IncentFit Corporate Wellness Platform Review

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Verdict: IncentFit delivers health improvement services for small and medium-sized enterprises. With a well-elaborated application and 9 products, you can encourage your team to follow a healthy lifestyle and get special rewards for this. In addition, you get a user-friendly app and other perks of a wellness program.

  • An all-embracing approach to developing healthy habits
  • User-friendly programs
  • Transparent bonus system
  • Isn’t designed for individual use
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IncentFit is a perfect option for those whose work involves very limited physical activity or those who have imbalances in nutrition habits and lack of workouts.

Aside from office workers, this program is a real finding for photographers and retouchers. Anyway, IncentFit products allow your team to transform your life for the better, form healthy habits, and improve organizational climate.

IncentFit Main Features

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The bragging point of the IncentFit is that the platform is well-thought-out to the tiniest detail. It synchronizes with over 30 well-recognized fitness apps and mobile trackers. You can monitor a list of challenges, your progress, and achieve bonuses.

Your leader can control all the team options, run new contests, and share all information using the pre-designed templates and the calendar app. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always get in touch with customer support or take advantage of in-app guidelines.

The tutorials contain lots of info dedicated to fitness and current trends. Using the app, you can determine how many people in your team have got a vaccine against COVID-19 or encourage them to do it. Also, every participant can find materials about wellness, sports, food habits, and other facets of a healthy lifestyle.

IncentFit Sports Expenses Reimbursements

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Those who are involved in creative activities, including photographers, often neglect their health because of work. Even if they do sports, they often miss workouts. IncentFit provides extra motivation to do sports since a part of season ticket costs and expenses on personal training are reimbursed to employees.

As a company worker, you need to pay for the gym from the IncentFit partner network, and the company gives you back a part of this cost. The IncentFit app has a geolocation system, so an administrator can easily find out whether an employee attends the gym. Each participant of the company should mark their activity in the app.

Well-Organized Activity Rewarding

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This is the most popular service among users since they get rewards from their employers for their healthy lifestyle. The principle is simple: you need to take part in the collective challenges such as doing particular exercises, attending the gym, or drinking a certain amount of water.

The administrator sets the performance criteria, and the program checks out whether the participants meet them. This motivates the team members. In addition to improved health, they can earn rewards.

Fascinating Challenges

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With pre-designed templates, you can organize a contest for your team. For example, participants may compete based on their sports performance (the number of steps they take per day or cycling distance) and nutrition (whether they eat healthy food and drink enough water).

Furthermore, competitions may include business expertise, work-life balance, and overall lifestyle (for instance, well-balanced sleep or early wake-ups). Almost all creative professionals, whether they are photographers or web designers, have imbalanced work schedules. IncentFit is an excellent option to regulate their routine activities and get generous bonuses for them.

Easy Achievement of Personal Goals

IncentFit allows users to assign their personal goals that they would like to accomplish using the platform. They can choose between such activities as yoga practices, mindfulness, sleep balance, and hydration maintenance. Thus, participants can improve their health and, consequently, boost their productivity at work.

It is possible to adjust the difficulty level for each personal goal. Thus, the program gives you tasks based on your needs.

While accomplishing a goal, a user gets useful tips, motivational quotes, and a helpful daily planner. Furthermore, having all these tools at hand, you are motivated for new achievements.

HealthCard for Health Monitoring

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Besides contests and the ability to work on daily habits, IncentFit provides a program that allows you to regularly check each company worker's health conditions. This service is called IncentFit HealthCard. You can choose the common hazards and risks in a workplace (heat, noise, dust, hazardous chemicals, unsafe machines, and psychological stress) to identify them in time.

On top of that, IncentFit incorporates specifically designed questionnaires that employees should regularly complete. Finally, the program analyses all the answers and sends the statistics to an administrator. Thus, a team leader can evaluate the health conditions of the workers.

Knowing this information, you can provide the necessary support to workers while modifying and adjusting their tasks. In addition, all answers are completely anonymous so other team members won't learn about your problems.

Pulse Surveys for Healthy Atmosphere

Use this helpful service if you want to learn about the team mood, the problems, and concerns that workers face and figure out which aspects to pay attention to. The platform incorporates possible questionnaires for your coworkers, which they complete anonymously.

These polls cover various points to identify the level of comfort at work and possible complaints. Thus, it is possible to prevent conflicts and improve the overall mood in your office. The team leader selects the most essential topics for the sphere and customizes question sheets using pre-designed templates.

Corporate Sports Opportunities

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IncentFit collaborates with numerous gyms, fitness centers, and sports clubs worldwide. So, if you work remotely, you can give your team members discounts and bonuses for purchasing subscriptions and attending the sports institutions of the IncentFit partner network.

There is a list of possible sports centers and gyms that offer generous discounts for IncentFit users. You can also request for a discount even if the institution isn’t included in the list. Moreover, it is possible to get a partial refund if you purchase personal trainer software to have home workouts.


The price depends on how many participants will use this health app for Android and iOS and the services you will use to organize the contests. Once you determine the services you would like to incorporate in your health plan, you can calculate the cost of the program.

The more people use the app, the smaller the fee for each participant. However, if you want to have a deeper look into the matter, feel free to contact a company manager and get a comprehensive consultation.


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