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Verdict: PixelPK is a company that develops software, mobile applications, creates graphic design, and digital marketing assets for photographers, teachers, managers, freelancers, directors, and business owners.

It is very impressive that the agency has been offering all-in-one business solutions to companies of all types and sizes for over 5 years. The experts develop an individual plan for each company they cooperate with. Using well-elaborated software, they have created successful projects for more than 300 companies and helped them expand a clientele base.

  • Wide range of services
  • Innovative technologies
  • Data security
  • Mobile and web app development for photographers
  • Create a plan and design individually for each client
  • Flexible digital marketing
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PixelPK experts offer a wide spectrum of services such as web application development, CMS and ERP, SAAS, digital marketing, and social media strategies. In addition, they use professional graphic design software to develop graphic design and dedicated animation software to create video animation. The PixelPK company will help you build and expand your business.

Complete PixelPK Review – Main Services

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PixelPK is one of the best digital marketing agencies, which can create a perfect online environment and help you increase your income. In addition, the company helps improve your brand identity with social media and digital marketing services.

The bragging point of the agency is that their mobile application developers have more than a decade of experience in creating solutions that satisfy consumer needs, strengthen the company's corporate identity, and contribute to business growth. No matter which sphere you are engaged in, the company will offer the best solution and great software.

Universal Software for Photographers

pixelpk interface software development

The agency covers the entire mobile app development spectrum, starting from concept creation and ending with app production. You can delegate any task to this company, no matter how varied or complex your requirements are. The PixelPK digital marketing experts strive to optimize processes, combine operations into a single structure, and increase the efficiency of a commercial company.

They have years of experience in websites development for almost every sphere. They work with numerous platforms, including WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. Using the best website builders for photographers, PixelPK specialists will create an intuitive and user-friendly website.

Even if you have a complex business network with a back-end database, Pixelpk's web solutions run smoothly and consistently across all platforms. Hosting specialists will help you fix all issues and ensure the security and optimization of your application.

Appealing Website Design

pixelpk interface development and design website

Using top-notch web design software, the team creates an appealing interface for your website that will showcase all the information your potential customers may need. Moreover, it will have intuitive navigation and first-class performance. WordPress specialists will create a fully customizable web platform that is perfect for building any website.

Interestingly, the team has designed a platform for a non-technical audience. It is so intuitive that anyone can feel like a WordPress web developer.

Fast Bug Fixing and Business Automation

PixelPK can fix some bugs on your site. An experienced team of web developers, designers, and support staff will help you solve performance problems.

If there is a manual procedure on your site that you want to automate, PixelPK digital marketing experts can create a personalized, stable, and scalable structure based on your business needs.

Custom iOS and Android App Development

pixelpk interface mobile app development

PixelPK is also one of the best app development companies since it offers high-quality services for mobile app development, integration, and management. The agency manages the entire mobile app development process, from design to delivery and ongoing support, whether it is a consumer-focused application or a game-changing enterprise solution.

PixelPK has a single codebase and provides a PWA feature while adding native-like features to your app. In addition, the company develops companion applications for a wide range of wearable devices and integrates them with mobile devices and proprietary peripherals.

Maximum Data Security in Online Resources

The PixelPK team stores backups of clients' projects in order to resolve any problem as quickly as possible. Also, this organization offers maximum security for all your personal information, ensures confidentiality, and delivers high-quality products.

This approach to data safety guarantees that the agency will fulfill all specifications of projects and save them if necessary.

Fast Planning and Efficient Design

pixelpk interface planning and design

PixelPK uses modern approaches for quick, systematic, and well-organized development of advanced technology solutions to avoid errors in the finished product. First of all, the company draws up an individual plan for each client. Then, it collects all the important information from clients to provide unique software development solutions that meet their needs.

PixelPK digital marketing experts start with analyzing your needs and competitors. After that they draw up sketches and wireframes, and create a dynamic prototype of a graphical interface using the UI design software.

They always follow design standards, procedures, and regulations. This planning strategy allows you to select the right technologies for your brand and industry, develop a strategy and bring it to life.

Effective Quality Assurance Testing & Execution

pixelpk quality assurance testing

After the development process, the agency performs QA and project execution, which involves the evaluating the software quality and bugs fixing. Finally, the finished software is deployed and tested for any deployment issues.

The PixelPK's tech team is always ready to provide recommendations and make changes to improve the product during the discovery, design, and development phases.

Personal Digital Marketing Strategy

pixelpk digital marketing

I like that PixelPK creates a unique digital marketing strategy. The point is that the strategy designed for a certain audience segment may not work for another. However, due to a flexible approach and individual plan, you can considerably increase your income, save time, money, and resources.

PixelPK will develop a complete marketing strategy plan that clearly outlines the right direction to achieve your goal, a rundown, and a video for your team. After your project has been released, the agency will help promote it on social or digital media platforms.

Social media for photographers allows you to connect with your audience, share updates, information, and content about your products and services, tech your audience, and increase traffic through engaging content.

To promote your products and services online, these digital marketing experts use advanced organic and paid search strategies so you can grab your customers’ attention. PixelPK can help you effectively design and implement both your Google AdWords strategy and organic digital marketing methods.

PixelPK Prices

PixelPK create customer-tailored solutions, so the cost is calculated depending on the needs of your business. In addition, you can call or email the company to discuss your business goals.

You can also fill out the form on the website. Specify your name, phone number and email, company name, and website URL. Describe the requirements or services you would like to get and what you want to improve in your company. Also, identify an estimated monthly budget.

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