Media website.

There are informative articles that highlight the expertise of the team members, describe all aspects of hiring a freelancer videographer as well as working with full-fledged agencies.

They always keep up with the times. The blog contains articles on marketing, promotion, social media, the latest trends, and news in the advertising and web design industries. This blog is useful both before you place an order and after you get a finished project to better understand how the modern world of PR works.

Extensive Portfolio

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The company constantly generates unique promo video ideas, makes films and commercials, so their portfolio definitely deserves complimentary words. The portfolio demonstrates not only a professional approach but also advanced approaches to digital marketing. These experts provide such services as SEO, Google My Business (GMB), paid advertising, social media content plans, and engagement.

Seal Media Company Prices

Since each service has certain nuances, you’ll know the final cost after defining your demands. In the early stages of creating a marketing strategy or commercial, you can’t get an exact price. While working on a project, Seal Media tries to satisfy all client’s needs by discussing props, making adjustments, etc.

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